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Top 6 Free Online Video Cutters 2024: Cut Local and Online Videos Handily

Author by Helen

Updated on Jan 22, 2024

Want to find a reliable online video cutter to cut video online?
Users looking for online services to cut videos online are mainly for the no-downloading experience. This review is going to show you six remarkable free online video cutters with their main features and demonstrate how to utilize them.
By the way, a free desktop video cutter is provided here to cut videos without any limitations and no watermark. Download and give it a try now!

Speaking of video cutting, many professional yet costly video editors may come to your mind, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Cyberlink PowerDirector, Final Cut Pro, etc. And they often own a dizzy interface and the complicated video editing steps hinder you from cutting videos in a simple and timely manner. Most users don't even know where to start off using these sophisticated video editors. Actually, to cut or trim fragments from videos and movies could be much easier with an appropriate tool. Even you can cut video clips without installing any program since there are many free online video cutters that can satisfy your requirements effortlessly. Here I sort out the top 6 best free online video cutters, along with the specific steps on how to cut video online.

How to Cut Video Online via the 5 Best Free Online Video Cutters

1. Online Video Cutter

A versatile toolkit that can cut video online without hassle. As one of the best free online video cutters, is capable of splitting videos in a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, it can serve as a video converter, joiner, recorder and more. And you can find the related functions on the menu bar.

How to Trim a Video OnlineHow to Trim a Video Online

How to use:

1: On [], hit the "Choose file" button to import an video.

2: Drag the slider to decide the part of the video to keep or input the exact start and end time.

3: Set the output video quality as you need.

4: Click the "Save" icon to deal with how to cut video online.

5: Download the video to PC after cutting, or save it to online storage services.

Tips: According to the official site, if you fail to upload some video files for cutting, the target files might be broken so you need to repair the MP4, AVI, MKV files, etc.

Pros: It's free to use and you do not need to be logged in. Compatible with most browsers and no input file format limit. Moreover, the server will delete the videos in a few hours.

Cons: Requires Adobe Flash Player for normal use. And there's file size limit: up to 500 MB are supported. Besides, limited output formats: MP4, FLV, AVI, MPG and 3GP.

2. YouTube Video Manager

A fabulous YouTube video cutter that can trim and cut YouTube videos at one go. Since many of you would like to upload videos to YouTube, you can directly cut your videos on YouTube video manager.

YouTube Video Cutter OnlineYouTube Video Cutter Online

How to use:

1: Head to [] and find the target videos you want to cut.

2: Choose "Enhancements" and click the "Trim" button to preserve the needed part and then hit "Done".

3: And do not forget to press the "Save" button to save video in-place.

4: After done, you can choose to "Download MP4".

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Pros: Easy to handle the video trimming. Besides trimming, you can take it to rotate video, add effects, speed up the videos, etc. YouTube accepts videos up to 128GB, which means you can cut such large videos easily.

Cons: Required Google account login and it's exclusive to the videos you upload to your YouTube account.

3. Aconvert Video Cutter Online

Has been deemed as one of the best video cutter online free tools, Aconvert video cutter allows you to upload local videos and paste video URL for cutting. It has a clear and friendly user interface and the detailed video trimming steps are shown in the later part of the official page. Apart from cutting, you can convert, merge, rotate or crop video online with this site.

Cut Video Clips OnlineCut Video Clips Online

How to Use:

1: Go to [] to import a local or online video.

2: Set the video Start position and Duration.

3: Press the "Submit" button.

4: When finished, choose to download the final videos to local disk or save them to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Tips: If you want to stream the video to your phone, just scan the QR Code that this video splitter online service provides.

Pros: accepts local videos and URL videos for splitting and is able to cut the selected video without decoding, encoding or converting. More supported input video formats: MP4, AVI, FLV, MPG, MKV, WMV, M2TS, WEBM, ASF, MOV, M4V, RM, VOB and OGV. What's more, the final video will be deleted from the server automatically in an hour.

