AV1 is definitely an open and royalty-free video codec developed as a successor to VP9 by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia). With the next-generation compression technology, it promises to achieve at least 30% higher data compression than VP9. But as a newcomer, AV1 video won't play on most devices at the present stage, that's the reason why an AV1 converter is requisite on your computer. For your convenience, I've compiled 3 best AV1 video converters below. Here we go!

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3 Best AV1 Video Converters:

A Brief Introduction to AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) Video Codec

As technology has progressed, the new will take the place of the old. AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) is a burgeoning video codec primarily designed for video transmissions over the Internet. Frankly speaking, I'm not really privy to much of those abstruse and technical stuff. To sum it up in a sentence, compared with our pretty familiar AVC/H.264 and HEVC, AV1 video codec can help transmit and deliver ultra-high-quality video much faster and more efficient over the Internet without paying royalty fees, even when bandwidth is constrained.

Sounds great? Before you get too excited about that, there is also a shared awkward problem. You may fail to decode or play AV1-encoded videos on most players and devices, because AV1 has not been widely popularized around the world yet. Fortunately, the following 3 best AV1 converters will help you address this issue.

Free & Simple 3-in-1 AV1 Video Processor

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a 3-in-1 AV1 video processing toolkit equipped with three main awesome and practical features: AV1 video downloader, AV1 video editor and AV1 video converter, which offers one-stop solution to all basic video processing needs for beginners who just get started in video editing, without extra programs installed on your PC. Most importantly, it's completely free, clean & safe. Download the AV1 converter and give it a bash!

AV1 Converter 1 - Free HD Video Converter Factory

Free HD Video Converter Factory seems to be an unremarkable program that most of you guys probably know relatively little about it. But surprisingly, this free utility can offer a better conversion performance that does not yield to a variety of paid software by any point. With its intuitive GUI and perspicuous layout, you're able to convert AV1 to MP4, H.264, AVI, MKV, etc. without a hitch.

Get it nowGet it now and follow the simple guide below to implement the AV1 video conversion.

Free & Clean AOMedia Video 1 Converter
Free HD Video Converter Factory
Free HD Video Converter Factory is a free, simple yet clean program that facilitates AV1 video conversion in only three steps. Additionally, more practical features are as follows:
  • 3 steps to convert AV1 to H.264, HEVC, VP9, etc.
  • 500+ presets available for AV1 video conversion.
  • Edit AV1 video with a built-in entry-level editor.
  • Download AV1 from YouTube and 500+ hot websites.
  • Trim, split, merge, crop, rotate, flip, watermark video.
  • Free, clean, safe, fast, efficient & easy to use!
Download Free Download
Download Free Download
Check Details Check Details
Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista Windows, 100% Clean!

Step 1, run Free HD Video Converter Factory and open "Converter". Click "Add Files" button to import AV1-encoded videos. Alternatively, you can simply drag AV1 videos into the interface.

Step 2, press format profile on the right side to unfold the whole list. Head over to "Video" category and select "H264" if you want to convert AV1 to H264. Also, there are 500+ presets well-arranged in different categories for your choice. That is, you can also convert AV1 video to MP4, MKV, AVI, HEVC, VP9 and any other format or device profile.

Step 3, specify an output folder to save the converted video files, lastly, click "Run" button to convert AV1 to MP4.

Tips, Free HD Video Converter Factory provides some basic video editing features, such as trim, crop, merge, rotate, watermark, add video effects, etc. For experienced users, you can also click "Parameter settings" button for custom editing. Moreover, it's equipped a downloader that enables you to download AV1 videos from YouTube and 500+ mainstream websites.

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Free AV1 Converter

AV1 Converter 2 - HandBrake

Download link: https://handbrake.fr/

It is expected that HandBrake is on the list. Indeed, it's a big name in video transcoding industry because of free, open source, and cross-platform support. To be honest, despite the fact HandBrake is powerful and feature-rich, the interface is not fairly user-friendly but seems a little complicated at first glance. But once you get familiar with HandBrake, it's a cinch to do video compression, transcoding, format conversion, cropping, captioning, etc.

However, to be a well-deserved AV1 video converter, you have to update HandBrake to the latest version, otherwise you may fail to convert AV1 videos, because starting from v1.3.0, HandBrake added support for reading and transcoding AV1 video files. Now let's see how it works.

Step 1, run HandBrake, you'll be guided to open a single AVI video file or a folder that contains multiple AVI videos.

Step 2, HandBrake will scan the title and display all information right there. If it's your first time to use HandBrake, click "Presets" button on the top toolbar to spread all presets on the right side. Select any option based on your actual need.

Step 3, under "Summary" tab, you're allowed to select a container format from MP4, MKV and WebM. For experienced users, you can check other tabs for further editing. Take advantage of "Add to Queue" feature for HandBrake batch conversion.

Step 4, click "Browse" button to set an output folder to store your converted video.

Step 5, hit "Start Encode" button to convert AV1 to MP4, MKV or WebM.

AV1 Converter to MP4

Functional AV1 Video Converter Free

Free HD Video Converter Factory is a handy video & audio converter that enables you to easily convert AV1 files to MP4, MKV, AVI, H.264, HEVC, VP9, etc. It even allows you to download AV1 videos from YouTube and 500+ websites, extract audio from video, and so forth. Most importantly, this software is totally FREE, reliable and easy-to-handle for all levels. Download this awesome AV1 converter right now!

AV1 Converter 3 - Shutter Encoder

Download link: https://www.shutterencoder.com/en/

Shutter Encoder is also a free, cross-platform yet powerful AV1 video converter developed based on FFmpeg, allowing support for almost every codec you've ever heard of, including AV1, and even many more you haven't. Although it's not very well known, thanks to an extensive range of features, it is even superior to HandBrake that can perform conversions or edits and encodings for images, videos, audio files and much more. To your surprise, it can also serve as an AV1 encoder to encode various video to AV1 codec.

Step 1, open Shutter Encoder, click "Browse" button to add AV1 videos.

Step 2, to convert AV1 to H264 MP4, select "H.264" beneath "Choose function" section and choose ".mp4" container next to "Ext." section.

Step 3, it will spread the "Settings" part for further adjustment. You can change video resolution, modify video bitrate, file size and other advanced settings

Step 4, head over to output section, you can save the converted video same as source file or change another location.

Step 5, press "Start function" to convert av01 video to MP4.

AV1 Encoder

Final Words...

That's all about the 3 best AV1 converters. As you may notice, Free HD Video Converter Factory is quite suitable for novices and beginners, HandBrake is the best choice for those intermediate-level people, and Shutter Encoder is qualified for advanced users. Pick any AV1 codec converter as your wish. Thanks for your reading.

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