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How to Convert WAV Files to M4A with 2 Solutions
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WAV to M4A – How to Convert WAV to M4A for Better Compatible with Apple Devices

Author by Hales

Updated on Apr 24, 2020

The WAV is a universal CD-quality audio format, and can be widely supported by most devices. In general, many Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, can play WAV files, but there are some users who complain that some WAV files won’t play due to unknown causes. So this article will give those people a perfect solution - convert WAV to M4A. Please free download the WAV to M4A format converter in advance.

Why Can't WAV Files Play on Apple Devices?

As we all know, WAV is the standard raw audio format used for CD audio. And Uncompressed WAV files are very large and will occupy a lot of hard disk space. Although most Apple devices support lossless WAV playback, sometimes a few people still respond that they fail to play it. Meanwhile, it is obviously inconvenient to transfer such a large WAV file to Apple mobile device. In that case, in order to play WAV files on Apple devices properly, it is necessary to convert WAV files to the M4A file format so that it will solve all the above problems perfectly. Here's how to turn WAV into lossy AAC M4A or lossless ALAC M4A with a few simple steps.

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Method (1) - How Can We Convert WAV to M4A with a Simple Way

Add WAV Files

Before start, please free download and install HD Video Converter Factory Pro on PC.

Step 1. Add WAV Files into Program

First, you should launch the software. You can click “Add Files” button to add some WAV files or drag WAV files onto the interface. All WAV files will be listed in the workplace. Then you can go to the next step.

WAV to AAC (M4A)


Step 2. Choose the Output Format

Directly click on the “Output Format” option in the upper right corner of the page, and select the “Audio” option in “Format” of the new column to find the M4A audio format. In addition, you can also convert WAV to FLAC, WAV to WMA, etc. At this point, you can figure out that if you want to convert WAV to lossy M4A, you can choose the M4A (AAC codec) format under the Audio tab. On the contrary, if you want to switch to lossless M4A, then choose the ALAC format under the Audio tab.
M4A lossy format contains the AAC encoder, so after converting, the audio quality is lost. And ALAC (M4A) is also the audio encoding format developed by Apple for digital music lossless data compression, so the M4A audio file will almost maintain the original audio quality.

Save the M4A Files

Step 3. Select the Output Folder to Save M4A Files

Set the output folder to save the audio files by clicking the yellow folder icon at the bottom of the software. Then click the "Run" button in the lower right corner of the page to start your WAV to M4A format conversion process. Finally, you can find the M4A file you need in the output file address you set. At this point, the current M4A file can be played directly on your iPhone.

Method (2) - How to Convert WAV to Apple Lossless or AAC in iTunes

Import the WAV FilesImport the WAV Files

If you have iTunes installed on your PC, it can be used as a WAV file to M4A converter.

Step 1. Add WAV Files: click “File” on the menu bar and select “Add File to Library” to import your WAV files, and the file you added will appear in iTunes.

Go to the Import SettingGo to the Import Setting

Step 2. Click Edit on the menu bar, select Preferences, and click the “Import Settings” button, then select the format you want to convert in the drop-down list of “Import Using”. If you want a lossy M4A format, choose AAC Encoder, and if you want a lossless M4A format, choose Apple Lossless Encoder

Go Back to the InterfaceGo Back to the Interface

Step 3. After setting the previous step, click the Advanced tab to customize the output directory and click OK to return to the main interface.

Finish the ProcessFinish the Process

Step 4. After completing the above steps, hold “Ctrl” button and select the WAV tracks you want to convert. Then click the menu bar File to choose “Convert”, select Create Apple Lossless Version to start convert WAV to ALAC (M4A). Finally, you’ve got a way to convert WAV to M4A free successfully.

At last

As long as you have got the above two methods, you can play the converted M4A files on Apple devices with ease. Of course, with the advent of MP3 file, many people are willing to convert WAV files into MP3 format. So I hope that you will be enjoyable to obtain a free WAV to M4A converter for real.

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