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Best One-Click Kodi Addons in 2020 for Cozy Click-And-Play

Author by Oswald

Update on Jun 5, 2020

As the name suggests, one-click addons stand for the addons that support ‘one-click and play’. Unlike most Kodi addons that generate multiple links of available video streams for you to choose from, 1click addons will automatically single out the best link when you’re trying to stream certain video content. These links are ususually fast, high-quality and can run smooth without VPN. You just have to click on it, and the video plays. With circumventing the inconvenience of choosing and the bummer of sorting out unavailable links, 1-click addons can facilitate your movie watching on Kodi to a good degree.

In the following, I’d like to share with you the best one-click Kodi addons in 2020 for Movie, Live TV, TV Shows, etc., and they are perfectly working as of this writing. Here we go.

1. How to install the recommended addons on Kodi: For experienced Kodi users, the source URLs provided below should do the trick; For Kodi beginners, some of the introduced addons are attached with a link to the page of detailed installation guide. Additionally, here’s a guide for you to learn how to install addons on Kodi.  

2. The one-click-play feature of many addons requires the use of Real-Debrid service. Here’s a post you can learn about Real-Debrid, how to get a free Real-Debrid account and how to integrate Real-Debrid with a Kodi addon.

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1. The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon addonThe Magic Dragon addon

Magic Dragon is one of the best all-in-one Kodi addons in 2020, from the well-received new repository: Diamond Wizard Repo, which is continuously well-maintained these days. The Magic dragon features mainly rich media collection, precise movie search and navigable categories. It serves up fast and high-quality movies, Catch Up TV, Documentary, People Watching, New Screeners, New Movie Releases, Cams/HDTS Releases, 1 Click HD torrents, etc. For its 1Click HD torrent movies, The Magic Dragon requires Real-Debrid authorization, which can be easily implemented with its straightforward built-in option.

Repository name : Diamond Wizard Repo

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install The Magic Dragon addon on Kodi.

2. The Crew

The Crew addonThe Crew addon

The Crew is developed by THE CREW team, titled after the same name of the repository it belongs, claiming to provide users with the best in entertainment on Kodi. Besides free movies, IPTV, TV shows, TV episodes like on many Kodi addons, you can also enjoy NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, etc.; Kids; Sports; CC collection; Fitness; Radio; Food & Brews; Stand Up Comedy here. Its 1 Clicks movie inventories are categorized into HD, UHD RD, and RD. High definition contents often require the use of Real-Debrid service to guarantee playback performance.

Repository name : THE CREW Repo

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install The Crew addon on Kodi.

3. DejaVu

DejaVu addonDejaVu addon

DejaVu is one of the best addons in 2020 for free movies, TV shows, and music. It offers the latest top 100 one-click movies, and about 20 one-click TV shows. Beyond that, there’re also 4K UHD Movies, Debrid Latest Movies, World News Channels, Debrid Classic Movies, 24/7 Continuous Play Movies & TV Shows, WWE/AEW/UFC/Boxing/Footy/The Comedians (18+), Klassic Kids TV, YouTube Documentaries, World Wide CCTV, Live In Concert, The Jukebox, Online Radio, Footy Fanzone, and Random TV stuffs. DejaVu supports the integration with Real-Debrid and All-Debrid to speed up the video download, a VPN may be needed in some parts of the US when using DejaVu.

Repository name : DejaVu Repo

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install DejaVu addon on Kodi.

4. Delta Quadrant

Delta Quadrant addonDelta Quadrant addon

From Diamond Wizard Repo again, Delta Quadrant is also an all-in-one addon providing One Click movies, Sports, IPTV, 24/7, On-demand services, News and more. For full features, many built-in options within requires the installation of a further addon and Real-Debrid authorization. Aside from the 1click link (1080p quality torrent or magnet primarily), Delta Quadrant will also present a link for a trailer, for users to evaluate whether this movie is appealing to them before watching.

Repository name : Diamond Wizard Repo

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install Delta Quadrant addon on Kodi.

5. Greased Lightning Movie Cinema

Greased Lightning Movie Cinema addonGreased Lightning Movie Cinema addon

Greased Lightning Movie Cinema is another great 1-click movie addon from Diamond Wizard Repo. It’s a qualified better replacement developed by MTB team, after the popular The Movie Theater Butter addon getting shut down. Greased Lightning Movie Cinema features exquisite film collection and auto video playback - just as Venom addon.

Repository name : Diamond Wizard Repo

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install Greased Lightning Movie Cinema addon on Kodi.

