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An Excellent VOB Editor to Solve VOB Editing Issue

Author by Jane

Sep 27, 2019

Vexed about the long length of the VOB files and can do nothing about it? Troublesome of couldn’t find the easy solution to edit the VOB files? A suitable VOB editor will take you out of such confusion. Continue to read and learn the method of easily editing .vob.

Have a Brief Look at What is a .vob File

VOB, the abbreviation of DVD Video Object, stores the video, audio, and subtitle files in the VIDEO_TS folder of DVDs. Generally speaking, it is tough to deal with due to the poor compatibility, whose size is large, too, especially for someone who has the requirement of making some editing changes to the old DVD files. In such situation, maybe a third-party program could be helpful.

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Prepare to Start Making the VOB Files into Your Dreamed One

Not only an outstanding VOB file editor WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is, but it is also a splendid video converter. Any video format in the industry could be converted into over 500 output formats so you are allowed to transform the edited video VOB to the popular format that could be more compatible. With the help of such all-in-one features, it could make the idea come true to edit VOB video file into the dreamed one.
Next, I will show you how to edit your VOB video files minutely.

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How to Edit VOB Files in A Brilliant Way

Upload the VOB File into the Program
At the very beginning, free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step1: Upload the VOB File into the VOB Editor

Once you’ve launched the software, Click the “Converter” in the primary interface to go into the window where you can import the VOB video file via pressing the “Add Files” or drag and drop it directly into the interface.

Step2: Edit the File at Your Will

Here I will emphatically introduce some VOB editing features.

Trim into partly ones

Part (1): Trim into Partly Ones:

Click the scissor icon to head to the cutting window. Here are two ways of trimming the desired ones, one of which is to fill in the precise time point in the “Start” and “End” box, another is to move the mouse to drag the slider on the timeline bar to adjust. Then, you are able to press the triangle icon in the parenthesis at the left side to preview the cut one, then hit the “Trim” with green background to complete one clip. You can also split more segments from that file. At last, click “OK” to save the clipped ones.

Crop the unwanted sections

Part (2): Crop the Unwanted Sections:

Back to the main interface, click the crop icon to enter the crop window. As we know, there are a few video files containing a watermark for copyright protection. If you want to enjoy the video with no marks, you can delete it by cropping the related frame. But in the meantime, some of the original pictures would be deleted, either. Some users even don’t like any subtitle appeared on the screen and want to do something to remove subtitles, so this is also an advisable option to get rid of the hard subtitle.

Making Special Effects

Part (3): Making Special Effects:

Choose the magic bar icon next to the crop icon, you will encounter the effect-editing window, where you are allowed to add Greyscale, Sharpen, Blur, Penciling, Old Film and more to touch up the original one. You can preview the result at the right picture. There are also Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Hue to modify continuously in the bottom right corner. After all adjustment is set, click “OK’’ to complete.

Merge Multiple Videos into One

Part (4): Merge Multiple Videos into One:

Add the VOB files into the software and click “Merge” access to the merge window. All the videos would be placed in the “Video List”. There will occur the pack to combine by clicking “Merge”. Directly drag the videos one-by-one into the pack you want, which means you can merge different themes into different packs in batch. And you can also adjust the order of the videos at will. Finally, don’t forget to press “Merge” at bottom to save the operation.

Start the Process of Editing VOB Files

Step3: Start the Process of Editing VOB Files

The last step is to start the process of editing and save the edited files. Before beginning the process, at the right side, you can have plenty of output formats to choose and make a change like VOB to AVI, VOB to WMV. Then, save the files where you want through the folder mark at the bottom. Lastly, hit “Run” to start the process!

At last...

In addition to trimming, cropping, making special efforts, and merging, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is still supporting to add watermark, rotate videos, and more. Let alone the characteristics of downloading videos from website and over 500 formats transformed supporting. If it is useful to you, feel free to have a trial and share it to more folks.

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Fleetly Extract DVD without Quality Losst

Fleetly Extract DVD without Quality Loss

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