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The Top 4 Free Online Video Compressors

Author by Helen

Updated on Jan 18, 2023

Eager to find out a free online video compressor to cut down the video size to free up your device memory or for fast and smooth video sharing, streaming, emailing and more? You can get the answer here as this review will introduce some online free video reducers and a powerful desktop video compressor with the specific video-reducing steps demonstrated.
Desktop video compressor free download here:

What Factors Contribute to Video File Size

To resize the video file size to a smaller degree, you need to figure out the concerned parameters that affect the video size first.


The higher the bitrate, the better the quality and meanwhile the larger the video file. So when you are using an online video file compressor and it supports you to change the bitrate, you can adjust this parameter to a lower degree to shrink video size.

Video Encoder:

There are many commonly used video codecs and some encoders with high compression ratio can offer superb video quality even at a lower bitrate, such as H.265/H.264. As for downscale video size by adjusting video encoder, if the video reducer supports, you can change it in this order: H265 (HEVC) = VP9 > H264 > XVID > MPEG4 > DIVX > Others. By the way, the compression ratio for H.265 is much better than other encoders (formats) for the same video file. If you try to reduce video size online without losing quality, you can choose the advanced H.265 encoding approach but please make sure you don’t alter any other settings including bit rate and resolution.

Video Duration:

With the same bitrate, resolution and video encoder, the video duration would determine the video size. Put simply, having the same bitrate, a 1080P 60-minute video with H264-MP4-AAC is definitely larger than a 1080P 45-mintue video with H264-MP4-AAC. So if you have shot or download some YouTube videos and want to minimize them, cut off some unnecessary part can be useful.

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How to Resize Video Online via the Top 4 Free Online Video Compressors

1. Clipchamp

As a fabulous video reducer online service, can help you decrease video file size online freely. Besides reducing videos, this service will convert, edit, and record videos. After compression, you can save the video to your local disk or directly upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google Drive. This is quite convenient.

Compress Video Online Free via ClipchampCompress Video Online Free via Clipchamp


No artificial limits on input file size, format, and resolution.

Add batch videos for compression on Chrome exclusively.


Registration needed.

Only allow you to shrink 5 videos per month with a free account.

Must install Clipchamp extension to save the reduced videos to your chosen storage location.

How to compress video online free via

1. Visit [].

2. Register an account. And you can choose the free version to have a trial on video compression.

3. Click the “Convert my video” big button to upload the target video and then set the final video storage location.

4. Then optimize the video for web, mobile, etc. and customize video resolution, format, quality.

5. Hit the Start button to minimize video size online.

2. Videosmaller, a powerful free online video compressor, which can compress video online freely and easily for emailing, sharing, etc. It renders users a friendly interface and you can master the video downsize process at the first time. Apart from video resizing, this site can also serve as an audio compressor, PDF file converter/reducer, increase video volume and more.

Change Video to Smaller OnesChange Video to Smaller Ones


Totally free service for video decreasing.

Resize video online to smaller one by simple steps.

Automatically remove the upload video after hours for security.


Specific input video file size limit: max 500MB.

Limited video formats are supported and it's time-consuming.

How to compress video size online free via

1. Go to the official site [].

2. Click Browser to upload your video.

3. Based on your needs to select the “Use low compression level” or reduce video width.

4. Then upload video like MP4 to compress MP4 video to smaller size online free.

5. After done, download the reduced video to your computer.

3. Ezgif is a versatile site that can resize video online, convert video/audio, edit video, add subtitles, etc. and it is warmly welcomed by many users. You can decrease size of video online by changing video encoder (such as convert to H264) and width/height.

Decrease Video Size OnlineDecrease Video Size Online


Free services and simple steps to compress video file size online.

Can both downscale and upscale video files.

You can paste video URL to shrink the related video.


Limited input and output formats. File size limit: Max 120MB.

Slow upload and video decrease speed.

How to use to resize video online free:

1. Head to [].

2. Hit “Choose File” button to upload video or paste the video URL.

3. After uploading, change the related parameter.

4. Click the blue “Resize Video” button to shrink video file size online.

4. Clideo

Clideo is a web-based video compressor that is also capable of cutting, cropping, resizing, merging videos, adding subtitles, etc. It has a clean and well-designed interface. Users can import the videos from the local file and the cloud.

Convert Video to Smaller SizeConvert Video to Smaller Size


Provide video editing tools.

Able to import/output video from/to the local and cloud.

Automatically reduce the file size.


Cannot change the formats.

Output files with a watermark in its free version.

Limited file size.

How to use Clideo to compress video files online free:

1. Visit in your search engine.

2. Click “Choose file” to upload the video you want to compress.

3. Wait for the uploading and compressing processes.

4. Press “Download” to save the compressed video.

Besides the listed 4 free online video compressors, you can also try, which can downsize your local videos and video from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. by cutting video length (like trim MP4). All the above recommended free online video size compressors are free services and you do not need to install any program on your computer. Still, most of them will take too much time to decrease video size. And sometimes, the server might crash for uncertain reasons like network connection, etc. As a result, the compressing process would be interrupted, you have to repeat the whole video compression steps. This is quite annoying especially when you are going to finish the compression task.

To avoid the above troubles, you can use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, the excellent desktop video compressor for PC. And let’s have a look at this compression tool.

The Best Video Shrinker – Enable You to Deal with Lossless Video Compression

When using the modern video compressor, HD Video Converter Factory Pro, the visible video quality won't deteriorate. This versatile video size reducer provides multiple handy solutions to reduce the video file size. Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1 - Import Your Large Videos for Resizing

Launch HD Video Converter Factory and enter its "Converter" module. Add your video files in batches by Clicking “Add Files” button or simply drag-and-drop your videos to the interface. As a superb video size changer, this tool can even compress 4k/8k videos, reduce 1080p video size, and other large videos at a sharp speed.

Step 2 - Compress Videos by Changing the Related Parameters

Here I list three handy methods to compress your video files, just choose the preferred solution.

Batch Compress Videos via WonderFox HD Pro

Method 1: Change video encoder to H265, the High Efficiency Video Coding, as the output format.

Method 2: Just dragging the advanced compressor bar. And you can see the video size is changing as the slider moving.

Method 3: Cut off the unwanted parts on the Clip or Crop Window.

Hit the “Trim” button to change video duration; Press the “Crop” icon to trim off the extra video section.

Step 3 - Compress Your Videos Now

Click the “Run” button to get smaller videos. This video compression tool can shrink the video file size in bulk which can save you much time and energy.

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