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Resolved – 5 Simple Yet Practical Methods on How to Upload YouTube Videos Faster

Author by Helen

Updated on Oct 13, 2023

How to make YouTube videos upload faster? I believe this issue has been bothering quite a lot of YouTubers. And this article will offer 5 easy-handle approaches to solve how to upload YouTube videos faster. Keep reading and get the answer.
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YouTube Takes Forever to Upload! How to Make YouTube Videos Upload Faster?

Situation 1: I used to upload 13-15 GB videos fast and today YouTube somehow, has taken 3 hours to upload a 97 MB video clip to my channel. It's not my internet speed because I have blazing fast unlimited. – From Reddit

Situation 2: YouTube uploading is slow. I tested my upload and it seems OK, so I guess it has something to do specifically with YouTube. How do I fix it? Any fast solution to solve how to make YouTube uploading faster? – From Quora

Have had enough of the above YouTube upload slow problems and desperately want to get rid of them as soon as possible? Take it easy, this tutorial will find out the possible reasons which result to the slow YouTube upload speed and provide you with the related solutions to help you deal with how to upload YouTube videos faster.

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Why Is My YouTube Video Not Uploading or It Uploads Slowly? Is There Any YouTube Upload Limit?

YouTube uploading speed is associated with the video file size, resolution, and internet connection closely. And the possible factors that can result in YouTube video not uploading or slow upload speed are listed as follows:

1: The Video Format and Size Is Not Acceptable

For YouTube not uploading issue, check that if the video format and size are available for the uploading. Remember, there are YouTube upload limits:

Upload Videos to YouTube in the Suitable Format and SizeUpload Videos to YouTube in the Suitable Format and Size

1. Accepted Video Formats

The available YouTube upload formats are MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM, DNxHR, ProRes, CineForm and HEVC (h265). If your video format is not in the list then it can't be uploaded to YouTube.

2. Video Length and Size Limits

You are allowed to upload a video up to 15 minutes long by default. If your video length goes beyond this degree, visit to unblock YouTube additional features and upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Furthermore, you can upload a maximum of 128GB or 12 hours videos. Do not exceed this size limit. And some video size compressors can be helpful.

2: Slow Internet Connection for Uploading

The Slow Internet Drives Me Crazy When Uploading Videos to YouTubeThe Slow Internet Drives Me Crazy When Uploading Videos to YouTube

Certainly, your network speed influences the uploading process strongly. Go to to have a check on your upload speed. Or you are using wireless Wi-Fi connection for uploading; just switch to a stable connection to upload multiple videos to YouTube at a faster speed. Besides, if there are many devices that are sharing your household's network connection, they will take away a chunk of the overall available streaming speed.

3: You Are Uploading Videos at the Peak Hours

Avoid the Peak Time for Smooth UploadingAvoid the Peak Time for Smooth Uploading

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing sites and there are so many people sharing videos on YouTube every minute. Especially on weekends, there are so many people trying to upload videos to YouTube. So if you are doing so in the same period, you have a great chance at getting YouTube upload stuck problem.

Now that you have figured out the potential factors that lead to slow YouTube upload speed, you can get the related troubleshooting tips on how to make YouTube videos upload faster.

How to Upload YouTube Videos Faster? 5 Handy Solutions to Help You Cut down YouTube Upload Time

1. Have a Fast Internet Connection

Share Video to YouTube at a Fast SpeedShare Video to YouTube at a Fast Speed

Your internet connection influences a lot on the YouTube uploading. Yes, some of you may have suffered YouTube upload stuck even with a fast network. Just as I said above, this might be caused by the heavy uploads traffic. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will take longer time to upload your video to YouTube at the rush hours. According to, the peak hours for YouTube uploading are (all times EST): Monday-Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm; Thursday-Friday: 12pm-3pm; Saturday-Sunday: 9am-11am. If so, try uploading the video at a different time.

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2. Set Videos to the Best YouTube Video Specs

Although YouTube accepts almost any video format for uploading, I believe no one would like to share a video in poor quality on YouTube. To get YouTube upload HD videos at a sharp speed, you need to figure out the best video specs for YouTube uploading:

The Suitable Bitrate for YouTube Video UploadThe Suitable Bitrate for YouTube Video Upload

Video Format: H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 are preferred ones.
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Aspect Ratio: 16:9. Otherwise it displays viewer with black bars.
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Resolution: Recommended to upload videos in HD for quality playback [Change resolution to 1080P : 1920x1080 and 720P: 1280x720].
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Bitrate: Depend on the video resolution and the details are shown in the left image.

Audio Format: MP3 or AAC are favorite targets.

Frames per second: 30

For the spec change, try HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which empowers you to set all the parameters at one go. Free downloadFree download it to help you solve the issue of how to upload videos to YouTube faster.

3. Compress the Videos to Smaller File Size

Reduce Video Size for YouTube Fast UploadReduce Video Size for YouTube Fast Upload

There's no doubt that smaller videos take much less time to upload. In this case, this can shrink videos to the smaller size. By the way, you would like to maintain YouTube upload HD video quality, lossless video compression is essential for this matter. For instance, converting videos to MP4 and encode them as H264 could be better. Also, if your videos are larger than 128GB, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is able to compress the videos to smaller size with intact video quality for uploading.

4. Clear Your Browser Heavy Data

Heavy bowser cache can lead to the slow YouTube upload speed. Before uploading, you can clear the browser data and close other online activities like playing videos/music, online games, etc.

5. Use the Right Browser for Uploading

Take the Suitable Browser for YouTube UploadingTake the Suitable Browser for YouTube Uploading

Mostly we use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer (with Silverlight enabled) to upload videos to YouTube. Do not forget to check the browser version when you are encountering slow upload problem. These browsers are optimized to interact with YouTube and they are able to upload 20GB via the standard uploader. By the way, you have up to 24 hours to resume a previous upload that was canceled or timed out on these browsers.

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Speaking now, I believe you can get the right answers to how to upload YouTube videos faster. Just enjoy the smooth and fast YouTube uploading experience now. But if you are suffering the YouTube videos playback errors, you can read How to Fix YouTube Problem to Watch any YouTube Video to find the related solutions.

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