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Top 17 Video Streaming Websites to Watch Chinese Movies, Series, Episodes, Drama Online Free

Author by Oswald

Updated on Mar 15, 2024

Everyone should try learning some Mandarin, since it’s profound, intriguing, catchy and popular worldwide. And watching movies and TV serial has always been a terrific and pleasant way of joyful language learning. Lately, I’ve found many great video streaming websites for this, without paying, without the need to install additional video player, and without registration. In the following article, I’ll introduce the top 17 websites to watch Chinese movies, series, episodes, drama online free, they all carry rich and juicy Chinese filming content. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chinese domestic websites and foreign websites are both introduced, plus, giving the ubiquity of Chinese & English bilingual subtitles among Chinese movie streaming sites, you don’t have to worry even if you don’t understand a single word of Chinese. No matter you’re an experienced Chinese learner; a beginning Chinese learner; or just someone who is interested in Chinese culture, I believe you can benefit from this article. Now, let’s cut to the chase.

Please note that some of websites have only purchased streaming right within Mainland China, if you encounter a message like “Sorry, this video can only be streamed within Mainland China.” or “抱歉,此视频只限于中国内地播放。” when trying to play a video: using a proxy from China, converting your IP address to China, or downloading video not available in your country are solid fixes.

Best websites to watch Chinese movies, series, episodes, drama online free at a glance

1. Viki

Website URL:

Totally qualified as the best DramaFever replacement, Viki is one of the best video streaming platforms for watching Asian drama and TV shows – free, no registration, and no buffering. From the filters in the Explore section, you can find the desired Chinese movie/TV show/variety without a hitch - you can even search for movies using subtitle language as a filter! Viki video player supports switching subtitles among multiple languages including English, thus whatever language you can read, you can fully enjoy desired Chinese movies, TV series, variety shows, etc contents on Viki. No limitation for free users but SD video quality. HD quality requires Viki pass, $ 4.17/month at least.

· On Viki, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series, Variety shows

· Subtitle language: Deutsch, English, Spanish, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Hungarians, Serbo-Croatian, etc.

Viki Chinese Movies

2. Bilibili

Website URL:

Apart from being the best anime & user-generated video platform among youngsters in China, Bilibili is also a good place to watch Chinese movies without cost, the best part is, it doesn’t even have any advertisement. It provides free movies in fabulous 1080p quality, and keeps purchasing copyrights of recent movies, to enrich the inventory of its movie inventory day by day. Movies are categorized into three major sections: free movies; movies for premium accounts; and movies that require a specific amount of payment, facilitating users picking movies as per budget.

Moreover, with its exclusive comment system “Danmu”, floated comments fast passing through the screen during video playback, users will not only enjoy the movie itself, but the pleasure of interactions with other people who are watching or have watched the current video.

· On Bilibili, there are Chinese: Movies

· Subtitle language: Chinese or Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

Bilibili Chinese Movies

3. iQiyi

Website URL:

iQiyi is one of the largest video platforms in China that have purchased streaming rights of an uncountable number of movies, TV series, entertainment shows, variety shows. There’s barely any audiovisual resource that you can’t find on iQiyi - many so-called free video streaming sites in China will sneakily direct you to iQiyi for video playback, I guess that suggests the power if iQiyi to a good degree. On iQiyi, full-length movies are clearly classified into free or paid, the TV series are usually free to watch until a certain episode.

Whereas there are two obvious defects about iQiyi: 1. It has too much advertisement, one-minute ad before movies and even every episode of a TV series could really be intolerable. 2. The streaming rights that iQiyi has for most videos are restricted to Mainland China. To solve that, as mentioned, get iQiyi download is a reliable fix.

· On iQiyi, there are Chinese: Movie, TV Series, Variety shows, TV Shows

· Subtitle language: Chinese or Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

iQiyi Chinese Movies

4. ViewAsian

Website URL:

Just like Viki, ViewAsian is another free video streaming website focusing on full-length Asian movie content. Its number and quality of Cantonese dubbed Chinese & Hongkong movies & TV series are impressive. Putting aside that you have to carefully watch out for redirects while switching media player server and playing videos, ViewAsian doesn’t bother you much. Consulting the “Tag Cloud” from the right side, you’ll find hot searched tags of ViewAsian users that might appeal to you, it’ll lead you to other contents on ViewAsian that you may dig as well.

