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What is FFDShow

What is FFDShow

FFDShow is a media decoder and encoder mainly used for the fast and high-quality decoding of video in the MPEG-4 ASP (e.g. encoded with DivX, Xvid, or FFmpeg MPEG-4) and AVC (H.264) formats, but it supports numerous other video and audio formats as well. It is free software released under the GPL license, runs on Windows, and is implemented as a DirectShow and VFW decoding filter. The first versions of ffdshow were published in April 2002, as an alternative to the DivX 3.11 and DivX 5.02 decoders of the time, and as a way to combine the speed and quality of MPlayer with popular Windows video players. It continues to support more formats, new and old, as FFmpeg developers add support for them. The main developer was Milan Cutka. When he stopped updating the project in 2006, new maintainers opened the ffdshow-tryouts as a fork, where bug-fixes, stability fixes, new features, and codec updates continue.

FFDShow Supports Formats

FFDShow uses the libavcodec library and several other free, open source software packages to decode video in most common formats, such as:

*MPEG-4 Part 2 (including video encoded with Xvid, 3ivx, and all versions of DivX).

*Flash Video, H.263 and VP6 (used by sites such as YouTube).

*H.264/AVC, Theora, WMV as well as numerous others.

FFDShow also decodes audio, such as:

*Dolby AC3
*Vorbis formats, among others

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