6. Nole Cinema

Nole Cinema addonNole Cinema addon

Nole Cinema is a one-click movie addon from Magnetic Repository. Nole Cinema contains a variety of movie sources, and categorizes them minutely, into New Releases, Classics, Action, Adventure, Animation Domination, and 20+ kinds of genres. Just like many other its counterparts, Nole Cinema works with debrid services. But the latest version of Nole Cinema supports only Real-Debrid, not like Exodus Redux, Seren, or Yoda that support multiple ones.

Repository name : Magnetic Repo

The latest working media source URL:

7. Fight Club

Fight Club addonFight Club addon

Fight club is a new Kodi video addon from Stream Army repository for not movies or TVs, but fighting sports. It is genuinely a 'fight club' on Kodi, for fight sports buffs to go to town on WWE, UFC, AEW, Impact Wrestling, NJPW and more. Trending games, full series, for episodes, full shows, in great quality and fast speed - coming right after beeing a little bit patient with link probing.

It’s worth mentioning that Fight Club uses pin system to limit access for its users, it might ask you to visit a certain website for a pin code, thus please be vigilant with the potential pop-up windows and redirects from an unknown website.

Repository name : Stream Army Repo

The latest working media source URL:

8. TubiTV

TubiTV addonTubiTV addon

TubiTV ( is a fantastic alternative to WatchSeries, a top website for people to watch movies and TV shows online free. TubiTV addon, on the other hand, is a video addon on Kodi that also features click and play. When you hit a movie upon, TubiTV addon will stream the one and only link, of course, the link to the corresponding movie video hosted on Though TubiTV addon doesn’t contain as many contents as those addons that capture torrent links, it’s exceptional that there are a number of high-quality movies grouping detailedly, and play back smoothly without the need of a VPN or URL resolver services.

Repository name : TVAddons Repository aka Fusion Repository

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install TubiTV on Kodi.

9. Tempest & TempTV

Tempest addonTempest addon

Tempest and TempTV are housed in the same repository URL that is known as one of the best go-to sources for cord cutters nowadays - Tempest & TempTV repo. TempTV is a brand new One-Click IPTV Addon as Tempest being one of the best Movies and TV Shows addons in 2020. Other than plentiful 1Click IPTV channels (AcronaiTV, PlutoTV, UsaTV Go, etc.), Kids, Sports, News, Music and Adult contents, they provide users with 1Clicks free or paid movies and TV shows as well.

Repository name : Tempest & TempTV repo

The latest working media source URL:

10. A Pirate's Life for Me

A Pirate’s Life for Me addonA Pirate’s Life for Me addon

A Pirate's Life for Me addon works with Real-Debrid and Premiumize.Me, and consists of the top trending HD TV shows, movies, HD movies, 3D movies, 4K UHD 2160p movies and more. A Pirate’s Life for Me addon pulls torrenting media streams from The Pirate Bay primarily, and supports to search movies and TV shows from Pirate Bay, Glow Torrents, and EZTV. The latest addon version should work in the UK, but, adopt a VPN as always, if you find it doesn’t.

Repository name : Diamond Wizard Repo

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install A Pirate's Life for Me addon on Kodi.

11. Eyasses

Eyasses addonEyasses addon

For video contents other than movies and TVs, you can opt Eyasses addon. In addition to movies, animes, stand-up comedies, sports replays like most working video addons, here you can stream audiobooks & music; videos for cooking, fitness, and even language studying courses.

Repository name: AJs Repository

The latest working media source URL:

12. 7 of 9 (AIO)

7 of 9 (AIO) addon7 of 9 (AIO) addon

There are rich sources for movies, TV shows, reality shows, news and more hidden under its extensive menus of 7 of 9 addon. With the support for integration with Trakt & IMDB account and Real-Debrid, you’ll be expecting much more than you anticipated. When using 7 of 9, it actually will take you a lot of time until a tough decision made and you can finally settle for one content to play. Simply put, 7 of 9 addon is totally worth your time to explore.

Repository name: Diamond Wizard Repo

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install 7 of 9 addon on Kodi.

13. cCloud TV

cCloud TV addoncCloud TV addon

cCloud addon is a cloud-based media link sharing system that has gathered countless links to 1000+ IPTVs and live TV channels worldwide. There you can find also movies of all kinds of genres, on-demand shows, radio, music, etc. Among all those recommendations of this guide, cCloud TV serves utterly the best in non-English/international contents.

Repository name: Kodi Bae

The latest working media source URL: http:://

· Step-by-step guide on how to install cCloud TV addon on Kodi.

