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Troubleshooting Tips on How to Upload Videos to Facebook Faster

Author by Helen

Updated on Feb 16, 2023

Refer to the issue that “Facebook video upload slow”, you can find the potential factors contributing to it. As it should be, the related solutions on how to upload Facebook videos faster are also suggested with simple words. Read and find the fastest way to upload video to Facebook here.

Facing the Slow Facebook Video Upload Issue? Let’s Fix it!

Q: I have a 4 min 53 sec video that I am trying to upload to Facebook and so far it's taken me 30 min. and it's still not loaded. How long does it take to upload a video to Facebook?

Q: My son is trying to put his video on Facebook. He's using my computer, which is new, and with good quality. It uploads things fast normally, but it says that this video is going to take a total of 5 hrs. Is this normal? How to upload videos to Facebook faster? Thanks.

Indeed, Facebook video upload slow is annoying and the above situations are common among many Facebook users. So, how to upload videos to Facebook faster? This tutorial will analyze the possible reasons that lead to the Facebook video taking a while to post and provides the practical solutions to speed up Facebook video upload.

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Why Does It Take So Long to Upload a Video to Facebook and How to Upload Videos to Facebook Faster?

1. Inappropriate Video Specs for Facebook Uploading

The videos you upload do not fit Facebook video specs can also lead to the “uploading video to Facebook takes forever” problem. And here are the suitable Facebook video upload specs, make sure you are following them tightly to help you deal with how to upload videos to Facebook faster.

The Suitable Video Specs for Facebook UploadThe Suitable Video Specs for Facebook Upload

The Video Ratio: 16:9

Recommend video formats: MP4. Facebook accepts more digital video formats and read here to get the supported video formats for Facebook video uploading.

Recommend video codec: H264

Recommend audio codec: Stereo AAC audio compression with 128kbps and more

Resolution: 1080P or less

Video File Size: 10 GB Max

Video Length: 240 Minutes Max

Tips: Since Facebook recommend you to upload H.264 video with AAC audio in MOV or MP4 format and you can convert your videos to MP4 or change videos to MOV format for faster Facebook video upload.

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2. Go Beyond Facebook Video Upload Limit

Avoid Facebook Videos Upload LimitAvoid Facebook Videos Upload Limit

Certainly, there are limits on Facebook video uploading. Just as the Facebook upload video specs I mentioned above, you can upload videos in 10GB at max and video duration cannot be more than 240 minutes. So if you want to upload a full HD video that is longer than 240 minutes or larger than 10GB and you do not want to deteriorate the video quality, a lossless video compressor for Facebook can save you. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can reduce video file size while maintaining the luxuriant sound and picture quality. Without exaggeration, this tool can even compress 4k videos at the highest quality.

Moreover, there’s another way that can be helpful. You can get smaller videos via cut off the unwanted parts, such as trim MP4.

And you can obtain more free online video compressors and online video cutters here>>

3. Heavy Browser Cache or the Browser is Stuck

Clear Browser Data for Facebook Video Fast UploadClear Browser Data for Facebook Video Fast Upload

You can clear the redundant browser history data and then you can fast upload video to Facebook easier. Additionally, when uploading to Facebook, staying at the current page and not jumping up to other pages for other activities. Since the browser will be stuck when computer is dealing with so many tasks that take much of the CPU.

In this case, clear the unnecessary browser data can be helpful to deal with how to upload videos to Facebook faster problem.

4. Extra Programs Are Sharing the Bandwidth

When you are uploading videos to Facebook, you’d better turn off the programs that will take up your bandwidth streaming speed, for example, live streaming, downloading, online games, etc. If you are doing so, turn them off to upload Facebook videos faster.

5. Upload Videos to Facebook at Peak Usage Times

Avoid the Peak Time When Uploading Videos to FacebookAvoid the Peak Time When Uploading Videos to Facebook

If you are uploading Facebook videos at the peak hours, you have a greater possibility to meet the Facebook upload slow issue without doubt. So you need to avoid the rush time of video uploading at Facebook.

According to, the best time to post on Facebook is 1–4 p.m. late in the week and on weekends. Specifically, 12 - 1 p.m. is prime time on Saturday and Sunday. During the week, the same goes for Wednesday at 3 p.m., as well as Thursday and Friday between 1-4 p.m. The worst times are weekends before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m.

It would be wise to avoid the mentioned periods to upload Facebook videos faster.

6. Bad Internet Connection

Upload Facebook Videos with Slow InternetUpload Facebook Videos with Slow Internet

The slow network will greatly influence the Facebook video upload speed. If so, you need to upgrade your Internet service or switch ISPs. Some internet service providers may set limits on the video streaming and this will greatly slow down the upload speed. Besides, upload video with a high-speed LAN cable would be great.

Read up to here, I believe you have figure out why Facebook video upload stuck and get the right solutions to help you deal with how to upload videos to Facebook faster. If you get rid of this nettlesome Facebook upload problem, you can share this tip with more friends.

Of course, with the recommended Facebook video uploader, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, to change the videos to Facebook acceptable video formats, video file size and duration, you can surely upload the videos in HD quality to Facebook at a faster speed.

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