Cons: Video file size can be up to 200MB only. Sometimes, the server might fail to recognize the pasted URL.

4. Wincreator Video Cutter

Compared with other similar free online video cutters, can perform at a relatively fast speed yet its acceptable video file size is far less than others. So if you are going to cut some small clips, this site can be a great choice.

Video Clipper Online ServiceVideo Clipper Online Service

How to use:

1: Visit [] to upload videos to the server.

2: Mark the video starting point and end point.

3: Press "I'm done, create!" to cut video online.

4: Download and enjoy the final output file when the process is done.

Pros: Easy to handle and new users can master the clip steps the first time they use it. You can preview the videos while trimming.

Cons: Merely accepts video file size up to 50MB. And there are limited supported input video formats: WMV, MP4, MPG, etc.

5. Video Toolbox

A highly praised site allowing users to cut video online free. Just as its name implies, this online service offers many useful features like add subtitles, extract subtitles, add watermark, join videos and so forth. But it’s a pity that it does not support and convert H265 videos for now.

Video Splitter Online ToolVideo Splitter Online Tool

How to Use:

1: Register an account at [] then choose the "File Manager" on the left.

2: Upload the target videos. Here you need to hold on a while and the upload time is based on the network speed and the video file size.

3: Check your videos then choose "Cut/Split file" on the "Select action" part. Now you are able to cut the videos by moving the duration slider or specifying the start time and end time.

4: Select "Cut the slice (same format)" or "Convert the slice" at will.

Tips: The total file size for standard subscription plan is 1500 MB a month. And the server will automatically delete the upload files older than 1 month and the output files older than 24 hours.

Pros: Able to input videos up to 1500 MB in the FILE MANAGER. Functions at a relatively fast speed. It will show you the detailed video parameters like codec, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, etc.

Cons: Registration needed and there are advertisements everywhere. Moreover, it will add a text watermark to your video file.


An online video cutter can easily chop off the start or end of the video or cut a clip from the middle of the video. EZGIF.COM allows you to import MP4, WebM, AVI, FLV, MOV, and other video files to cut and do other edits, like rotating, reversing, cropping, merging, resizing videos, etc.

Video Clipper Online ServiceVideo Clipper Online Service

How to use:

1: Visit [] and upload videos from your device or the URL.

2. Select the start and end times.

3. Press “Cut Video!” and wait for the cutting process

4. Click “Save” to download the video or continue editing with the provided tools.

Pros: It's easy to get started and provides a simple video cutting process. Able to cut the video from the URL. Offers many other video editing features.

Cons: Your uploaded file size is limited to 100 MB. The uploading and cutting processes can take some time.

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How to Trim a Video with the Best Free & Simple Desktop Video Cutter

There are many inherent flaws of the free online video cutters, like all the services are affected by internet connection greatly and there are ads and pop-ups or slow uploading and cutting speed, watermark embedded to videos, etc. And what if there's a free tool that gets rid of all the above defects and makes it effortless and fast to cut your videos, what would you do? Just go ahead and take it. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is exactly the right tool to trim or split the videos at one go. Besides, after continuous technical updates, the latest version of the Free HD Video Converter Factory accelerates three times the cutting speed. Now, let's enjoy the fun of cutting video rapidly.

The Best Video Cutter for PCThe Best Video Cutter for PC

1. Free downloadFree download and install it on your computer.

2. Open the Converter interface and import the target videos via the "Add Files" button or a drag-and-drop.

3. Click the scissors-shaped icon to move up to the video cutting window. Here you can cut the video by dragging the slider or customize the specific start time and end time. Then click the green Trim button to create a video clip and press OK to save the change.

4. Choose the output format based on your needs by clicking the "Click to change output format" area.

5. Press the Run button to start the process of splitting the video and removing the unwanted parts. Or you can get the specific video cutting process on how to trim MP4 videos>>

All the mentioned toolkits are free to use and with this review, you can easily figure out how to cut video online and offline.

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