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Converting MP3 to M4A with Simple Clicks
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How to Convert MP3 to M4A with 2 Common and Simple Methods

Author by Charlotte

Updated on July 14, 2022

Nowadays, both MP3 and M4A are common and popular audio formats. M4A is regarded as the successor to MP3. Actually, in terms of audio quality and audio file size, M4A is more superior than MP3 format. Therefore, why don’t we convert .mp3 to .m4a for less storage space occupation? The recommended MP3 to M4A converter can be downloaded here:

Why Do We Convert .mp3 to .m4a?

You might be feeling confused about why we convert a common MP3 format to M4A which is available only for Apple devices. In fact, both MP3 and M4A are lossy audio formats, while M4A format is superior than MP3 format in some aspects. Compared with MP3, M4A offers not only better audio quality but also smaller file size. Next, follow this article to learn 2 simple methods of how to convert MP3 file to M4A!

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2 Common and Simple Methods for Converting MP3 File to M4A

Method 1 – Converting MP3 File to M4A with Reliable Desktop Software

Free HD Video Converter Factory is a completely reliable audio converter which enables you to change MP3 file to M4A with only several simple clicks. In addition, it is able to convert M4A to MP3, MP3 to AAC, OGG, etc., and extract audio from video. It is such a multifunctional freeware which allows you to merge audio and cut audio files, etc. as well. Free download it to start MP3 M4A conversion!

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How to Convert .mp3 to .m4a with Simple Clicks

how to change mp3 to m4a

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step1: Add MP3 File to Program

Run Free HD Video Converter Factory, click “Add Audio” option under the triangle icon beside “Add Files” button on the top of the program to add MP3 files to the program to make preparation for MP3 to M4A conversion.

Tips: You are also able to import MP3 file to the program by dragging and dropping your MP3 file to the program window directly.

Step2: Select “M4A” as the Output Format

You can see “Output Format” option on the right side of the program, click it to pop up a new interface directly, select “M4A” under “Audio” tab as the final output format. As you can see, there are many other formats available. You are also able to convert MP3 to WAV, AAC, etc.

how to change .mp3 to .m4a

Step3: Start Converting MP3 to M4A Format

After format selection done, click “File” icon at the bottom of the program to select the final output destination of the M4A file. And then click “Run” to start the whole conversion.

Tips: Free HD Video Converter Factory can reduce your audio file size, convert audio to many other formats and devices, make ringtone, etc. 

Method 2 – Converting MP3 File to M4A with Online Converter

mp3 to m4a converter onlinemp3 to m4a converter online

You can search and find a lot of online converters which support to convert MP3 files to M4A. Here recommend 2 online converters for you:

The below will show you the specific operation steps of

Step1: Visit

Step2: Click “PC” icon to import .mp3 from your local hard drive. You are also allowed to add MP3 file by clicking “Link” icon or another 2 icons.

Step3: After done, click “Convert” option, your MP3 file will start uploading and converting automatically. When the conversion work finishes, click “DOWNLOAD” in green to download the converted M4A file to your hard drive.

Don’t click any pop-ups and advertisements online. If your file costed a long time to upload which means your file may be too large or the network connection is too slow. In addition, the maximum limitation of uploading file size is 100MB. To convert files through desktop program is better if your file exceeded the upload limit.

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Quickly Convert Audio & Video in Batches

best audio and video converter

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Want to batch convert video and audio files with fast speed? HD Video Converter Factory Pro can easily help you! It is able to convert video & audio with QSV or CUDA hardware acceleration and convert video & audio files to 500 + formats and devices!

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