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Video BitRate

Video BitRate

Definition of Video Bit Rate

Bit Rate can be seen in many technology fields. Here we just discuss the Bit Rate in the field video. Bit rate is a measure of the rate of information content in a video stream. It is quantified using the bit per second (bit/s or bps) unit or Megabits per second (Mbit/s). A higher bit rate allows better video quality.

Further Information of Video Bit Rate

*Calculating Bit Rate

The size of any stream (video, audio, or otherwise) can be calculated by multiplying the bit rate its encoded at by its length. When calculating file size based on bit rate you also have to take into account any overhead introduced by the Container being used, such as AVI or MPEG. Container overhead varies from one to another, and can even be affected by the number or type of streams being muxed.

*Bit Rate Distribution

Bit rate can refer to either a constant number of bits used to Encode each second of video, or the average number per second. While Variable Bit rate encoding is generally preferable for consumer video applications like DVD or MPEG-4, hardware video encoding or formats designed for editing often benefit from being encoded at a Constant Bit rate. In either case the calculations for stream size are the same.

Related Software

When referring to the video, we can often see the information of Bit Rate, so as related software of video, it should have some functions of setting bit rate. Here I will recommend a related software tool, it is Video Converter Factory Pro. When choosing a video converter, some people may only concern about whether the video converter can help them get the video format that they want but not concern about the video's Bit rate, actually, it is necessary for you to concern about this factor, because it will affect the quality of your video. Video Converter Factory Pro can help you solve this problem. It has rich parameter settings like setting the resolution, bitrates, and frame rate and so on. So with this powerful video converter, you can get higher quality converted videos.

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