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Free and Effortless Approach on How to Upload PowerPoint to YouTube
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Free and Effortless Approach on How to Upload PowerPoint to YouTube (with or without audio)

Author by Oswald

Updated on July 12, 2022

If you like the idea to share your PowerPoint presentation (with or without audio) on YouTube, I can tell you it’s doable and actually quite easy. But YouTube takes only video uploads, and the video format it accepts is restricted as well. I’ll demonstrate how to convert PowerPoint presentations to YouTube video file type, and how to upload PowerPoint to YouTube correctly afterward. Here we go.

BTW, here’s a free PowerPoint to YouTube converter suggested:

Part 1. Convert PowerPoint Presentation to Video

Export PowerPoint videoExport PowerPoint video

Step 1. Launch PowerPoint, go to the top-left corner, click the “File” tab.

Create a video from PPTCreate a video from PPT

Step 2. Go to “Export” > Create a Video. Use recorded timing or narrations if needed, or just hit Presentation Quality otherwise. Then click “Create Video” button to create video from PowerPoint.

About that “Quality”: Note that in the later upload process, YouTube will automatically compress your video, which naturally brings about quality loss, and it’s inevitable. Later in Part 2, I’ll utilize a free program to minimize that.

Save as a video typeSave as a video type

Step 3. Two output formats for the export video are provided by PowerPoint, choose to Convert PPT to MPEG-4 if you’d like to skip Part 2, or choose either one otherwise. Enter the desired metadata, and click “Save”.

Hint: You can add music to PowerPoint beforehand, or I’ll show you how to add music to YouTube video after uploading, if you’d care for some beautiful background music.

Part 2 (Optional). Convert the PowerPoint Video to YouTube Video Type

With the help of this recommended YouTube uploader: WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory, you get to compress videos with advanced coding technology and circumvent YouTube compression, so as to keep the best video quality preserved.

Convert Exported PowerPoint Video for Better YouTube Uploading

Load PPT video into the PowerPoint YouTube converter

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Load the PowerPoint Video into the YouTube Uploader

Launch Free HD Video Converter Factory and enter the converter interface, then click the “Add Files” button to add the video(s) you just exported, then define the destination path at the bottom. Now, go to the right side of the interface, click on the output format section.

Convert PowerPoint video for YouTube uploading

Step 2. Convert PowerPoint Video to YouTube Specification

From within the output format section, you can easily spot numerous output format icons provided. Locate and click on the “Web” block from the category box above, and click “YouTube” icon, that’s the optimized ready-made profile of YouTube video specs. At last, click “Run” to start the compression. In a bit, your PPT video will be best fit YouTube uploading process. The uploading will be much shorter and the result will be super.

Part 3. Upload PowerPoint to YouTube and Add Background Music for your Upload if Needed

How to put PPT on YouTubeHow to put PPT on YouTube

Step 1. Navigate to YouTube Studio, and start uploading. Once uploaded, Publish your video.

Step 2. Then go to your own channel, hit “Creator Studio Classic” on the lower-left corner.

Add audio to PowerPoint video on YouTubeAdd audio to PowerPoint video on YouTube

Step 3. In Creator Studio Classic, locate the PowerPoint Video you just uploaded and click on the “Edit” option from its information bar, then select “Audio”. Then, add audio at will, and save changes when it’s all set.

At last...

Preview your PowerPoint video upload to see if it looks good, and happy sharing!

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