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How to Play UK DVDs in US

Author by Vita

Updated on May 17, 2022

DVDs released in the US an UK use different region codes and DVD video formats, which are the main reasons people fail to play a UK DVD in the US. In this article, we will discuss three useful methods on how to play UK DVDs in US without hassles. You can free download the overall best DVD ripper software to easily remove region code from UK DVDs:

Why Can't I Play UK DVDs in the US?

DVD region code is an approach to prevent DVDs from distributing and playing on other areas using different region codes. The UK uses region 2, while the US is in DVD region 1. Will region 2 DVD play in USA? Typically, DVDs released in one region can only be played on a DVD player that manufactured in the same region code.

Furthermore, the analog TV format standards in the UK and the US are also different. Europe countries all use PAL standard yet NTSC format DVD is used in most of the Americas, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, etc. Thanks to the two aspects, you can’t directly play UK DVDs in the US with a normal DVD player. So how to play UK DVDs in US? Here are three methods.

Method 1: Remove Region Code and Rip DVD to Digital Videos

If you dislike troubles or technical stuff, the easiest method for you to play UK DVDs in US is to digitize the physical DVD discs. Then you can play the converted DVD videos without limit in the US. To this end, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is highly recommended to easily remove advanced copy protection and convert DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, iPhone, Android phone, TVs, tablets, and computers. It also empowers you to convert PAL to NTSC, namely convert UK DVD to US format. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is designed to offer a simple and fast way to rip DVDs. Don’t miss such a professional DVD ripper. Get it now!

Remove DVD Protection to Play UK DVDs in US
WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro
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How to Play UK DVDs in US by Ripping DVD to Video

Select the Target DVD Source

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Load the DVD Source

Insert the UK DVD disc into your computer optical disc drive. Open WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, click on DVD Disc, choose the target drive letter and choose OK.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro will decrypt the DVD instantly, display all titles as well as choose the main movie of the DVD. BTW, either commercial DVD or homemade DVD is supported.

Choose MP4 under Video

Step 2. Choose an Output Format

Click on the Output Format icon on the right side of the interface, head to Video, and choose MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG or any other video formats. Meanwhile, the program offers 500+ configured presets for a wide range of devices. If you want to play the movie on your mobile phone, tablet, or other devices, just choose your device model directly.

Tips. Unfold Settings column on the right side, head to Advanced Settings and choose the video standard as NTSC for the US to convert UK DVD to US format.

Click Run to Start Ripping DVD

Step 3. Start Converting DVD to Video

Move to the bottom of the window, click on the three-dots icon, and designate the location for saving the converted files. Click on the Run button to convert UK DVD to US format video. The process will be finished in minutes thanks to the hardware acceleration and smart encoding tech.

When the ripping process is done, locate the converted video file in the output folder. Now you’re able to play UK DVDs in US freely.

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WonderFox doesn’t advocate any illegal duplication and distribution. Please refer to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before ripping a copy-protected DVD.

Method 2: Change DVD Drive Region Code

If you try to play UK DVDs on your computer, changing the DVD drive region code of your computer is a practical approach. In other words, you can fix how to play UK DVDs on US by changing the DVD drive region code from region code 1 to region code 2. And here is the detailed operation steps:

Can Region 2 DVDs play in the USCan Region 2 DVDs play in the US

Step 1. Open Computer or This PC on your desktop.

Step 2. Right click on the DVD-ROM drive, choose Properties, then go to Hardware > Properties.

Step 3. Move to the Region Code tab, scroll down and select United Kingdom. It will display the new region as region 2.

Step 4. Click OK to save the setting.

Now you’re able to play the UK region 2 DVDs in the US. However, users can only change the DVD region code a limited number of times. Once the Changing remaining becomes zero, you can’t alter the DVD drive region code anymore.

Method 3: Use a Region-Free DVD Player

A region-free DVD player allows you to play DVD discs from anywhere in the world regardless of region codes and can be compatible with different formats of DVD discs including Pal, NTSC, and Secam. If you’re on a budget, you can purchase such a DVD player. Typically, most region-free DVD players sell for around $40. In addition, a PAL compatible TV or a PAL/NTSC signal converter is also needed in coordination with the region-free DVD player.

In Summary

Apart from solving how to play UK DVDs in US, the three approaches can also be applied to playing any DVD in any other geographic area other than the region the DVD released in. Furthermore, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can help you convert UK DVD to US format and also createISO image from DVD discs. You can install the program here for easily watching movies and storing DVD movie backups.

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