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VPROJ to MP4 – How to Open and Convert VPROJ File to MP4
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VPROJ to MP4 – How to Open and Convert VPROJ File to MP4

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Feb 28, 2023

I created a video using VSDC Free Video Editor. The output file is a .vproj format. But I failed to upload my video to YouTube because VPROJ is not supported by YouTube, so I want to know how can I convert VPROJ to MP4 or other video formats? For solving this trouble, let’s see what VPROJ files are and how to effectively convert VPROJ file to MP4 or other video formats.

Failed to Play VPROJ File? Here is the Reason!

VSDC for Converting VPROJ to MP4VSDC for Converting VPROJ to MP4

Q: I spent several hours working on uploading a series of videos in VPROJ format to YouTube but failed. How do you convert a VPROJ file to an acceptable YouTube file?

Q: Need help to convert my video which is a .vproj to .mp4 or any other common video format since it cannot be recognized by all my media players.

Have you encountered the above problems about VPROJ file? Actually, VPROJ file is not a real video file, but rather a proprietary project file created by VSDC Free Video Editor. Therefore, there is no third-party tools can “convert” such a project file. Those so-called VPROJ converter and convert VPROJ file to mp4 online are exaggerated, misleading, and false. Keep reading, we will explain what VPROJ files are and recommend software that we know can open and convert your VPROJ files.

Real and Effective Solution to Convert VPROJ to MP4

A .vproj file is a project file created by VSDC Free Video Editor. In fact, converting VPROJ files is very simple because VSDC Free Video Editor itself can solve the issue easily. If you have this free video editing software installed on your computer, it will automatically associate VPROJ project file. Then, let’s go to how to convert VPROJ to MP4:

Import VPROJ Video into VSDC Free Video EditorImport VPROJ Video into VSDC Free Video Editor

Step 1. Before converting VPROJ to MP4, you need to download and install VSDC Free Video Editor:

Step 2. After installation you will find that the icon for the VPROJ file is already consistent with the VSDC Free Video Editor's icon.

Step 3. Run VSDC Free Video Editor, and then click Open Project on the menu bar to import the VPROJ file, or double-click the VPROJ file to open it.

You can continue to edit your video after importing VPROJ video, such as merging several files into one, deleting any video fragment, or splitting a file into parts. But if the VPROJ file is shared by others or downloaded from the Internet, then the file will be failed to import because path is wrong or the necessary material file is missing.

Steps for Converting VPROJSteps for Converting VPROJ

Step 4. Open the “Export project” tab on the ribbon command bar to choose one of the available formats and configure necessary parameters.

Here we click the Export project tab and then select Web, next click To MP4.

After you have chosen a video format, you need to indicate the path to the resulting video on your computer and choose a profile which sets the quality of resulting video. Click the arrow next to the Profile field and select one of the available profiles from the drop-down list.

Finish VPROJ to MP4 ConversionFinish VPROJ to MP4 Conversion

Step 5. Finally, click the Conversion tab to convert VPROJ file to MP4.

Once the VPROJ to MP4 conversion is completed, you can find your MP4 video in the output directory. Similarly, you can also convert VPROJ to AVI, convert VPROJ to WMV and other formats or devices you like. You are also able to click on the Tool tab and use the built-in YouTube uploader to directly upload video to YouTube.

So, it is really easy to get “how to convert VPROJ file to MP4”, right?

How to Convert Other Project Files like WLMP, ARF, TREC…

The whole VPROJ to MP4 conversion process is finished, do you get it? Next, let’s know more project files you may be interested in. Similarly, some people create a video using Windows Live Movie Maker. The output file is in a .wlmp format. WLMP files are movie project files instead of actually valid videos, that’s why you cannot use media player to play them just like VPROJ. For more resource, you can click “How to Convert WLMP to MP4, AVI, MOV and Other Formats Easily?”

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