DO NOT make a futile effort to look for a nonexistent MEPJ to MP4 converter. If you have no idea how to open, edit, and convert MEPJ files, this step-by-step guide will show you the only workable way to export MEPJ files to MP4.

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Comprehensive Guide to Converting MEPJ to MP4:

What is an MEPJ File?

An MEPJ file, stands for Movavi Editor ProJect, is a proprietary video project file introduced by Movavi Video Editor from version 23.2.0 onwards. This type of file is not a typical video file that you can play on your media player.

Some key facts about MEPJ files:

  • Introduced as a successor to older MEPX/MEPB and MEP project file formats
  • Designed to allow for quicker project opening and saving
  • Can only be opened, edited, and converted in Movavi Video Editor v23.2.0 and later
  • Does not contain any actual video, or audio data
  • Only stores references to imported media files
  • Moving/deleting imported assets will break project file

So in summary - an MEPJ file lets you save and reopen a Movavi editing project, but it is not a video file itself and cannot be played directly.

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How to Export and Convert MEPJ File to MP4?

The crux of the matter is, you can't convert an MEPJ file to MP4 directly using any online or desktop file converters. Without the contents, there's nothing to convert, which is why all the 3rd-party conversion tools draw a blank.

So, what's the solution? The ONLY way to convert your MEPJ file to MP4 is by exporting it using Movavi Video Editor itself. This process is what we'll dive into next.

Step 1. Open the MEPJ File in Movavi Video Editor

Launch Movavi Video Editor, click "File" > "Open project" or select the recent project to open your MEPJ file.

Note. Make sure you're using Movavi Video Editor v23.2.0 and later. If you move an imported asset in an MEPJ file, it will no longer be accessible for your project due to the change in the file path. You can fix this by moving the asset back to its original location.

Open MEPJ File in Movavi Video Editor

Step 2. Restore Last Editing State

Movavi Video Editor will load and restore the last state you were editing with all your arranged media, elements, edits, visual effects, transitions, titles, etc. based on the instructions and references of the MEPJ file.

Now you can go ahead with the unfinished editing work, or simply click the "Export" menu > "Export video" to proceed. Alternatively, hit the "Export" button beneath the preview window.

Load MEPJ File and Restore Last Editing State

Step 3. Select MP4 as Output Format

In the "Export" dialog box, choose "MP4" as the export format from the video format list. Then rename your video and choose where you want to save the exported MP4 file on your computer.

If required, click on "Advanced" button to personalize your MP4 export settings, such as changing video codec, resolution, frame rate, VBR or CBR mode, etc.

Choose MP4 as Output Format

Step 4. Export MEPJ Project to MP4

When everything is ready, hit the "Start" button to begin rendering your MEPJ project into an MP4 video file. The conversion speed will depend on your computer system and the length/complexity of your project.

Once complete, you will have a standard MP4 video file version of your MEPJ project that you can freely use outside of Movavi Video Editor!

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Export and Convert MEPJ to MP4

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FAQs About MEPJ to MP4 Conversion

Q1: What are the differences about MEPJ, MEPX, MEPB, and MEP file?

A: All of them are project file formats used in different versions of Movavi Video Editor.

  • MEP file is created by Movavi Video Editor version 10 and earlier
  • MEPB/MEPX file replaced MEP file with the release of version 11 of Movavi Video Editor (MEPX file is created by the Plus version)
  • MEPJ file replaced MEPB/MEPX file starting with Movavi Video Editor version 23.2.0. And your old projects also open with no problems.

Q2: Can I convert MEPJ to MP4 using an online converter?

A: No, you can't. MEPJ is a project file that doesn't contain the actual video, audio, or images, etc, so it can't be converted using any of the third-party file converters. Keep away from those alleged MEPJ to MP4 converter, Movavi Video Editor is the only solution.

Q3: When I open an MEPJ file in Movavi Video Editor, it says "Some files cannot be opened", why?

A: If you move or delete any assets that have been imported into an MEPJ file, the project will no longer be able to locate them, resulting in missing media. Move the asset back to its original location to fix the issue. Therefore, you're recommended to open the MEPJ file and export MP4 on the same computer originally used to create the project. This ensures the media file references are still valid.

Q4: Does the exported MP4 include edits, transitions, text?

A: Yes! The MP4 will contain the fully edited and finalized video, exactly as visible when playing the MEPJ project file in the Movavi timeline.

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Final Words

Converting your Movavi Video Editor project files from MEPJ to the standard MP4 format is a straightforward process using the software's built-in export capabilities.

Simply open the desired MEPJ file, choose the MP4 export preset, configure encoding settings as needed, select an output destination, and convert!

You'll then have a playable MP4 video containing your finished edits, transitions, titles, and effects - ready to share outside of the Movavi app.

Following the steps in this guide, you can easily export high-quality MP4 files from your important MEPJ video project archives.

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