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How to Convert PRPROJ to MP4 with Adobe Premiere Pro
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How to Convert PRPROJ to MP4 with Adobe Premiere Pro

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Feb 28 2023

If you've ever tried to convert .prproj to MP4 online, you will find that almost all online conversion sites pop up such a message box "Unfortunately we do not currently support conversion of the .prproj files." So, what should I do to convert PRPROJ to MP4? This article will provide you with the easiest way to convert PRPROJ files with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Q1: I have a .prproj file I need to convert to a file that is suitable for YouTube. I have Premiere Pro CC on PC, can someone please tell me how to convert the file?

Q2: I've developed a video on Premiere Pro and saved it to a DVD, no problem. But I want to upload this video onto a website that doesn't support the .prproj file, so how do I convert it to something more like a .mp4 file or similar? Thanks.

A: In order to convert PRPROJ to MP4 or other video formats, let's first look at what the .prproj file is. PRPROJ file is a video project file created by Adobe Premiere Pro, and it contains the timeline with audio and video tracks, transitions, text content, special effects, and project media references. It can be exported to HD video and multiple video file formats.

Next, this article will share the simplest way to convert the PRPROJ to MP4 using Adobe Premiere Pro itself.

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How to Convert .prproj to MP4 with Adobe Premiere Pro

Load PRPROJ File to the PRPROJ to MP4 ConverterLoad PRPROJ File to the PRPROJ to MP4 Converter

Step 1: Preparation for Converting PRPROJ to MP4

If you have already downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro and installed it on your computer, you can proceed to the appropriate conversion process of PRPROJ to MP4. Double-click PRPROJ file to open it in Adobe Premiere Pro or click “Open Project” under “File” menu.

Tips: You can edit your video by dragging it to the timeline after loading.

How to Convert PRPROJ to MP4 Using Adobe ConverterHow to Convert PRPROJ to MP4 Using Adobe Converter

Step 2: Choose MP4 as Output Format

Once you've finished editing, you can convert PRPROJ to MP4 now. Firstly, go to “File” menu and then click “Export”. Next, select “Media” and an Output window will pop up, you just need to select “H264” in the list.

Tips: In addition to change video formats, you can also change other settings in this window, such as change frame rate for different visual effects.

Start to Export PRRROJ File to MP4Start to Export PRRROJ File to MP4

Step 3: Start to Export PRPROJ to MP4

After all the settings have been set, click the “Export” button to complete the conversion. By the way, if you want to export PRPROJ to AVI, 3GP or other video formats, it will be achieved too.

That’s the whole process for converting PRPROJ to MP4, do you get it? Adobe has a range of products, correspondingly, Adobe users may encounter varied problems. For the questions of “Convert AEP to MP4 with Adobe After Effects” and “AEGP Plugin AEDynamaicLinkServer”, we've also provided solutions, and you can check it on your own.

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