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What is Video Profile

Video Profile

What is Video Profile

There may be many definitions on video profile, the video profile we mentioned here is about the video converter's video profile. If you have bought a video converter, you may not unfamiliar with it; nearly every video converter has the video profile so that users can select the output video format that they want to get. However, there are also some differences among those video converts' video profile. Before we choose a video converter, it is necessary for us to know these differences.

Applications of Video Profile

As the passage mentioned above, the video profile we mentioned here is about the video converter's video profile, so here we will talk about the main use of the video converter's video profile. Nearly all the video converters' video profile have these two main functions below:

1.List the output video formats or devices. You can choose the output formats or devices via the video profile of the video converter.

2.Classify the output video formats or devices.

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iPhone Video Converter Factory Pro; it is an application that was designed for one task: conversion of video files for playback on iPhone series. Thus, all the conversion profiles available are optimized for a number of iPhone handsets. The list of profiles is neatly organized so that you can find your phone easily. Thus, if you want to convert your files so you can play them on your iPhone 4 , you can find that profile by going to the iPhone 4 category and you will find much options for your iPhone 4 to choose. The same applies for other phones.

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