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[YouTube H.265] Can We Upload H.265 Videos to YouTube

Author by Sue

Updated on June 2, 2021

Are you still wondering how to upload H.265 video to YouTube? This article is exactly what you are seeking for, in which I will tell you the answer of does YouTube support H.265 and how to upload YouTube H.265 videos in detail.

Is YouTube H.265 Supported?

Q: When I try to upload a YouTube HEVC video in .mp4 format, YouTube refuses it. No matter how many different versions I try to use, H.265/HEVC videos will not work on upload. YouTube just forever sits at 0% processing and NOTHING HAPPENS till it fails.

A: I find that many people have raised the same question on Reddit, Quora and even YouTube Help Forum. If you are bothered by similar problems, read this article in which I am sure you will find the answer you need.

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Does YouTube Support H.265?

Upload HEVC to YouTubeUpload HEVC to YouTube

YouTube HEVC video upload is not allowed until the first half of 2017. When users tried to upload a HEVC video to YouTube, it failed to process. In the second half of the year, some people reported that they got H.265/HEVC video upload to work on YouTube. But H.265/HEVC wasn't officially supported by YouTube and there was no official announcement. Though some users upload H265 videos successfully, most people still find that upload ends up with failure or invalid file format error. Someone has analyzed this problem and drawn the following conclusions:

1.HEVC is still under development and it is not popularized yet and supported by few devices.

2.YouTube adopts his own free alternative - VP9, the video quality of which is not worse than HEVC. As a result, it is not necessary for YouTube to pay extra licensing fees for HEVC.

Anyway, YouTube is accepting HEVC/H.265 uploads eventually. Although it is not clear when the official announcement about does YouTube support H.265 has made, HEVC (H.265) is already in the list of Supported YouTube file formats.

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Is It Real YouTube HEVC Video on YouTube?

Is it real HEVC videos on YouTube?Is it real HEVC videos on YouTube?

You may want to know whether the YouTube H.265 videos you uploaded is real. Now, let’s do a simple test to find the answer. The steps are as follows:

1.Play the H.265 videos you uploaded to YouTube.

2. Right click on the video screen and choose “Stats for nerds”.

Then, you can find that the Codes shows “avc1” (one media subtype of H.264) or some weird number combinations, like 303, 313. So, it can evidence that though YouTube H265 video uploaded successfully, it will be e-encoded and the videos on YouTube are not real H.265 videos. MP4(H.264/AAC) is still the recommended upload encoding settings for YouTube.

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In Conclusion:

We can conclude that YouTube H.265 is supported, but eventually it will be re-encoded after uploading. Anyway, because more and more digital equipment supports shooting HEVC videos, YouTube H.265 support can help you get rid of the trouble of converting H.265 to H.264 before uploading. If you know more information about YouTube HEVC, please note us in the comments or by email.

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