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Three Fast and Free Methods on How to Download off SoundCloud

Author by Helen

Updated on Aug 11, 2023

How to download off soundcloud?” I believe most of you have this question since not every audio on SoundCloud has the download button. So here I will recommend you three ways to save tracks from SoundCloud. Download this free and easy-handle SoundCloud Downloader here to catch SoundCloud to MP3 with high quality:

SoundCloud - A Sea of Music Give You Better Enjoyment on Audio Tracks

Can You Download from SoundCloudCan You Download from SoundCloud

SoundCloud, one of the most popular music sites, is an online music and podcast streaming platform based in Germany. Its influence is evident and it is hailed as the “YouTube of audio-sharing”. SoundCloud allows musicians to record, upload, and share the original-created sounds, music, tracks, audio and more. Also, it allows user to share the music resource with each other if they get interested. It’s a place that you can find fresh tracks since many bands and indie musicians will release their music on SoundCloud before the releasing on other popular music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify.

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So how to download off SoundCloud fast and conveniently? This article will list three simple ways to download SoundCloud tracks for free.

Disclaimer: This guide is limited to personal fair use only. It is illegal to download copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent. WonderFox does not approve of copyright infringement in any way. The end-users should be solely responsible for their own behaviors.

Three Simple and Practical Methods to Download Audio from SoundCloud for Free

Method 1 - How to Download SoundCloud Audio with Free Desktop SoundCloud Downloader Software

You can fast download SoundCloud tracks with a third-party freeware. Free HD Video Converter Factory is able to download intact SoundCloud audio tracks with a few clicks. Furthermore, you can take this one to download VEVO YouTube music video, YouTube songs and save online audio and video from other 500+ sites. The downloading process of this audio catcher is extremely easy to handle. Follow my step to master it.

Free Download Free Download

How to Download SoundCloud Tracks with a Three-Step Downloading Process

The Whole SoundCloud Audio Downloading Process

Before start, please free downloadfree download this best SoundCloud downloader to your Windows computer then follow the tutorial to download audio from SoundCloud.

Step 1. Run the program and open Downloader, then click “New Download” button to pop up a new window. Now go to SoundCloud, find the preferred song, copy the URL link.

Step 2. Go back to the program, press “Paste and Analyze” button.

Step 3. Choose MP3 as the output format then hit Download All to download off SoundCloud.

This is the whole SoundCloud audio downloading process. Besides fixing how to save SoundCloud songs, this freeware can also serve as a professional audio converter as its name suggests. After entering the "Converter" module, it is capable of converting SoundCloud to MP3 320KBPS, M4A, WAV, FLAC and more. It will carry out the SoundCloud downloading and conversions at one go. Moreover, before converting the download audio file to other formats, you can custom the audio bitrate as 320kbps on the “Parameter settings” window. And you can make a special ringtone for your iPhones and Android smartphones with the downloaded audio files.

Method 2 - How to Download Tracks off SoundCloud with Online SoundCloud Downloader

Download Music from SoundCloud OnlineDownload Music from SoundCloud Online

When you type some keywords like “online SoundCloud downloader” on a search engine, you will get so many related results. In view that there are so much fake online downloading services, or the online downloading sites have inserted plenty of advertisements and pop-ups, you need to choose the remarkable and reliable ones, for instance,,, and

These online SoundCloud downloaders are simple to use. I will set an example on copy and paste the SoundCloud URL into this site, then press the Download button. After a few seconds, you will see a “Download Link” icon. Click it to start the downloading.

By the way, some readers told me that they can take offliberty to download from SoundCloud, but this one is no longer working. So why not take an offliberty alternative to get rid of this problem.

Method 3 - How to Download Songs off SoundCloud with Browser Extension/Add-on

How to Download MP3 from SoundCloudHow to Download MP3 from SoundCloud

Besides, you can install some browser extensions or add-ons to deal with how to download music off SoundCloud. Go to extension store and search for the related keywords. For example: Video DownloadHelper



After installation, restart the browser. Play your desired SoundCloud songs, click on the extension/add-on to download it.

With the above three approaches, you can resolve the how to download off SoundCloud problem effortlessly. Considering that the downloader in the method one will save the SoundCloud music faster compared with the online ones, let you change the audio bitrate and convert the tracks to more audio formats, I would recommend you to take it as the first choice.

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