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2019 Top 5 Online GIF Makers for Making Animated Images

Author by Blues

Oct 12, 2019

Nowadays, many people like to express their emotions with some GIFs when they chat online, not only GIFs from chat programs, but also GIF animations made by users themselves. If you also like using GIFs, here are top 5 free online GIF makers to assist you in making some interesting GIF images. Of course, you can also choose the best and professional GIF maker below:

With the development of online chatters, the communication method among people becomes more and more convenient. When we use some online chat tools to communicate with our friends and family members, we are used to expressing our feelings with some interesting and vivid GIF images and many people would like to make unique GIFs. Is there any simple operation method and software for making GIFs? The answer is yes. This review has picked up the top 5 online GIF creators for free and explained corresponding methods of using each maker. You can create GIF online with these online GIF makers.

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Top 5 Online GIF Makers to Convert Videos to Animated Pictures

1. EZGIF.COM ( )


EZGIF.COM is a free and multi-functional animated GIF maker online. With this online tool, you can crop, resize, optimize, split, add text into GIFs. This online maker allows you to turn images into GIFs and convert videos to GIFs.

If you want to turn images into GIFs, please click GIF Maker option, and hit the Browse button to import image files, which supports up to 2000 inputs. Then press Upload and make a GIF! button to make a GIF file.

If you want to convert videos to GIFs, you can click Video to GIF option.

Step 1. Click Browse button to input a video like MP4, AVI, WebM, FLV, WMV and many other popular video formats into this online converter, or you can paste video URL into the blank box.

Step 2. hit Upload video! button. After uploading a video, you can begin to make GIFs. Select the part of the video you want to cut. You can press Use current position button to set the start and end time.

Step 3. Open the Size list to select the GIF size, and you can also set the frame rate.

Step 4. Click Convert to GIF! button. Last, hit Save button to save the GIF.

2. Convertio ( )


This website is a media converter, which can not only make GIFs, but also convert videos to other common video/audio formats, such as converting MP4 to WAV, MP4 to AVI, WMA, MP3, WMV, MPEG and so forth. You can upload several videos into this online GIF creator to convert all to GIFs at the same time. However, the shortcoming of this online creator is that it cannot cut the part of videos, so storage space that the GIF file needs would be so large.

Step 1. Open the website, hit Choose Files button to import one video into this converter. You can use other options to upload videos, such as from Dropbox, Google Drive and URL.

Step 2. Click Add more files button to add other videos.

Step 3. Press Convert button to upload and convert videos to GIFs. This process may be long for network or server, please be patient to wait for it to be completed. Last, hit Download button to save your GIFs.

3. ZAMZAR ( )


In terms of conversion, ZAMZAR is popular with the public and has converted over 400 million files since 2006. It supports converting files to image, music, video, document, E-book formats, and offering compressed formats and video presets. Apart from converting files to GIFs, you can also convert files to many other image formats like JPG, 3FR, BMP, etc. The operation is very handy, too.

Step 1. Open this website, click Add Files button to import files or drag and drop files into the free online GIF maker.

Step 2. Choose GIF format to wait for the conversion.

Step 3. Hit Convert Now button to start the conversion process.

Step 4. After the conversion is complete, click Download button to save the GIF on PC.

Please note that this process would cost much time.

4. ( )

This converter allows to convert a video to GIF animation for free, and you can upload up to 100MB per file. If you want to deal with other file formats, for example, compress JPEG, compress PNG, convert PDF to JPG, Webp to JPG/PNG and vice versa, it also works. But this online GIF creator won't keep your GIFs forever, and all of your files will be deleted automatically after an hour. Therefore, please save you files in time.

Step 1. Open this webpage. Hit Upload a Video button to select a video file from your device.

Step 2. Click Use current position button to set the start and end time, or you can input the accurate time manually in the time box.

Step 3. Create custom settings - image width and height, frames per second.

Step 4. Press Convert Now button to start to convert files.

Step 5. Hit Download button after conversion completed.

5. Imgur ( )


Imgur is an online GIF maker that not only can create GIF online, but upload GIF to the community for sharing with people. Before making GIFs, of course, you should log into this website with your social networking accounts like Facebook account. Within this website, you can see the GIF you created in the gallery profile area. Nevertheless, this creator can't support importing videos, rather pasting the video URL. You can copy and paste video URLs from YouTube, Facebook or other social websites. The operation is a little bit complex.

Step 1. Open this website. Copy and paste the video URL into the blank box.

Step 2. Drag sliders to confirm the start and end time, then click Create GIF button to start making GIF.

Step 3. Hit Share to community button. Remember to give your post a title.

Step 4. After the GIF is posted, click the Download post button on the bottom-right of the playback window to save your GIF.


Now, you can make many GIF images as you like with these top 5 free online makers. Try it!

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