But, here’s the thing, many websites like View Asian and FallDrama that stream Chinese movies in English subtitles, most Chinese movies upon are technically “borrowed” from Chinese streaming sites (they didn’t even remove the Chinese website logo), what they do is just translating the subtitles to English.

· On ViewAsian, there are Chinese: Movie, TV Series

· Subtitle language: English

ViewAsian Chinese Movies

5. FallDrama (Not working)

Website URL:

FallDrama is another good website to watch Chinese TV episodes. To the benefit of Indonesian users, this site supports Bahasa Indonesia as the display language. Every movie has a specified introduction and was tagged with keywords to find similar series.

They have two player servers to switch to another in case one fails to load videos. BTW, this website has the most redirects as I have ever seen, it even leads me to another new page three times until I can actually click on the play button.

· On FallDrama, there are Chinese: Movie, Drama, Kshow

· Subtitle language: English

FallDrama Chinese Movies

6. Youku

Website URL:

Youku is like Chinese YouTube, but focusing on catching up with the latest TV series in China, and provides users with free, high-quality and the latest Chinese movie content. On Youku, there are time-limited special offers for users to try paid movies. Ads on Youku are much shorter than those on iQiyi, and the video quality is on par with the counterpart. Although Youku video player seems to buffer more; users outside China have to unblock Youku before using; and the movie thumbnails are lack of basic intro... I say the overall terrific performance of Youku is certainly outweighed the shortcomings.

· On Youku, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series, Variety shows, TV Shows

· Subtitle language: Chinese or Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

Youku Chinese Movies

7. Asiancrush

Website URL:

Asiancrush is a website consist of numerous Asian Movies and TVs. There are hundreds of Chinese movies to watch for free with English subtitles, and their reads about Celebrity, Culture, Interviews, etc. are perfect for fans to waste time with relish. It worth mentioning that, surprisingly, some trending Chinese filming that might charge you on Amazon Prime or Netflix can be found here. Although video quality is not the best, usually at around 576p, and they do have a serious advertisement issue, but considering the above mentioned merits, Asiancrush is also a good go-to.

· On Asiancrush, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series

· Subtitle language: English

Asiancrush Chinese Movies

8. YouTube

Website URL:

As the hugest giant in online video hosting, YouTube will come in handy. Although YouTube is not a specialized website focusing on Chinese film works, you can certainly find a good deal of Chinese TV Channels providing full movies and TV episode playlists with English subtitles/closed captions. Just type whatever on your mind into the YouTube searching box and see if it’s there. Besides, there’re many free YouTube video downloaders nowadays, making it much easier for us to enjoy buffering-free offline playback in our leisure time.

· On YouTube, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series

· Subtitle language: Subtitle language: Chinese/English/Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

· Some great YouTube channels for watching Chinese movies & TV series free online:

CCTV TV Series:

CCTV6 China Movie Official Channel:

China Huace Film & TV Official Channel:

YoYo Television Series Exclusive:

HLBN Entertainment:

YouTube Chinese Movies

9. 1905 Movie

Website URL:

1905 Movie is not as famous as the above-mentioned Chinese video streaming platforms, but it’s also an excellent choice, no less. 1905 Movie has two major movie sections: “VIP Movie theatre” that covers a wide scope of movies, but requires VIP account; and “Free Movies” that present many free resources to trending movies, TV series, and China Central Television filming. According to “Best received”, “Highest rated”, “Best in history” and other metrics from 1905 Movie, finding yourself a worth-watching movie is a breeze.

Free users have only access to “smooth” quality, about 320p to 576p video quality that runs smoothly, little buffering.

· On 1905 Movie, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series

· Subtitle language: Chinese or Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

1905 Movie Chinese Movies

10. Vidfish (Not working)

Website URL:

Vidfish features a sleek interface and easy to navigate page layout. Vidfish brings user convenience that not just the webpage display that supports five languages: Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, Portuguese. That applies to their searching bar too. You can easily find a Chinese movie, not with a precise Movie title in Chinese, but the translation in your country.

