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Top 3 Popular 360 Video Players for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
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Top 3 Popular 360 Video Players for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Author by Rocabella

Update at Mar 21, 2018

For better visual enjoyment, more and more 360 videos have been created, but which 360 video player should I choose. Here we will recommend three best 360 video players and you can find the most suitable one in these wonderful players and have a good experience with it. Just keep rolling for further details.

360 Video – A New Trend in Our Daily Life

360 Video360 Video

360 video, also known as 360-degree video, immersive video or spherical video. 360 video can be viewed at any angle of 360 degrees and let us feel a real sense of intimacy. 360 video will not be limited by time, space and region because it is not a single static panorama, but has a range of depth, dynamic image, sound and so on. Then, the question arises - how can I play such videos? Keep reading, there are three recommended comprehensive 360 video players for you.

List of the Best 360 Video Player

Top 1: Kolor Eyes 360 Video Player

Play 360 Videos with Kolor Eyes 360 Video PlayerPlay 360 Videos with Kolor Eyes 360 Video Player


Kolor Eyes (also called GoPro VR Player) is a totally free 360 video player for Windows, Mac, HTML5, iOS and Android. It allows you to play 360 videos on your computer and Oculus Rift by simply loading the corresponding file and operating its basic playback controls.

In addition to playing 360 videos, Kolor Eyes provides you with a Preferences menu where you can adjust general settings such as input type, input stereoscopy, etc. and you are able to increase/decrease volume according to your needs.

Top 2: GOM 360 Media Player

360 Video Player Windows360 Video Player Windows


GOM Player is a free 360 video player which has high quality. And as many users can see, it actually allows you to play 360 videos downloaded on your computer, but the amazing thing is that you can play 360 videos directly from YouTube, without bothering to download them. To play 360 degree videos in GOM Player, simply right-click anywhere on the screen, go to 360 degree video play(F6), and then click Playback 360 degree video to load a list 360-degree videos available on YouTube. Finally, choose one desired 360 video to play.

If you want to do anything else, such as changing aspect ratio, you'll have to navigate its menu system.

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Top 3: LiveViewRift 360 Video Player

Watch 360 Video on LiveViewRiftWatch 360 Video on LiveViewRift


LiveViewRift is one of the most well-known 360 video players which is highly recognized and considered by a large number of 360 video viewers. This wonderful video player allows you to watch different kinds of media with the Oculus Rift. It supports network cameras offering MJPEG-streams over HTTP, cameras supported by OpenCV, Blackmagic DeckLink, iSight, display-mirroring, YouTube-videos and basically all common network-streams like rtmp, rtsp, videos over http, etc. Additionally, you can watch photos and videos on your computer.

The top three 360 video players we mentioned in this article can give you a great watching experience. All of them support many powerful functions for you and help you to play 360 videos with high quality. Select the most suitable one, and then download your favorite 360 video player to enjoy.

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