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Four Remarkable Solutions - Free Download Bandcamp to MP3 and Other Audio Formats

Author by Helen

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Lots of you find that there are so many beautiful songs on bandcamp and you may want to save them to devices for convenient playback. So this tutorial will demonstrate four different and all easy-handle ways to help you with this need. Here's the best bandcamp album downloader, free download it to start your downloading job with best performance:

Part One – NO Reseller, Bandcamp Lets You Share and Sell Your Music to Your Fans Directly

Bandcamp – Everything is TerrificBandcamp – Everything is Terrific

Bandcamp is an online publishing platform for independent artists, musicians as well as record labels, providing a customizable microsite where people can upload/share music and earn money from their music, tracks and albums. This music site provides some incredible services like letting the artists fully fulfill their own requirements on customizing and personalizing the works, leaving musicians the freedom to set prices as well as offering the function of social sharing for music distribution. It could be said that this is a place that connects the artists and fans straight-forwardly.

Fans can follow their favorite artists and keep a wishlist, get online streaming, showcase your collection, and explore music from other fans. Of course, lots of resources are to be paid for and when you meet the ones you like, how to free download them for offline playing? This article will provide four quick methods to free download bandcamp to MP3.

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Part Two – Four Simple and Practical Methods to Download Bandcamp Albums FREE

Warning: The download methods mentioned in this article are for personal reference only and should not be used for other improper purposes.

Solution 1 - Download Music from Bandcamp Tagged with "Free Download"

Bandcamp Free DownloadBandcamp Free Download

A: Make a search on bandcamp and explore music tagged with "free download".

B: Or you can visit

1. Open an album;

2. Click Buy Digital Album;

3. Name Your Price as "0";

4. Choose the option that "Alternatively, continue with zero and download to your computer".

Now you can follow the requirements to download the digital album.

Solution 2 – Make Full Use of a Splendid Bandcamp Album Downloader

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is able to download a whole Bandcamp album in a few clicks. Besides downloading from Bandcamp, this one can also download from SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Vevo YouTube music, YouTube playlist/channels with a surprising fast speed while keeping high quality.

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Free Download Free Download

Download Bandcamp to MP3 with the Perfect Bandcamp Ripper

The Whole Music/Album Downloading Process

Before start, please free downloadfree download this bandcamp MP3 downloader to your Windows computer then launch it after installation.

Step 1: Find the Bandcamp Songs You Want to Download

Go to the "Downloader" module and click "New Download". Then copy and paste the song's link to the "Paste URL" box in the new window.

Step 2: Analyze the Music URL You Pasted

Click "Analyze". After a few seconds, choose the download option you prefer. Next, click the "Ok" button at the bottom.

Step 3: Start to Download Bandcamp Music

Now, press the "Download All " button to save the songs. By the way, the built-in batch downloading feature of this bandcamp converter will save you much time.

Tips – Free HD Video Converter Factory is capable of fixing downloading and converting issue since it can not only serve as a bandcamp music downloader but also an amazing audio converter that will convert bandcamp to mp3 320 kbps, wav, FLAC, etc. (After downloading, you can change the audio bitrate to 320kbs in the "Converter" module and then convert it to any format you need.)

Solution 3 – Use an Online Bandcamp Downloader

Download with Online ServiceDownload with Online Service

Some sites offer online downloading services that allow you to free download music resources from Bandcamp and are welcomed by many users. They are free and simple to use. This time I will show you the downloading steps on Locoloader. Visit and then follow the below steps closely.

1. Copy and paste the Bandcamp audio URL to the blank box;

2. Locoloader will automatically analyze the link;

3. It will list all MP3 files in the album;

4. Right click on the Download button and select Save link as to download each MP3 file.

Attention: This site will display some banner ads. If you have installed Ad-Block, this site would not work unless you disable the AdBlock.

Solution 4 – Install Browser Extension to Get Bandcamp Free Download

Download with Browser Add-onDownload with Browser Add-on

Similarly, installing some browser extensions can also let you free download songs from bandcamp. Just search "bandcamp downloader chrome" or other related keywords, you will get so many results. Here I will set an example on how to use an add-on named "Bandcamp MP3-128 saver" on chrome:

1. Go to:

2. Add it to Chrome;

3. Visit and find the album or songs you expect to catch;

4. Click on the Chrome plugin icon, it will list all available MP3 downloads.

5. Press each button to download.

Tips: Sometimes the download button is not working. You need to wait for the add-on regular update. For better quality, you can take the free catcher in method 2 to help you enhance it or directly purchase from the artist.

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With all the four methods mentioned above, I believe you can free download bandcamp to MP3 without any problems now. But there's one more thing to be aware of, that WonderFox does NOT advocate our users to download any copyrighted music for reproducing, distributing, transmitting, broadcasting, displaying or selling. If you really like the album or audio tracks, please purchase it/them then you can enjoy the high-quality and even lossless music. Discover amazing new music now! If you find this article helpful, feel free to share it with more people.

P.S. The methods introduced in this article may be timed. They worked when we posted this article. Please verify its validity yourself.

More Features on the Recommended Bandcamp Album Downloader

1. Extract tracks and audio from any video.

2. Deal with lossless audio conversion.

3. Change audio bitrate to an expected degree.

4. Cut, trim, split, and merge music files and more.

Free Download Free Download

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