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Orion Kodi: In-depth Review and Complete Setup Guide

Author by Oswald

Updated on July 17, 2023

Gaia users may find Orion a fairly familiar name, but those of you haven't known this service too well, this post can be of help with you knowing what is Orion, deciding whether to choose it and how exactly to use it on Kodi, with Gaia and your other patronized addons.

Orion Service Review

Orion is a media indexer and search engine for torrent, usenet, and hoster links, which three commonest sources that premium downloader services acquire links from. Since Orion its own doesn't have the ability to access links from torrents, usenets and file hosters, so Orion has to work with premium downloader services like Real-Debrid, AllDebrid (not fully compatible) and Premiumize, or torrent-based addons like Elementum.

Users of any of those abovementioned download services might find it quite toilsome to manually single out quality streams from an ocean of links probed, and that's what Orion is for. Orion caches links, hashes, containers, and corresponding metadata, first scraped from the internet and afterward submitted by users, to speed up the link searching on Kodi addons. All types of links like torrent files and magnet links, usenet NZB containers, and hosted files are all covered, and you can set filters to only return links for selected types.

Unlike other alike services that usually use username and password or authorization code system for account integration, Orion offers a handier approach with its easy-to-use API key for every account. Users can easily start using Orion after signing up for a free account and installing Orion repository.

Orion service works with Kodi by integrating codes with specific Kodi addons, you can allow it to do so during the setup wizard, and no further configuration needed. Once integrated, Kodi addons will be able to generate quality links automatically sifted by Orion.

The verdict is, for those who value link quality and have a premium account for link generating, Orion can serve as a good complement that helps to filter quality links on many addons.

Orion Pricing

As you can see, Orion offers a flexible set of paid plans for different needs, and all at a reasonable and acceptable price ranging from 0.5$/month to 199$/lifetime. What's more, you can always get started with its free trial.

Orion Pricing

How to Get an Orion Account

Step 1. Visit Orion official website:, click GET FREE ACCOUNT button in the middle.

Visit Orion official website

Step 2. Follow the instructions to create an Orion account with username or email address, and sign in with your account, no credit card required. If needed, you can always upgrade your free account to premium at the Account tab.

Step 3. From Dash tab, click on the API key string bar to copy your own API key for further use.

Copy your Orion API key

We recommend users to use Orion on the latest Kodi Leia 18.9. Update guide: Windows | Fire TV Stick

How to Use Orion with Kodi

Instead of hovering whether to fork out from the very beginning, you can first register for a free Orion account to test if their service worth the price. Follow the tutorial in the following to try out Orion on a supported addon (check out the supported addons list below).

The use of Orion can be facilitated to a good degree with Orion addon. Orion addon helps with Orion integration process (Some addons have native support for Orion don't need an integration process), user authentication and further user's account management.

Step 1. Install Orion repository and Orion addon on Kodi, the media source URL is, give it name orion. The Orion addon should be automatically installed alongside the repo's installation. For Kodi beginners, learn how to install addons on Kodi.

Step 2. Launch Orion from Program add-ons, follow the setup wizard to authenticate with API key, Email and password or username and password. Here we can use the earlier copied API key to authenticate.

Use API key to authenticate

Step 3. Once authenticated, follow the subsequent customizations. Orion will be enabled in Gaia provider settings. Also, you can allow Orion to insert code to Kodi addons at Orion addon main menu > Apps > Integration.

Follow the setup wizard

Step 4. Later you can conduct advanced settings or go thought the simple setup wizard again at Orion addon main menu > Tools > Settings, here you can customize filters, limits, link quality, enable Gaia etc. The settings by default should work for the most, but Orion's performance can vary as users, so frequent flexible configuration is a must.

To setup Orion on Kodi, we recommend users to set link limit as daily limit divided by movie/episodes amount your intent to watch per day. For example, if you're on novice plan with 1000 daily links and you intend to watch 4 movies a day, then 250 will be a proper link limit setting.

Set Sorting to Best if using a premium account, customize quality and stream type as per need and network condition, and keep everything else by default.

I'm currently using novice plan, 300 max link limit, 0 retry limit, 720p quality and torrents stream type.

Advanced settings

What Addons Support Orion

Though Orion is not supported by all Kodi addons, there are a wide scope of working addons that support the use of Orion: Gaia, Seren, Elementum, Wako, Yoda, Exodus Redux, Open Scrapers, Venom, Universal Scrapers, Covenant, Scrubs, Marauder, Neptune Rising, Quasar, Fen, The Crew, Mecury, Medusa.

• For Seren addon, one of the best Kodi addons and specializes in working with multiple provider services, Orion provides exclusively an external provider packages, the package address is


I think you've got a clue about Orion since we're here, I say it's about time for you to give it a shot. After all, Orion provides users with a handy free trial and it's perfectly fit for Gaia and Seren, so there's no reason for you to not try it. Have a good one.

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