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MP4 to SWF – Easier to Upload Video to Websites

Want to email recorded party videos to your friends? Want to share funny videos on your websites? Luckily, a zero-cost and ingenius MP4 to SWF converter can completely serve you!

by Caliasia

Updated on Feb 21, 2023

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Free MP4 to SWF Converter
The MP4 to SWF free converter not only converts MP4 file to SWF but also to other hot video/audio formats. You can enjoy videos and audio files without any limits with the help of this free converter!
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Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista...

With developed social network, I guess most people would like to record some MP4 videos with mobile phone and share them with friends or post them on social media platforms. The content of MP4 videos may about a romantic wedding or an amazing party. No matter what it is, you need to change MP4 to SWF before sharing.

SWF is a web video format and is widely used by online video sharing websites such as YouTube, Google Video, and Nico Video. So converting MP4 to SWF is a great way to upload your MP4 videos to websites or email videos to friends. How to convert MP4 to SWF? Which method is better, online converters or desktop applications?

The Disadvantages of Online Converters

We all know that there are countless online video converters capable of converting MP4 to SWF on the Internet. The biggest charm of online converters is that they are free and don't need installation. However, to be honest, their advantages are overshadowed by the disadvantages.
Unstable conversion speed. Online converters can’t work without internet connection and its conversion speed highly depends on the network speed.
Few formats supported. Most online converters only support a few common formats, such as AVI, MP3, and MP4.
Poor output quality. The converted video quality is often not as good as the original one. For example, I used to convert AVI to MP4 online and the output MP4 video is not clear any more.

This free MP4 to SWF converter is without the above flaws and offers many more practical functions. So why not Free Download this MP4 to SWF file converter? With few simple clicks and you'll get satisfying results.

Three Steps to Change MP4 to SWF with the Freeware

This MP4 to SWF converter enables you to convert video/audio to 500+ formats and devices efficiently, for example, convert H264 to MP4, convert VOB to MP4, play MKV on PS4 and so on. Unlike online converters, it still works with no network. The most important feature is that it can convert videos with high quality but in a smaller size, which completely meets your requirements.

Step 1 Add MP4 File

Launch the freeware and open the Converter interface. Then click the "Add Files" button to add files or drag files to the main interface.

Whole Conversion Process

Whole Conversion Process

Step 2 Select SWF as the Output Format

Click the "Click to change output format" section and select the SWF profile under the Web tab. From this list, we can see that the freeware can convert video/audio to 200+ formats and 300+ devices. What is more, it presets the optimum parameters for you, which ensures the best output quality!

Tips: If you are a skilled user in multimedia encoder, you can customize video and audio parameters in the "Parameters settings" window: change the resolution, reset aspect ratio or change the frame rate.

Customize Setting

Customize Setting

Step 3 Start Conversion

Click the "Run" at the bottom and you can get the SWF video in the blink of an eye!

Now, please download the Free HD Video Converter Factory to complete your jobs.
Download From YouTube

Download Videos from YouTube

More Useful Functions

In addition to format conversion and cutomizing parameters, the freeware excels in many other aspects.
1. Download video/audio from YouTube and other 1000+ sites. I also use this freeware to download kids movies for my niece and download Yoga video for keeping fit. It is really useful! If you also need YouTube downloader, please follow this process:
Open the downloader interface → Click "New Download" → Copy and paste URL → Click "Analyze" → Select download format and resolution → Click "Download All"

2. Simple video editing. You can clip a video, crop videos, merge video and audio files, add watermarks, etc.
3. Add subtitles. You can add external subtitles to your videos or embed built-in subtitles to videos.

More Special Features of Free HD Video Converter Factory

  • Convert MP4 file to SWF and vice versa
  • Various media formats, optimized profiles for 300+ hot devices
  • Download video from YouTube and 1000+ websites
  • Provided with a built-in video editor
  • Can compress video with best quality but smaller size
  • Fastest conversion speed, 50X speed up supported
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MP4 to SWF – Easier to Upload Video to Websites