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Icdrama Kodi Add-on Setup Wizard - Watch Free Asian Dramas, Movies, Shows on Kodi

Author by Kevincy

Apr 15, 2020

Do you want to watch some Korean, Japanese and Chinese TV shows on Kodi? As an Asian drama aficionado, I would personally recommend Kodi Icdrama addon to you guys. This dedicated add-on covers tons of high-quality hot Asian drama, movies and shows, you name it. Follow the steps below and start your fantastic experience.

Why I Recommend Kodi Icdrama Add-on?

Icdrama Kodi Add-on SetupIcdrama Kodi Add-on Setup

Icdrama Kodi add-on is one of my favorite must-haves for watching popular TV series, shows and movies from South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Mainland China, because it is much easier to use Kodi on Android TV to watch dramas than a browser without annoying pop-up ads and multiple exclusive APPs installed. So it is really a one-stop solution to all troubles.

I have to say that countless third-party Kodi add-ons have been invalidated due to the impact of piracy streams and DMCA-related copyright issues. Under this circumstance, it's really incredible that Icdrama is still alive and maintains updates. Ready to give it a whirl? I have compiled 3 different installation methods below.

The 3 methods described below are based on Kodi Leia, in case of any discrepancy, you're recommended to update your Kodi if you're using an old version. For you guys who just take the initial trial, download and install the latest version of Kodi for preparation.

Method 1 - How to Install Icdrama Kodi Add-on via Aznhusband Repository?

Thanks to the developer aznhusband, Icdrama add-on is hosted and maintained in Aznhusband repository. So you're able to install Icdrama add-on therefrom. If you've ever installed Icdrama from somewhere else before, just uninstall the add-on and follow the steps below to reinstall it. As long as you've installed the repo, you'll never miss any future update.

Step 1. Open Kodi app and enter Home screen, click on the cogwheel icon in the upper left corner.

Click Cogwheel Icon

Step 2. Go to "File manager" category..

File Manager

Step 3. Double click "Add source" and press .

Add File Source

Step 4. Type in "" on the on-screen keyboard, or just copy and paste the file path into the location box. Then click OK.

Input Path of Aznhusband Repo

Step 5. Give a random name for this source, "azn", for example, and hit OK. And you'll see a new "azn" folder listed right there.

Name the File Source

Step 6. Go back to Settings interface and select "System" category.

Go to System

Step 7. Hover mouse over "Add-ons" on the left side, and validate "Unknown sources" option so that you can install the 3rd-party add-on and repository. On the pop-up warning dialog box, click OK to proceed.

Enable Unknown Sources

Step 8. Return to Kodi Home screen and navigate to "Add-ons" menu on the left sidebar.

Navigate to Add-ons

Step 9. Press "opened box" icon at the top-left corner to open "Add-on browser".

Open Add-on Browser

Step 10. Select "Install from zip file" option.

Install from zip file

Step 11. Open "azn" media source, then you'll find "" right there. Select it for Aznhusband repository download and installation.

Find the File Source

Install Aznhusband Repository

Step 12. Wait a moment till the installed notification appears at the top-right corner. Then select "Install from repository" option > go to "aznhusband-kodi-repo" > "Video add-ons", now you can download and install aznhusband Icdrama.

Install from Repository


Video Add-ons

Install Icdrama

Step 13. After the installation is complete, run Icdrama. Congrats, all categories will be listed in front of your eyes. When you open your preferred drama, it provides multiple available video sources and resolutions. Now it's your call!

Icdrama Installed

Open Icdrama

Watch Asian Drama

Method 2 - How to Install Kodi Icdrama Add-on Using a ZIP File Directly?

If nothing had happened or "unable to connect" error popped up, even Kodi was freezed due to unknown reasons. Instead of the installation from aznhusband repo, you can directly install the .zip file of Icdrama add-on as follows.

Step 1. Visit "" in your browser. Scroll download the page, click on the latest version of Icdrama and press "Download" button to save the .zip file of Icdrama to your local drive. DO NOT unzip the file and remember the file location.

Save the .zip File of Icdrama

Step 2. Launch Kodi app, follow the steps above to switch on "Unknown sources" option to allow the third-party add-on installation.

Switch on Unknown Sources Option

Step 3. Go back to Kodi Home screen and press "Add-ons" menu on the left sidebar.

Add-ons Menu

Step 4. Click on the "Opened Box" icon to open "Add-on browser".

Open Add-on Browser

Step 5. Select "Install from zip file" option.

Install from Zip File

Step 6. Find the destination folder where you save the downloaded file, select the .zip file to directly install Icdrama on Kodi.

Find File Location

Install Icdrama

Step 7. After done, you'll see the notification at the top-right corner.

Successfully Installed

Run Icdrama

Method 3 - How to Install Icdrama on Kodi through Git Browser?

Since Icdrama project has been hosed on GitHub, it's pretty simpler to install Kodi Icdrama add-on if you have Git Browser installed.

Step 1. Launch Kodi, go to "Add-ons", "Program add-ons", and run Git Browser.

Run Git Browser

Step 2. Select "Search by GitHub Username", or you can select "Search by GitHub Repository Title" or "Search by Addon ID" based on your preference.

Git Browser Interface

Step 3. Start a new search and input the developer name "aznhusband", then click OK.

Input aznhusband

Step 4. It will list all add-ons and repositories associated with the developer. And you can install Icdrama right there.

Install Icdrama in Git Browser

At last...

That's it! It's time to enjoy the huge collection of Asian movies, dramas, variety shows, TV episodes to kill time. If you run into the Icdrama Kodi not working issue, try different installation methods above or wait an update to fix the problem. In addition, you're able to submit the issue to this page below for timely help.

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