I believe that you have arrived at this webpage because you are looking for a solution to "Windows Media Player only audio no video" problem. Don't worry, I will provide you with three very practical methods to solve the weird "Windows Media Player not playing video only sound" issue.

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How to Fix "Windows Media Player Only Plays Audio" Problem:

Windows Media Player Not Playing Video Only Sound, Why?

For Windows users, there is no doubt that they are very attached to Windows Media Player, and even today, quite a lot of people still use it to play and manage their own media libraries. However, as technology changes daily, Windows Media Player hasn't felt up to decoding the new ever-changing codecs.

The reason why Windows Media Player only plays audio is that WMP only decodes the audio stream but fails to recognize the video stream. But that's usually not a big deal, I've compiled three simple methods to fix Windows Media Player not showing video. Read on.

Fix Any Codec/Format Unsupported Issue

Apart from Windows Media Player not showing video issue, it's very common enough to see some error messages like "video is not supported or recognized", "the video plays but no sound", "video won't play", etc. all over the place. Free HD Video Converter Factory provides a free yet handy solution to those troubles. With only three steps, everything will be all right. Believe it or not, download and confirm the fact by yourself.

Solution 1 - Transcode Video to Windows Media Player Supported Format

If it is an uncommon video file, you have to install the specific codecs to empower WMP to decode and play the video normally. But rather than wasting time on that, you can try to transcode the stubborn video to Windows Media Player compatible format, such as WMV, AVI, MP4, etc. It's totally a cinch for a free video converter program. I'll take Free HD Video Converter Factory to illustrate how it works.

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Fix Windows Media Player Only Plays Audio Issue
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Step 1 - Import Problematic Video

Run Free HD Video Converter Factory and open Converter. Drag and drop the video file that Windows Media Player only plays audio into the window.

Step 2 - Select Windows Media Player-Friendly Format

Press the format profile on the right side to spread the output format list. 500+ presets are well-categorized in good order. You can select WMV and other common formats under "Video" category.

Step 3 - Start the Conversion

Specify a directory to save the converted video file on the bottom. Lastly, hit "Run" button for video transcoding.

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Solve Windows Media Player Won't Play Video by Video Transcoding

Solution 2 - Install the Missing Video Codec for Windows Media Player

Basically, you can fix Windows Media Player won't play video problem if the missing video codec is successfully installed. However, I bet most people don't know how to check the video codec that is not recognized by WMP. To keep things simple and save you from insecure download, it's recommended to download and install the codec pack - K-Lite Codec Pack that has covered all necessary video/audio codecs.

Step 1 - Download K-Lite Codec Pack

Download K-Lite Codec Pack via its official website: https://codecguide.com/download_kl.htm. There are 4 versions for your choice. If there is no further need, the Basic version is totally enough for you.

Step 2 - Complete the Installation for Windows Media Player

Run the installer, select "Normal" or "Advanced" mode based on your preference. If you know little about the codecs, just select "Normal". Next, select the preferred player as Windows Media Player, you can also mark "Create file associations" option. Then, just follow the instructions to finish the installation. If there is something you don't understand, just retain the default settings.

Fix Windows Media Player Only Audio No Video

Step 3 - Fix Windows Media Player Only Plays Audio

Now the video is supposed to play normally with both video picture and audio. The matter is all settled.

Windows Media Player No Video Issue is Settled

Solution 3 - Fix Windows Media Player No Video with Alternative Player

You have to admit that, Windows Media Player ceases to be your only choice nowadays. Many great alternatives to Windows Media Player come with abundant codecs to decode nearly all media file types, such as VLC, MPC-HC, KMPlayer and so forth. Don't back yourself into a corner, just give it a shot on other media players.

Address Windows Media Player Only Plays Audio with VLC

Final Words:

Have you learned the three methods? In addition to solving Windows Media Player not showing video problem, it's possible to address all codec incompatibility issues, e.g. WMP MTS playback issue, 0xc00d36c4 error. I hope this post works for you. Still having issues? Don't hesitate to contact me, I won't bite!

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