· On Vidfish, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series

· Subtitle language: English

Vidfish Chinese Movies

11. Tencent Video

Website URL:

Owned by Tencent, the world's largest video game company that has tried long to have a finger in the pie of online media streaming, Tencent Video is another famous video platform in China. Aside from the latest China’s movies and dramas, you can also find amusing web series, a novel kind of TV shows similar to video-on-demand, favored by young users.

· On Tencent Video, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series, Variety shows, TV Shows

· Subtitle language: Chinese or Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

Tencent Chinese Movies

12. Migu Video

Website URL:

Migu is a famous music brand in China to download Chinese songs. Its sub-brand Migu Video is a large platform for short video and live sports. Migu Video serves comedy and action movies, and detailed categorized TV series (Spy war, military, family, love, costume, youth, idol, ethics, martial arts, criminal investigation, suspense, city) which you can easily navigate with their filter. Putting your mouse over the movies’ thumbnail will show you the cast, year, intro of the TV series/Movie.

· On Migu Video, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series, Variety shows, TV Shows, Sports

· Subtitle language: Chinese or Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

Migu Chinese Movies

13. DramaCool

Website URL:

DramaCool is a website where you can watch a lot of latest Korean Drama, Korean Variety Shows, Taiwanese & Chinese Drama for free in English subtitles, and they provide links to free download Chinese and Korean Drama. The website keeps adding new Drama series and fixes videos that got removed due to copyright issues.

When watching videos on DramaCool, please watch out clickbait pictures and taglines, and close the redirect window after starting play videos, to steer clear of potential risks behind these ads.

· On DramaCool, there are Chinese: Drama

· Subtitle language: English

DramaCool Chinese Movies

14. Baidu Video

Website URL:

Baidu is known for its most-used search engine in China. Baidu TV and Baidu Movie are more like a video version of the search engine. Baidu Video looks like a video streaming site on the outfit, but if you actually click on any of those movie resources, Baidu TV will direct you to another platform (like iQiyi) for further playback. What’s good about Baidu TV is that you won’t miss a thing, whatever you’re looking for. Just search the name of the Chinese movie or episodes you want to watch.

· On Baidu TV, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series, Variety shows, TV Shows, etc.

· Subtitle language: Chinese or Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

Baidu Video Chinese Movies

15. FilmDoo

Website URL:

Technically speaking, FilmDoo is not a free place to watch Chinese movies online. FilmDoo is a video-on-demand (VOD) platform that specializes in independent and world cinema. Its premium service covers 400+ Chinese movies buying/renting. If you rather not pay, there are a handful of Chinese movies from “Watch for Free”, and 100+ completely free short films.

· On FilmDoo, there are Chinese: Movies, Short films

· Subtitle language: English or Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

FilmDoo Chinese Movies

16. YuYu TV (Currently unavailable)

Website URL:

On YuYu TV, aside from movies of about 20 kinds of genres: Action, Drama, Independent, Short, Adventure, etc. from 60+ countries, you can also watch many free full episodes Chinese TV series. From the “Movie” category, you can find the movies you want with Genre, Region, Themes, Date as filters. Most movie subtitles on YuYu TV can’t be switched, it’s usually hardcoded into the video.

· On YuYu TV, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series

· Subtitle language: English

YuYu TV Chinese Movies

17. 27K.CC (Currently unavailable)

Website URL:

27K.CC is a Chinese torrenting website hosting free and gorgeous quality video download resources. Here you can find Anime, Chinese Movies, TV series, variety shows, etc. Just like other torrent movie websites, 27K.CC is full of eye-popping ads. But fortunately, this website doesn’t redirect you like most similar do all the time. So, just watch your clicks, and 27K.CC will be a great place to free watch and download Chinese movies.

· On 27K.CC, there are Chinese: Movies, TV Series, variety shows

· Subtitle language: Chinese or Chinese + English bilingual subtitles

27K.CC Chinese Movies

More Website Choices to Watch Chinese Movies Online Free without Downloading

18. MGTV

Website URL:

19. LeTV

Website URL:

20. Kankan TV (Currently unavailable)

Website URL:

21. PPTV

Website URL:

22. Sohu TV

Website URL:

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