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How to Play PAL Format DVD without Any Restriction?

Author by Helen

Updated on Feb 6, 2021

Can’t play PAL DVD on computer? How to play PAL format DVD in USA? Don’t worry. This article will list the quick solutions to help you get rid of these nettlesome problems. And one terrific PAL DVD format converter is recommended here to help you convert this sort of DVD fast. Free download it and follow my steps to convert the PAL DVD for convenient playback:

What is Pal Format DVD?

Play PAL DVD on ComputerPlay PAL DVD on Computer

PAL, one of 3 major color television display standards in commercial use, stands for Phase Alternating Line which delivers a frame rate of 25 fps with 625 lines. The other two standards are NTSC and the rarer SECAM. The PAL DVD will always display in 720x576 with either a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and mainly used in most of Europe, Australia and large parts of Africa and Asia. Learn more about the differences of PAL VS NTSC DVD format.

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Will a Pal DVD Play in the US?

The DVD players sold in PAL countries can play both two sorts of DVD discs while most NTSC players are not compatible with PAL DVD format. To be specific, the commercially available DVD players and TVs can play the two standard DVDs in PAL counties. However, the television system in some area like North America, Japan, and South Korea is NTSC. In this case, most US NTSC players can't play PAL DVDs not only because of the different DVD standard, but also the limit of region code.

Some people may ask, “What if I take Region-Free PAL/NTSC DVD Player to play PAL DVD? There would be no playback problem, right?” Yet the answer would not be absolute. It can be failed to play the PAL DVD in view that your TV might not be the PAL compatible TV system. To sum up, if you want to play PAL DVD in the US, you need: 1. A region-free DVD player; 2. A PAL compatible TV or a PAL/NTSC signal converter.

How to Play Pal DVD in USA without Any Complex Operation

If you cannot meet the above two kinds of circumstances, you can play PAL DVD on pc or laptop with DVD-ROM drive by changing and unlocking DVD region code of your computer DVD drive. But you can only reset the region code five times. After that, the DVD drive will be locked and you cannot change it anymore.

Besides, there’s another perfect solution to help you play DVD in the US easily. That is to rip PAL DVD to the digital video file for playback without any restriction like PAL compatible system, region code, various DVD encryption, etc. To rip PAL DVD, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is the first-class PAL DVD ripper that can help you play PAL DVD on your PC, TV, mobile phones, tablets and more devices easily.

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Warning: Before start, please have a check that if it is legal to rip DVDs in your country. WonderFox does NOT encourage our users to rip DVD for any commercial use; ONLY for personal fair use.

Free Download Free Download

How to Convert PAL DVD to Digital Formats for Smooth Playing

Load the PAL DVD

Preparation: free downloadfree download this PAL DVD ripper on your Windows computer then insert one PAL format DVD to your DVD-ROM.

Step 1. Launch this PAL DVD converter, click “DVD Disc” icon to load DVD content.

Select One Output Format and Start the Ripping

Step 2. Head to “Output Format” to choose one desired format or device. All the output formats and devices are optimized; you can choose the wanted digital format or your device model directly.

Step 3. Press the “RUN” button to start to convert PAL DVD.

This is the whole PAL DVD format conversion and it will be finished in minutes. After that, you can find the final PAL DVD video in the output folder then you can play PAL format DVD in USA without hassle. Even when there’s no DVD player or TVs, your devices, such as iPhones, Android smartphones can serve as great PAL DVD players. Playing the digital PAL DVD videos on your portable devices is no longer a problem.

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Other Fantastic Features of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

As a first-class DVD ripper, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro brings you much surprise. You can get 1:1 perfect copy of DVD to ISO and DVD folder easily. If you have some damaged old DVDs or scratched DVDs, this program can help you back up them to digital files for better storing. The advanced DVD decryption technology enables you to remove any copy protection. The output videos will get perfect balance in compression ratio, image quality and file size. No need to worry that your device can’t read the converted digital DVD videos since new media formats and devices are continuously added and supported timely.

At last...

This DVD ripper is able to check the right main movie among 99 titles easily. Also, you can take it to cut DVD videos to several clips. Adding subtitles is supported as well. Just download it to have a check.

Free Download Free Download

Deal with Batch Video Conversion and Downloading with a Splendid HD Video Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

As a professional HD video converter and downloader, this program is capable of converting videos to 500+ formats and devices in a batch mode. Also, downloading from YouTube and other popular video-sharing sites are supported as well. With this program, you can play your videos on your devices like all series of iPhone, Galaxy Note, TVs, and tablets without any compatibility issue. Just free download it to have a try.

Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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