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What is AAC


What is AAC

AAC, Advanced Audio Coding, is a technique for compressing digital audio files. Officially part of the MPEG-4 standard, it is most widely used to create small digital audio files. The current variant is specified in ISO/IEC standard 14496-3.
AAC is conceptually similar to the ubiquitous MP3 format. Like MP3, it takes advantage of deficiencies in human hearing to discard digital bits corresponding to sounds unlikely to be heard. The human hearing system cannot hear quiet sounds in the presence of loud sounds of a similar frequency; for example, a voice conversation cannot be heard while jumbo jet flies low overhead. Known as auditory masking, this phenomenon allows the discarding of data with minimal loss of fidelity.

Also like MP3, AAC is a lossy algorithm, meaning the original digital audio cannot be recreated from the compressed bits alone. In terms of audio fidelity, however, there is no loss of data if the compressed audio is properly encoded. AAC claims an advantage over MP3 in this regard: while MP3 requires a bit rate of approximately 256 kilobits per second (kbps) to achieve transparency, AAC can achieve the same quality at 128 kbps. This allows AAC files to be roughly half the size of MP3 files of the same quality, and one-tenth the size of CD digital data.

AAC provides several other advantages over MP3. It is capable of handling much higher and lower frequencies of sound, provides up to 48 channels of audio, and allows the creation of low-latency audio necessary for two-way communication. For example, AAC can be used for compressing telephone conversations on the fly, whereas using MP3 would introduce delays in the audio. AAC also allows for Digital Rights Management, or DRM, which can be used to control how the audio file is used.

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Video Converter Factory Pro; it is the easy-to-use video conversion software. It supports extract audio from video and converts the audio file to AAC audio format with lossless audio quality. Besides, users can easily do the converting process among popular video/audio formats (including HD video and flash video) with lossless video quality.

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