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Video Encoder

What is Video Encoder

A Video Encoder is a device or software that enables video compression and/or decompression for digital video. The compression usually employs lossy data compression. Historically, video was stored as an analog signal on magnetic tape. Around the time when the compact disc entered the market as a digital-format replacement for analog audio, it became feasible to also begin storing and using video in digital form, and a variety of such technologies began to emerge.

Audio and video call for customized methods of compression. Engineers and mathematicians have tried a number of solutions for tackling this problem.

There is a complex balance between the video quality, the quantity of the data needed to represent it (also known as the bit rate), the complexity of the encoding and decoding algorithms, robustness to data losses and errors, ease of editing, random access, the state of the art of compression algorithm design, end-to-end delay, and a number of other factors.

Applications of Video Encoder

Digital Video Encoder are found in DVD systems (players, recorders), Video CD systems, in emerging satellite and digital terrestrial broadcast systems, various digital devices and software products with video recording and/or playing capability. Online video material is encoded by a variety of encoder, and this has led to the availability of codec packs - a pre-assembled set of commonly used encoder combined with an installer available as a software package for PCs.

Encoding media by the public has seen an upsurge with the availability of CD and DVD-writers.

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