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How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint for Easy Description of Complicated Stuff

Author by Cooper

Nov 07, 2019

How to insert GIF into PowerPoint? Adding an animated GIF to a PowerPoint slide is just as you insert any other pictures and here elaborate the detailed steps. If you’re also looking for a good GIF maker for making GIFs, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one of the best choices.

Since PowerPoint was released, it has played an important role in office work. However, many people get stuck in a verbose way of using PPT. When they try to show some complicated operations/principles in a presentation, they choose to express their own views or ideas through huge amounts of text, which brings audiences large reading pressure. Seriously, you can use a GIF rather than boring text to attract your audiences and express your thoughts more intuitively. Animated GIF in PowerPoint can make the .ppt file more vivid, especially when you want to show principles, guideline steps and so forth. If you want to make a tutorial GIF and add GIF to PowerPoint, read on. Here is a clear guide about how to insert GIF into PowerPoint.

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Part 1. How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint with Ease

If you have ever inserted images into PowerPoint, you will find that it is as easy as the former to embed GIF in PowerPoint. Let us take look at the best solution to solve how to insert GIF into PowerPoint.

How to insert gif into PowerPointHow to insert gif into PowerPoint

Step 1: Open the .ppt file you want to insert GIF into.

Step 2: Select the slide that you want to add GIF into. Click Pictures in the Insert tab. In the new pop-up Insert Picture dialog, navigate to the location of the GIF file you want to add. Choose the file, and then click Insert or Open.

Step 3: The added file won’t play automatically. In order to make sure it can work well, go to the slide that you just inserted GIF into and press Shift + F5 to preview the GIF.

Part 2. Make Your Own Tutorial/Principles GIFs

If you want to create a GIF from a video or sequent pictures for your presentation, you can utilize a GIF maker. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one of the best GIF makers. It offers two methods for making GIFs, i.e. converting images to GIFs and converting video to GIFs. The following part is the user guide of making photos to GIF. By the way, besides making GIFs, the converter further supports recording screen without watermark and downloading videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and so forth.

How to put GIF in PowerPoint

Step 1: Preparation for Converting Images to GIF

DownloadDownload the GIF maker first and follow the instruction to install it. Next, launch the application, hover your mouse over the GIF maker button and subsequently click Convert Photos to GIF. A new GIF creating window will pop-up. Click Add files to import images.

Step 2: Customize Settings of the GIF

For a better viewing experience, you can alter the Time Delay to 2 seconds on the right setting window. You can click the Play button above the GIF in the setting window so as to preview the GIF.

Step 3. Output the GIF

If you are satisfied with the GIF, click the inverted triangle to nominate the output

path, and finally, click Create GIF to output the GIF file.

At last...

Now, you have learned how to put GIF in PowerPoint. In addition to making GIF, HD Video Converter Factory Pro further supports downloading YouTube videos, recording screens, editing videos, including cropping, rotating, adding effects…, and so forth. If you want to make your GIF more vivid, you should not miss it.

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