[PPT to GIF] How to Convert PowerPoint to Animated GIF?

In this post, you’re going to learn three ways to convert PPT to GIF handily. Read on to know more details!

Michelle | Updated on June 13, 2022

How to Create GIF from PPT within PowerPoint

How to Convert PowerPoint to GIF outside PowerPoint

--- With Online PPT to GIF Converter

--- From PPT to Video to GIF

PowerPoint is a preferred way to help present characteristic lessons, ideas, blueprints, etc. to our audiences. If you want to make your unique PowerPoint presentation known to more people, try to post it as a video or a GIF on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and other social media sites.

We’ve covered how to save PowerPoint slides as videos and upload them to YouTube previously. And in this article, we will focus on how to convert PowerPoint to animated GIF. Let’s get started!

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How to Create GIF from PPT within PowerPoint (Office 365 Subscription Required)

Microsoft Office is continually developing new features. Now it has a Create an Animated GIF option that allows users to convert PowerPoint to animated GIF from within the program. Yet this feature is only available on Microsoft 365 products. If you’ve already bought a Microsoft 365 subscription, follow the below steps to start converting your PowerPoint to animated GIF:

1. Prepare your PowerPoint presentation.

2. Go to File > Export > Create an Animated GIF.

3. Click on the size and quality drop-down box to choose your preferred specs for the GIF.

4. Underneath the box, specify the time spent on each slide.

5. Hit Create GIF to convert your PowerPoint to GIF.

How to Convert PowerPoint to GIF outside PowerPoint

If you do not use Microsoft 365, you can still turn your PowerPoint into a GIF by other means.

--- With Online PPT to GIF Converter (Lose All the Animations and Transitions)

The first workaround is to convert PowerPoint to animated GIF via an online PPT to GIF converter.

There are many such online converters out there. Here I will use the best and easiest one - Convertio to demonstrate the conversion process.

Note: The online PPTX to GIF converters have their weaknesses, such as the incapacity to save the animations and transitions and the inability to set duration for each slide.

1. Visit https://convertio.co/ppt-gif/ and click Choose Files to upload your PowerPoint file.

2. Double-check the output format as GIF and click Convert to start conversion.

3. Click Download to save the GIF.

--- From PPT to Video to GIF (More Steps but Recommended)

If you don’t want to lose your animations and stuff, here is the last resort - export the PPT to video first and then turn the video to GIF with a third-party GIF maker. See the instructions below:

Step One. Export PowerPoint Presentation to MP4 or WMV

1. Open your presentation.

2. Go to File > Export > Create a Video.

3. Select a quality for your video and use recorded timings and narrations if you want. Then fill a figure in the Seconds spend on each slide box.

4. Click Create Video and export your PPTX to MP4 or WMV.

Step Two. Make GIF from Video with a GIF Maker

Now it’s time to turn your WMV or MP4 into GIF. The tool I’m going to use is called WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It is not essentially a GIF maker. Instead, it’s an all-purpose tool that can handle basically every digital trick like video conversion, movie downloading, screen capturing, and, of course, GIF-making. And it is well-praised by the multimedia industry. Check how easy and professional it is to convert your video to GIF below:

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro
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  • Fast convert video/audio to 500+ formats and devices for any-device playback
  • Smooth download movies/songs from YouTube and 1000+ websites
  • Record computer screen, games, meetings, etc. in HD quality
  • Create animated GIFs from videos and photos
  • Efficiently compress videos with minimum quality loss
  • Upscale video quality from SD to HD/FHD
  • Integrated with more useful light features waiting to be explored!
  • Before start, please free download free download the software and install it on your PC.

    1. Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and hover your mouse over GIF Maker. Select Convert Video to GIF.

    2. Click + Add Video or directly drag your just-exported video into this program.

    3. On the right-side panel, define the resolution, frame rate, output quality, and more for your GIF. Or you can just leave it as default (recommend).

    4. Click Create GIF to complete the final step of your PowerPoint to GIF conversion.


    That’s all for how to convert PowerPoint to GIF within and outside the PowerPoint program. Find the best suiting way for yourself and start making your animated GIF from PPT. Thanks for reading!

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