Top 6 Best Chrome Audio Recorders (Desktop & Online)

This article introduces the best Chrome audio recorders for PC, Chrome extension, and online. Just keep reading to learn more info and key features of each voice recorder.

Tips. The best Chrome MP3 recorder for Windows requires simple operations yet offers high audio quality (without time limit). Get it now:

Vita Vita | Updated Sep 28, 2023

Part 1. Easiest Chrome Audio Recorder for PC

Part 2. Top-rated Chrome Audio Capture Extension

Part 3. Best Chrome Voice Recorder Online

Part 4. FAQs

Part 5. Summary

Can You Record Sound from Chrome?

Google Chrome is a highly reputable web browser that plays a great role in our daily life. It provides plenty of services, such as searching for specific content, playing music, watching movies, playing games, delivering online lectures, etc.
It’s convenient to record your favorite music or any sound from the web browser for offline listening. However, not all recording tools you found can record Chrome audio. To help you out of this tricky situation, we have assembled the best 6 Chrome sound recorders listed in the following. Please read on.

Handy Audio Recorder for PC

WonderFox Audio Recorder offers a simple way to capture sound from any browser and website on a PC. It supports recording in high-quality WAV, compatible MP3, AAC, and AC3 audio format. It’s easy, no lag or time limit. Try it now!

Part 1. Easiest Chrome Audio Recorder for PC

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Audio Capture for Chrome on PC


  • Record any sound coming out of your computer
  • Capture system sound and microphone simultaneously
  • Screen record with no lag, watermark, or time limit
  • Support additional edits and conversion

→ Download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro→ Download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro comes with a simple yet practical audio recorder to capture any sound from your computer without spending any effort. It offers a specialized audio-only recording mode and supports both Desktop and Microphone audio source options. Thus, you can easily record sound from the system, mic, or both at the same time. This software can help you record Chrome audio not only in MP3 but WAV, AAC, and AC3. It also provides a powerful audio converter, enabling you to convert the recordings to FLAC, OGG, M4A, and even ringtones without any effort.

Besides, this PC recording software allows you to capture screens with audio on Google Chrome. And after the recording, you can edit the recorded files by trimming, cropping, compressing, and more. Install the software and start recording on your Chrome right away!

Free Download

Compatible with Windows

100% Clean & Safe

Free Download


Voice Recorder Chrome on PC


  • Record audio from Chrome on Windows and Mac
  • Support high audio frequency
  • Edit multiple soundtracks at one go
  • Export audio as WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis

→ Download Audacity

Audacity is professional audio editing and recording software for Windows and some other platforms. It’s open-source and does well in recording songs, audiobooks, online calls, and in-game music on your computer. It can help you capture streaming audio in Google Chrome easily at a high sample rate, making the audio quality relatively high.

This Chrome voice recorder offers a direct record button on the interface. Click it, and the recording will start at once. Also working as an excellent audio editor, Audacity allows you to split audio tracks, trim audio, monitor the volume, and so forth. When you finish recording and editing the Chrome audio, export it to your computer for music enjoyment offline.

Part 2. Top-rated Audio Capture for Chrome Extension

Screencastify (5 mins for free accounts)

Screencastify Chrome Extension Recorder


  • Capture audio and video on Chrome
  • Record in offline mode
  • Provide annotation tools
  • Support saving video recordings to GIF

Price: Free with limitations, Starter plan from $7/month, Pro plan from $10/month

→ Add Screencastify to your Chrome:

Screencastify is a trusted Google Chrome audio recorder that runs seamlessly even in offline mode. Apart from recording sound from Chrome, it’s also able to capture the entire or part of your desktop, browser tab, or webcam with various audio sources. For example, you can record narrations through your microphone. The video resolution and FPS can be customized at your will.

In addition, Screencastify allows for easy edits to create powerful and professional videos, such as cropping and trimming. It will save your audio recording in MP3 format, and you can directly share the recordings on Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, etc. It offers both free and paid plans. The recording for free accounts is limited to 5 minutes, while premium users can record longer with more features.

