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Top 5 Free RMVB Players for Windows 10

Author by Oswald

Updated on Mar 1, 2023

You may have found yourself stuck in a situation where you are unable to play RMVB video files on Windows 10, then you find out that there's nothing wrong with the RMVB files themselves and that Windows Media Player Windows 10 doesn't seem to support the RMVB format. The best way of solving your problem is finding a simple and useful third-party RMVB player for Windows 10. 5 free and well-received RMVB players with corresponding pros and cons are introduced in this article.

RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) is an earlier stage of high definition, high compression ratio, mostly used to save multimedia content natively video format developed by RealNetworks. It differs from the original RM format a lot with its "variable bitrate" and features outstanding playback performance but has gotten less popular due to poor compatibility and copyright issues. Additionally, unfortunately for Windows users, RMVB format is not natively supported by Windows Media Player Windows 10.

In that case, it leads to the fact that a lot of people who are using Windows 10 have to unwillingly put aside their high-quality RMVB video collections because they don't know how to play RMVB files on Windows 10, which is quite a shame.

These are some common FAQs:

"How to run RMVB from my former collection on Windows 10?"

"My RMVB videos are no longer available for Windows Media Player after I upgraded my PC to Windows 10, how to open RMVB on Windows 10?"

Those issues can be solved simply by choosing a reliable third-party RMVB video player. Download it to your computer, and it will be your farewell to all troubles.

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The Best 5 RMVB Players for Windows 10

The recommended free RMVB video players with their main features, pros and cons are presented as follows. They all support most video formats including RMVB and they are all free. The orange URL next to the media player's name is its official download page. Find yourself a liked one and play RMVB on Windows 10 right away!

1. RealPlayer

RealPlayer InterfaceRealPlayer Interface


1. The official player of the RMVB format developer - RealNetworks, it's a perfect RMVB media player. Its playback performance of RMVB format videos is unquestionable.

2. Its function of playing online video is on the top of the line of its kind. And it allows you to download videos from websites.

3. Enables you to record video/audio.

4. With the support of RealTimes mobile companion app, you can watch RMVB videos on the go.

5. It's probably the sleekest RMVB Player Windows 10.

Platform Supported: Windows, iOS, Android, Chromecast and Roku

Pros: Straightforward operate button, provide cloud storage service. Cons: Annoying foisting toolbars, ads in the free edition.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player InterfaceVLC Media Player Interface


1.The fact that VLC Media Player is extremely powerful and open-source makes it stand out from most players.

2. Available on multiple platforms and supports almost all video formats, even Cortana voice commands.

3. It allows you to download video from popular video-sharing sites like YouTube.

4. Serves as a VLC converter with flexible video editing functions like merge videos, screen capture frame by frame, cut MP3 files, etc.

5. As a perfect Windows 10 RMVB player, it allows you to pre-play videos before it's fully downloaded, it plays most codecs without the need to install codec packs, and it can play RMVB video files that are within ZIP files without unpacking them.

Platform Supported: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android and etc.

Pros: Totally free and clean, multifunctional, powerful at every function. Con: Complicated option buttons are tricky for novices.

3. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player

Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player InterfaceAiseesoft Blu-ray Player Interface


1. Capable of playing local video and audio files as well as playing DVD.

2. As its name suggests, it allows you to play Blu-ray disc/ISO file. And it supports Dolby and DTS. This player can definitely meet your high demand for viewing enjoyment.

3. Plays high definition videos smoothly.

4. Automatically optimizes video/audio quality without power manager setting.

Platform Supported: Windows and Mac.

Pros: Clear and concise interface, pleasant free edition experience, outstanding high definition video playback performance.

Con: High CPU usage.

4. GOM Player

GOM Player InterfaceGOM Player Interface


1. 12 languages supported installation package.

2. One of the best 360 Video Players.

3. You can search for subtitles for your videos in its database if you don't have and need one.

4. Supports remote control via smartphone.

5. Plays VOB Files Smoothly.

6. The interface is clean by sight.

Platform Supported: Windows XP SP3 or later.

Pro: It's a great VR and 360-degree video player. Cons: Hard to get started. Ads everywhere, even in the installation package.

5. 5KPlayer

5KPlayer Interface5KPlayer Interface


1. Supports DLNA and AirPlay, allows you to transfer files between personal computers, mobile devices, and home devices while maintaining original quality.

2. Fast speed of processing videos with the support of Nvidia, Intel, DXVA 2.0.

3. It allows you to download multimedia resources from online. You can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and etc. And download paid audio from SoundCloud, Bandcamp to MP3 and other audio formats also.

4. You can easily get to live stream (such as BBC Sports and CBS Sports) with it using an URL.

5. One of the best free DVD players for Windows 10.

6. Plays 5K videos as its name suggests.

Platform Supported: Windows, Mac

Pros: Support streaming via DLNA and AirPlay. Cons: Hard to get started. Difficult to operate, the option buttons are tiny.

At last...

The compatibility of RMVB format will get poorer and poorer in the future. For those with RMVB video collection, I suggest that you try the recommended free RMVB video converter software to convert your RMVB files to popular format such as MP4, MKV and AVI so that you are able to play them on any device.

That's a cure-all to all kinds of video-not-playing issues, and I highly recommend Free HD Video Converter Factory to you to convert RMVB videos. It's free, clean, easy to get started and powerful.

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