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3 Effective and Easy Solutions to Convert Stereo to Mono

Author by Sue

Updated on May 25, 2021

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to help her to transfer a stereo audio file to mono. Though mono audio is not as popular as stereo audio, there are still many people having the same puzzle for some reasons as my friend. So today in this article, I will offer you 3 effective and easy solutions on stereo to mono conversion. Before start, I recommend you to install this powerful stereo audio to mono converter on your PC.

Why Convert a Stereo Track to Mono?

Nowadays, most of the audio files we downloaded from internet are stereo, which is more vivid and fetching with better audio quality. Though mono has been replaced by stereo, there are still a great number of people who are in need of converting stereo files to mono for various purposes. For examples:

Q1: I have a lot of songs with different parts of a song in the left and right. In headphones, I lose half the song. This is particularly when I need to keep one ear free and cannot use both headphones. How do I change a stereo track to mono? Is there any way to change them to mono without making the quality deteriorated?

Q2: I have a Gemmy lightshow outside for Christmas entertaining and the lights don't work right with stereo songs on my MP3s. How do I switch them to mono? Is there a setting on my computer to do it? I'm using Windows 8.1 with Windows Media Player for the library.

If you have encountered these aforementioned troubles, there are 3 solutions offered for you to solve the issue of how to change stereo to mono without hassles. Just keep reading.

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[Recommended] Method 1 - The Best Stereo to Mono Converter for Desktop

For those who want to save stereo music as mono, the best choice is to download and install this amazing and powerful software - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC. Besides stereo mono conversion, it can also help you to extract audio files from any video and convert these audio files to MP3, AC3, AAC and other audio formats at your will. Now, follow the guide to learn how to change stereo audio to mono.

Free Download Free Download

Specific guide on Converting Stereo to Mono

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Add stereo files into the converter

Step 1: Import Stereo Audio Files into the Stereo to Mono Converter

First of all, open the recommended converter on your PC, pick Converter icon and click Add Files button to import stereo tracks into the workplace. This software also allows you to download music by clicking Downloader icon and convert it to mono music at ease.

How to convert 2 channels stereo to 1 channel mono

Step 2: Converting Stereo to 1 Channel Mono

You can choose your desired output audio formats by pressing Output Format. After that, click Settings button to go to the Settings window and choose “1 Channel Mono” at the right of “Channels” option. Then, don’t forget to hit OK button to save your settings.

Before hitting OK button, you can adjust audio bit rate and change audio sample rate on the Settings window.

At ease to convert stereo audio to mono

Step 3: Hit “Run” Button to Convert Stereo to Mono

After the converter goes back to the main interface automatically, you can specify output path by clicking the yellow folder icon at the bottom. Then, click the blue Run button to begin the stereo mono conversion.

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Method 2 – How to Convert Stereo to Mono with Audacity

Audacity for stereo audio to mono audio conversionAudacity for stereo audio to mono audio conversion

Audacity is a popular and free multiple-platform audio editor, which can also be used to switch stereo tracks to mono. Specific operation guide is as follows:

Step 1: Open the stereo to mono converter – Audacity. Click “File” and then click “Open” on the drop-down menu to import a stereo audio file into Audacity

Step 2:  Click the drop-down menu on the left side of the tracks (see the picture). And choose “Split Stereo to Mono”.

Step 3: At last, click “File” on the upper left corner and choose Export > Audio to save the converted mono audio on your PC.

Method 3 - How to Convert Stereo to Mono Online

Using an online converter to split mono from stereoUsing an online converter to split mono from stereo

Beyond the two options mentioned above, if you don’t like to install any software on your PC, you can choose a stereo to mono converter online. Here I recommend you a useful and reliable online converter -

Specific guide on converting stereo track to mono with

1.Visit and click Choose Files to import a stereo audio file into the stereo to mono converter online.

2. Once the file is uploaded, choose “mono” on the “Change audio channels” panel.

3.Then, click “Start conversion” button and download the converted audio file to your computer.

Why WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is Recommended for Stereo Mono Conversion?

Compared with the features of Audacity and the stereo to mono converter online, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is much easier to handle with concise interface. Beyond that, it is more effective with batch conversion function. No ads and pop-ups makes this software totally clean and reliable. Just give it a try!

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Stereo VS Mono

Stereo (Stereophonic sound) uses two or more independent audio channels through a configuration of two or more loudspeakers to create an illusion of multi-directional audible perspective. To record stereo videos, professional technology and devices are required. Stereo audio is widely adopted in Movies, Television, Music players, FM radio stations, etc.

Mono (also known as Monaural or monophonic sound reproduction) has audio in a single channel and only one loudspeaker is needed. With basic recording equipment, mono audio files can be recorded. Mono audio is commonly used in public address system, radio talk shows, hearing aid, telephone and mobile communication, some AM radio stations and so forth.

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WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

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2. Extract audio files from ISO image and DVD Folder.

3. Copy DVD to ISO image and DVD Folder with 1:1 video quality.

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