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How to Convert VSP to MP4 with Corel VideoStudio
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The Only VSP Converter - How to Convert VSP to MP4 with Corel VideoStudio

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Feb 19, 2021

The VSP file is a visual storage file created by Corel VideoStudio. But VSP files cannot be played on any computer video player, nor can they be transferred to an iPod, mobile phone or any other video player. Fortunately, Corel will include the ability to convert VSP to MP4, so you can easily transfer and view video files. Follow this article to know more details.

VSP File is Not a Real Video File

Recently, we received a. VSP file from a user who wanted to know why he couldn't import the VSP file into video converter so that he couldn't convert VSP to MP4. I believe there are many people who may have the same question or are still struggling to find a solution. Actually, VSP file is just the exclusive project file of the video editing tool called Corel VideoStudio, including references to source video, audio and image files, transitions and other settings. That means VSP video is not a real video file, so no third-party tool can convert VSP file to MP4. With that in mind, here is the most direct and effective solution.

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How to Convert VSP to MP4 with the Right VSP Converter

Don't waste time trying to convert VSP to MP4 online. Corel VideoStudio is the only VSP to MP4 Converter. You just need to import the VSP project file into Corel VideoStudio and render it as a video file. Here are the detailed steps:

How to Convert VSP File to MP4How to Convert VSP File to MP4

Step 1. In order to convert VSP to MP4, first of all, run Corel VideoStudio, click File > Open Project in the top left corner, or press Ctrl + O to import your VSP File. Of course, it is available to simply drag and drop the video from the VideoStudio library or your computer browser on to the timeline.

Step 2. Corel VideoStudio will load all source files, conversion effects, and other settings. At this point, you can start editing the video, add music and transitions, etc. or you can proceed directly to the next step.

Note: if your VSP file is from the network or someone else, the following steps are not available because the source file path has been lost or changed.

Step 3. Click on the top Share tab and select MPEG-4, or you can choose other formats or devices.

Step 4. In the profile drop-down, select the desired properties, customize the file name, and file location.

Step 5. Finally, click Start to start the .vsp to .mp4 conversion, this will render your video to the desired file format of your choice and you will find your MP4 file in the output directory.

At last...

That's how to convert VSP to MP4. It is worth reminding you that Corel VideoStudio is the only VSP file converter, do not believe the so-called VSP to MPEG Online Converter. If you have any questions about converting VSP files to MP4, please feel free to contact us. In addition, if this article does help you, please share it with more people in need.

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How to Convert Your Videos to Other Formats

How to Convert Your Videos to Other Formats

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