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Practical Solutions to Codec Unavailable PowerPoint Errors on Windows

Author by Vita

Updated on July 10, 2020

This post shows you all-round solutions to the codec unavailable PowerPoint error, all of which are workable and have helped many people solve the problem of video/audio not playing in PowerPoint while only displaying the “Codec Unavailable” message. Moreover, as the main cause blamed for the problem is the unsupported video/audio formats, you can convert videos or audio for your PowerPoint with this good video converter:

You have created a good PowerPoint presentation with some interesting videos and audio embedded. Everything gets ready so you are going to make your presentation before audiences, but suddenly, the audio or video file can’t be played. You only get a “codec unavailable” or “media unavailable” error message. I assume many people are familiar with the scenarios, which is really frustrating and may even ruin a well-prepared presentation! Take it easy, there are some quick fixes to the PowerPoint codec unavailable errors. Follow the part below to obtain the effective approaches just in case of need in the future or solve the burning problem.

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Several Methods to Fix Codec Unavailable PowerPoint Problems

Info > Compatibility ModeInfo > Compatibility Mode

1. Optimize Media Compatibility

Since the version of PowerPoint 2007, a compatibility checker is available on the Windows computer. When encountering the PowerPoint codec unavailable problem, you should first open the presentation file, then go to “File” > “Info”. If there are some media files incompatible with the PowerPoint version you’re using, the Compatibility Mode option will appear. Select the option and optimize videos, audio and other media files in the PowerPoint. Then play the video or audio to see whether the problem is solved. 

Change the Extension of the PPT File   Change the Extension of the PPT File

2. Change the File Extension from .ppt to .pptx

If you have received a PowerPoint presentation file from others, which was created on an older version of PowerPoint, you can change the file extension from .ppt to .pptx to let the presentation file to be seamlessly played on your presentation program.

3. Install a Suitable Codec

The most likely cause of the problem is unsupported codecs. Try to install a codec pack that can examine media files and finds the codec needed for playing in PowerPoint, such as CodecInstaller.

Best Formats for Video in PowerPoint Best Formats for Video in PowerPoint

4. Convert Videos for PowerPoint

The formats that different versions of PowerPoint support are varied yet limited. When you play a video or audio file in PowerPoint but the format is not be well supported by the PowerPoint version, you will also face with the codec unavailable PowerPoint issues.

For PowerPoint 2010, you’d better use WMV format for video files, and WMA and WAV for audio files. For later versions, MP4 encoded with H.264/AAC is the recommended setting for video files, and M4A format with AAC codec is a suggested option for audio files.
Although MP4 is the recommended option for PowerPoint, there is an exception: the 32-bit version of PowerPoint 2010 can’t play MP4 and MOV files unless the QuickTime for Windows is installed.

You can convert any unsupported video or audio for PowerPoint with a dedicated video converter.   

Delete TEMP files Delete TEMP files

5. Clear the TEMP folder

Large quantities of file data stored in the “TEMP” folder on your PC may cause PowerPoint freezing when you play a media file in it so you can try to delete some needless files in the TEMP folder and free up some space, which can work in some situations.

First close all running programs. To find the TEMP folder, click on Start > Run, or use the shortcut key combinations of Win+R; then, enter %temp% into the new Run dialog, select “OK; in the TEMP folder, select all files with a .tmp extension and delete them. Now, restart your computer and play the file in PowerPoint again.

Optional Solution: How to Convert Video & Audio Files to Fix PowerPoint Media Unavailable Error

As referred to in method 3 and 4, unsupported codecs and formats usually are the root of the codec unavailable PowerPoint error. You can either install a codec pack or convert the files with a video converter tool. If you think the second way is more suitable for you, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a good practice for the conversion. It can handle any video and audio files you throw into to convert them to 300+ formats and devices at a fast speed. The following part is how to.

Free Download Free Download

Convert Videos to Be Supported by PowerPoint for Smooth Playback

Import Files by Selecting “Add Files” Option

Before the tutorial, you can free downloadfree download and install the video converter for preparation.

Step 1. Add Files You Want to Convert

Open HD Video Converter Factory Pro, select Converter on the start-up window and there will appear a Video Converter window. Two options are available for importing files: Through the “Add Files” button or drag and drop files from desktop to the window.

Choose WMV Under the Video Tab

Step 2. Choose WMV or MP4 as the Output Format

Head to the output format icon on the right side, click it to enter a new window where you need to select Video then MP4 or WMV as the output format.

The video converter also empowers you to alter both video and audio codecs. Just click on Parameter Settings on the lower right corner, and move to the Encoder option under the corresponding sections to choose the needed codecs for the video.

Click Run to Start the Conversion

Step 3. Start the Conversion Process

You can keep the default folder as HD Video Converter Factory Pro\OutputVideo or choose the location for saving exported files through the inverted triangle button on the bottom of the software. Click on Run to finalize the process. The fast video converter promises extremely rapid speed. When the process is complete, insert the converted video into PowerPoint and make your presentation as you wish.

You can also fix PowerPoint audio codec unavailable problem by applying the same steps.

Sum Up

Many reasons would bring about codec unavailable PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 issues. As the article has mentioned, the solutions are varied yet always come down to format conversion for PowerPoint. However, if you know other effective fixes to this video and audio not playing in PowerPoint problem, you’re welcome to share them with us. We will update the content so as to offer more people the best methods.

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Recommended Software: Insert DVD Videos into PowerPoint

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WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

PowerPoint doesn’t support any type of DVD content as embedded files yet there still have some ways to work it out and the most effective way is to extract the files from a DVD using a specific tool. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can help you extract videos and audio tracks from a DVD, regardless of whether it’s home-made or encrypted. Meanwhile, it can convert DVDs to MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, MKV, etc., create 1:1 ISO image copy from DVDs.

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