Chrome Audio Capture (1 – 20 mins)

Chrome Audio Capture Extension


  • Record MP3/WAV in high quality
  • Record from current & multiple tabs
  • Adjust the recording time between 1 to 20 minutes

Price: Free

→ Add Chrome Audio Capture to your Chrome:

Chrome Audio Capture is another extension for recording audio on Google Chrome. It can help you record any audio playing on the current tab and save the recordings as .mp3 or .wav files on your computer. Multiple browser tabs can be recorded simultaneously. It also provides you the option to mute tabs while recording.

It’s easy to record on this Chrome sound recorder – simply click the Start Capture button or press hotkeys to start and stop recording. Once finished, you can name and save the capture in your local folder. It’s worth noting that the time limit on this add-on is 1-20 minutes. You can check the Options page for the wanted capture time, output file format, and audio quality.

Part 3. Best Chrome Voice Recorder Online

Apowersoft Audio Recorder (30 mins online)

Chrome MP3 Recorder Online


  • Record high-quality MP3 from any website
  • Free open source without any plugin
  • Edit audio file metadata
  • Completely simple-to-use

→ Visit Apowersoft Audio Recorder:

Apowersoft is a free online audio recorder that can record sound from your entire screen or a specific window or Chrome tab. It’s also capable of recording external voices through your microphone or recording system sound and mic simultaneously. The Chrome sound captured in this Chrome audio recorder will be saved in MP3 format automatically. Moreover, this service has a built-in library where you can see all your audio recordings.

There are both online and desktop versions of Apowersoft Audio Recorder. The free online recording tool offers a convenient way to record audio from Google Chrome, but it allows a maximum capture time of only 30 minutes. You can download its desktop application for a longer time limit and file type conversion feature.

Online Voice Recorder (with ads)

Online Voice Recorder Chrome


  • Adjust microphone settings using standard Adobe Flash Player tools
  • Record MP3 from the microphone or stereo mix
  • Support automatic and manual trimming
  • Cut audio recording to multiple segments with ease

Price: Free with ads

→ Visit Online Voice Recorder:

Online Voice Recorder is a simple online recording tool right in your browser. It can help you record sound from the Microphone or Stereo Mix from your computer. The default audio source is from Microphone, yet you can change it in the audio options.

This online Chrome sound recorder can detect silent fragments at the beginning and the end of your recording and delete them automatically. It also allows you to furtherly crop the recording to the section based on your actual needs. And the final files will be saved in the form of MP3. It’s easy and completely free to use with no hidden charges. However, there are some useless ads on its interface.

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google have an audio recorder?

No. For security and copyright reasons, Google does not allow internal audio recording. You can install an external Chrome extension, web-based tool, or desktop recorder to get that done. But in the most recent version of Android, this component has been empowered by Google.

How to record audio in Chrome?

DownloadDownload WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC (no lag, no time limit).
Click on the “Recorder” and select the “Audio-only” recording mode.
Pick an audio format from the drop-down list and activate the audio source.
Prepare to play the audio on your Chrome. Click the “REC” button to begin recording after a five-second countdown.
Click the “stop” button or press “Ctrl + F1” to stop recording.

Alternatively, you can utilize a free online voice recorder to record audio in Chrome within a limited time.

Is it legal to record audio from Chrome?

It all depends! Generally, it’s legal to record audio on Chrome if the recorded content is for educational or personal purposes. But if you intend to reproduce the audio files originally from others, especially for commercial use, it’s certainly illegal. We DO NOT approve of any copyright infringement.

Part 5. Summary

The above introduces the best 6 Chrome voice recorders, including Chrome extensions, desktop, and online recording tools. Each recorder has pros and cons. Just choose the right tool based on your demands. Please keep in mind that do not record any copy-protected materials for commercial use. Thanks for your reading!

WonderFox Audio Recorder

HD Video Converter Factory Pro can not only record audio on PCs, but also capture screen, convert and edit audio/video files, download movies, make GIFs, extract subtitles from videos, and more. Don’t miss this functional recording software!

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