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Automatically and Easily Choose the Right Title of 99 Title DVD
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Solved! How to Easily Choose the Correct Title of 99 Title DVD

Author by Charlotte

Updated on June 09, 2023

Nowadays, most commercial DVDs are elaborately encrypted by various advanced technologies. The appearance of 99 title DVD is such an example! If you have no idea how to select the correct title from the DVD 99 titles, don't worry anymore. Follow this article to get the perfect solution!
WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is a highly-recommended DVD ripper that can automatically select the right title out of a 99-titles Disney DVD. Download it here now to get started.

Encountered 99 Title DVD? Don't Know how to Choose the Correct Title?

Have you ever encountered the issue of Disney DVD 99 titles when you prepare to backup or rip your Disney DVD to digital format? Actually, in order to avoid copyright violation, commercial DVDs are carefully encrypted. Apart from the regular CSS (Content Scramble System) and regional-playback control (RPC) system, many DVD releasers and publishers will develop a DRM system to provide the extra protection of DVDs, as well! A 99 title DVD is a tough DVD copy protection mechanism developed by Disney – Disney X-Project DRM! Therefore, it is not such an easy work to backup or copy protected DVD. Fortunately, this article will give you the best method to deal with 99 titles issue! Next, follow the below tutorial to learn how to choose the correct DVD title in seconds among so many DVD titles and chapters.

Why Do We Need an Effective and Powerful DVD Ripper?

For common DVDs, it is easy to judge and select the right movie title through the length of video. However, for those DVD discs which have 99 DVD titles and chapters, it is impossible and unrealistic to select all the titles because the file size of all the titles will be larger than 40 GB! Obviously, there is only one correct movie title among so many DVD titles and chapters. Once you have chosen the false title, the ripping process will be messed up. Nowadays, even some paid DVD rippers can't handily and successfully deal with such issue.

A Crackerjack Ripper for DVD with 99 Title Tracks

Here I recommend a powerful and reliable DVD ripper program– WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to you! Based on my own experience, I found that this software is endowed with advanced technology to remove DVD 99 titles copy protection so that it can automatically recognize and choose the correct title among the DVD with 99 titles within seconds. In addition, this DVD ripper is an expert in ripping DVD disc to digital formats, such as ripping DVD to AVI, MP4, MKV, WAV, etc. as well! Free downloadFree download it to easily fix your issue of DVD title recognition problems.

Free Download Free Download

Disclaimer: WonderFox doesn't advocate any illegal duplication and distribution. Please refer to the DVD copyright laws in your country before you rip any DVDs. Ripped content CANNOT be used for unauthorized reproduction, distribution or any commercial use.

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How to Correctly Rip the Title Among 99 DVD Titles and Chapters

dvd rip multiple titles without any hassle

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1: Load the DVD to 99 Title DVD Ripper

At the very outset, you need to insert your DVD Disc to the DVD Drive for making preparation for DVD title recognition and DVD backup.

Then run WonderFox DVD ripper Pro, click the "DVD Disc" button, select the drive letter and click the "OK" button to import the DVD content to the software. The software will automatically analyze, identify, decrypt and choose the correct title from the 99 titles!

select dvd movie format

Step 2: Set the Output Format of Your DVD Movie

Click the "Output Format" button on the right side of the software to extend the interface of format selection. You are able to rip DVD movie to video formats like ripping DVD to MKV, MP4, etc. based on your needs. As you can see, you are also allowed to rip DVD to audio formats under the "Audio" tab. For example, you can rip DVD to WAV, MP3 and so on.

start to rip disney dvd titles

Step 3: Start Ripping Disney DVD with 99 DVD Titles

Finally, choose the output path of your DVD movie and then click the "Run" button to start pushing aside the deceptive Disney DVD titles.

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The Most Reliable DVD Ripper on the Market - WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

In addition to automatically and easily selecting and recognizing the 99 title DVD, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is also equipped with many other powerful functions!

(1) The software can rip DVDs to various video/audio formats or devices without any hassle. It also enables you to rip DVD to ISO file as well as convert ISO to digital format and so on.

(2) Add subtitles to your DVD movie so that you are able to watch foreign movies without obstacles.

(3) You are able to do simple editing to your DVD movie, such as adding effects, cutting DVD movie, etc.

(4) Compressing the DVD file size with good quality preserved is also supported.

Free Download Free Download

The Most Powerful DVD Ripper and Video Converter

most powerful dvd ripper and video converter

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

With WonderFox DVD Video Converter, you are not only able to easily rip your DVDs, including protected DVDs, but also convert your various video and audio files to over 500 formats and devices for better playback and compatibility!

Free Download DVD Video Converter Free Download DVD Video Converter

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