14. WatchNixtoons2

WatchNixtoons2 addonWatchNixtoons2 addon

WatchNixtoons2 is an anime addon from Doko Repository, developed by Doko, the creator of CTOON addon. Hundreds of animes are classified into Latest Releases, Latest Movies, Popular & Ongoing Series, Dubbed Anime, Cartoons, Subbed Anime, Movies, OVA Series. With the title’s initial filter, you can easily locate the anime you want.

Repository name: Doko Repository

The latest working media source URL:

15. Icdrama

Icdrama addonIcdrama addon

Icdrama is a website for watching Korean, Japanese and Chinese Movies online. Icdrama addon provide contents from Icdrama website, which covers a large number of Asian movies and TV episodes. With simple one click for choosing from the links that determines different resolutions, the buffering-free video is coming right up.

Repository name: Aznhusband

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install Icdrama addon on Kodi.

16. Mercury

Mercury addonMercury addon

Mercury is another great addon from DejaVu repository. The very latest Top movies, Debrid movies, TV shows, 24/7 movies and shows, Live in Concert, etc. – Mercury performs neck and neck with DejaVu addon. From its built-in toolbox, you can authorize Real-Debrid or All Debrid account, test internet speed, and conduct movie site paring.

Repository name: DejaVu Repo

The latest working media source URL:

17. Cryptic

Cryptic addonCryptic addon

Cryptic is a one-click purpose only movie addon on Kodi. It’s a rock-solid choice for Kodi users to stream 4K torrenting movies without any further services. Cryptic movie collection covers either classic or popular latest movies, like John Wick, Jason Borne, Iron Man, Avatar, Deadpool, etc.

Repository name: AJs Repository

The latest working media source URL:

18. Einthusan

Einthusan addonaddon

Einthusan is a popular website for Indian movies, and also our best website recommendation for watching Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu movies online free. Originally created by Humla, Einthusan addon is now taken over by Reasons Repository. Einthusan works fine now, and you can search for the desired movies in 8 Indian languages as per Years, Recent, Featured and the titles’ initial.

Repository name: Reasons Repository

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install Einthusan addon on Kodi.

19. The Best Ultimate Music Collection

The Best Ultimate Music Collection addonThe Best Ultimate Music Collection addon

From Diamond Wizard Repo again, The Best Ultimate Music Collection is a one-click music addon that streams only the best quality link available. It serves for the purpose of bringing the greatest music collection, from past to present, to its users. You can find practically everything you need, but here comes a rough edge about The Best Ultimate Music Collection that it doesn’t provide any search function, making it a little bit hard for you to find a specific content desired.

Repository name: Diamond Wizard Repo

The latest working media source URL:

20. Big Toons

Big Toons addonBig Toons addon

Big Toons is another addon for anime & cartoon, and it’s also capable of stream movies, TVs, tunes, IPTV and live streams. What makes Big Toons special is, for the best parenting, it has assigned many specific sections for kids-friendly content.

Repository name: Diamond Wizard Repo

The latest working media source URL:

21. Chocolate Salty Balls

Chocolate Salty Balls addonChocolate Salty Balls addon

Chocolate Salty Balls is brought to you by Mr.Blamo - creator of the greatest Exodus addon and co-founder of URL Resolver, from the brand new Blamo Repo Reborn. Accompanied by other addons including Anime and Toons, SportsDevil, etc. Chocolate Salty Balls brings not only cartoons & anime of all kinds but also sports, and up to 4K latest movies & TV shows. What’s more, its integration with Orion service and its navigable categories facilitate to a good degree the scraping for experienced users.

Repository name: Blamo Repo Reborn

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install Chocolate Salty Balls addon on Kodi.

22. Xtasy-D

Xtasy-D addonXtasy-D addon

Xtasy D serves mainly as a set of detailed categorization to YouTube featured videos of many kinds of genres: Paranomal, TV shows, Mysterious, Extreme sports, History lesson, Retro kids, Fight club, YouTube documentaries, Planet earth, Delicious, Tutorials, Magic, Fitness/workout, YouTubers + Channels, Game shows, YouTube ASMRs, Gaming. As a decent music addon also, XTASY D presents weekly updated list of high-quality trending playlist, Artists compilations, Music channels, Kodi radio, and Concerts.

Repository name: Blamo Repo Reborn

The latest working media source URL:

· Step-by-step guide on how to install Xtasy-D addon on Kodi.


That'll be all my recommendations on the best one-click addons. Since we’re here, I hope you have benefited from this guide and find yourself the proper addons for your needs. This page will keep updating, if you have further questions or better ideas, feel free to reach me by clicking on my name from the top of the page, right next to my avatar. Have a good one.

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