Superficially, a video file ended up with .mxv extension is always misread as the acquainted MKV file. However, quite a lot of people have run into MXV playback or editing issue, that is, this file type cannot be recognized or opened in most frequently-used applications. No worries, I'll guide you through a credible procedure to convert MXV to MP4 for free use. Read on!

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Quick Navigation: How to Convert MXV File to MP4 Properly?

MXV Is Exclusive to MAGIX Software Family

MXV is a proprietary video format developed by MAGIX, which contains video data in format ONLY used by MAGIX software family. That's why it doesn't work with other brands of non-linear video editors, and won't play in any media player such as VLC, MPC-HC, iTunes, PotPlayer etc.

Unlike MAGIX Video Project MVP File, MXV stands for rendered MAGIX video, but I haven't found more detailed description or introduction about this file type. Based on personal explanation of some senior and veteran members on MAGIX official forum, MXV is recommended for file transfer within MAGIX programs and best used as an edit-friendly intermediary that will ensure best quality for further editing.

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How to Convert MXV File to MP4 with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro?

As mentioned above, MXV is a native video format so that most MAGIX programs can import MXV file, such as Video Pro X, Music Maker, Photo Manager Deluxe, Movie Edit Pro, etc. But it doesn't mean they all have the ability to export MP4 format, you can also give it a shot using other MAGIX applications. For purpose of demonstration, I have MAGIX Movie Edit Pro installed on my computer. Next, I'll illustrate how to convert MXV to MP4 in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

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Step 1 - Import MXV File to MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

Launch MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, you're prompted to create a new project or load an existing project. Click on "File" on the top menu bar and select "Open", or press the hotkey "Ctrl + O" on your keyboard. On the pop-up dialog box, go to the folder where saves the MXV ranges or scenes and import them to MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. If it won't display MXV files, select "Videos and image files" in the drop-down list as shown in the screenshot below.

MXV File Converter

Step 2 - Export Video as MPEG-4

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro will import MXV videos to the timeline, you're allowed to continue your editing work like color correction, visual effects, transitions, titles, music, narration, etc., or click "File" > "Export movie" > "Video as MPEG-4" to export your final work. You're also able to export MXV to AVI, MPEG, WMV, sequence of frames, HEVC as well as MP3 and WAV audio formats.

MXV to MP4 Converter

Step 3 - Convert MXV to MP4

On the pop-up "MPEG-4 export" window, mark "Display all" to show a full list of presets for your choice. You can also modify the export settings as you wish, and access more parameters like video bitrates by pressing "Advanced" button. Don't forget to rename your final video file and specify a destination to save it. Lastly, hit "OK" to convert and export MXV to MP4. When the process is complete, it's pretty easy to play, upload and share the MP4 video for free use.

MXV Container to MP4

Video Tutorial - How to Convert MXV File to MP4 Format?

Final Words...

To sum up, MXV is primarily designed to generate intermediate files with the maximum quality preserved to be used in a long project that will not require correction, just editing like trimming and transitions. Hope this post would disabuse you of confusion when you get stumped by MXV video playback. If there is still any problem, you'd be best advised to request help from MAGIX Official Support or submit your query on MAGIX Forum. Thanks for reading!

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