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Using Two Handy Methods to Fix How to Rotate a Video in Windows Media Player

Author by Blues

Updated on Dec 25, 2020

Most of our mobile devices, such as Android smart phones and digital cameras have the function of recording videos, but when we play some recorded videos with Windows Media Player, we will find that there is a wrong orientation on the screen and it cannot be played normally. At this time, you may want to know whether you can use Windows Media Player to change the direction of the video screen and how to rotate a video in Windows Media Player. Please continue reading, I will give you the details.

Can Windows Media Player Rotate a Video?

Q: I have a video that was taken with a digital camera, but it took on a 90 degrees clockwise when I played it with Windows Media Player, and I want to rotate it in that software. But I can't find a way to rotate the video frame. Can Windows Media Player rotate video? How to rotate a video in Windows Media Player?

A: When we play local video on PC, the Windows Media Player is usually used by default. It supports video playback in many formats, such as AVI, WMV, WMA, MP4, MP3, MPEG1, MPEG2, etc. However, if you want to rotate video in Windows Media Player, this won't be achieved. At this time, we need a professional rotator to solve it. Here, I will introduce to you two easy ways of how to flip a video in Windows Media Player alternative with ease.

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Method 1 (The Recommended Desktop Solution) - How to Rotate a Video in Windows Media Player Alternative?

Now that Windows Media Player can't rotate the video, let's try another video rotator.HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a great option for you to fix the wrong orientation. It is multi-functional software. In addition to rotation, it also supports converting video and audio files to any formats and devices.Furthermore, it can merge videos, add subtitle, download YouTube movies, save SoundCloud music online and so forth. Let's look at how to rotate or flip a video with this multi-functional rotator.

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Three Steps to Rotate Video in HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Import Wrong Orientation File

Before start rotating the video, you should free downloadfree download this professional rotator on your PC first.

Step1. Import the Wrong Orientation Video

After installing the HD Video Converter Factory Pro, open it and you will see a window, with the Converter, Downloader, Recorder, GIF Maker and Tool Box. Please hit the Converter button, then there is a new window. Click the Add files button to import files or drag and drop your wrong orientation files into the window.

Rotate Video

Step2. Rotate Video in Windows Media Player Substitution

For imported video file, you can see there are several options for editing this video. Click the Rotate button to start rotating, then you will see a new window for rotating: clockwise and anticlockwise rotate by 90 degrees, flip horizontally and vertically. You can preview the rotated video above the playback window.

Start Converting

Step3. Start Rotating

Choose the output path for your target video file by clicking the inverted triangle icon next to the output folder icon. Next, hit the RUN button to start converting. After the conversion, remember to check target file according to your path.

You can select the output format as you like by clicking the output format button on the right side of the conversion window.

Method 2 (Online Solution)- How to Flip a Video in Windows Media Player Replacement

After introducing the desktop rotator, now I will come up with an online rotator for how to rotate a video in Windows Media Player alternative. There are so many online rotators, such as Kapwing (, Ezgif(, Clideo( and so on. The advantage of online rotator is that it doesn’t require you to install any plug-in or software so you can save more device storage. Here, I will take Kapwing as an example. Let's learn how to rotate video in Windows Media Player alternative.

Kapwing Online RotatorKapwing Online Rotator

Step1. Open the Kapwing Web page. Then, you will see a new window for importing your video files.

Step2. Click the Upload button or paste the URL to import the video file. Network and server may influence the upload process, so be patient to wait for finishing uploading.

Step3. After importing the file, there will be a rotate window. You can rotate your video through hitting the clockwise, anticlockwise or rotate horizontally button by any degree on the left of the window. You can also trim your video by clicking Trim Video button on the top of the playback window.

Step4. Click the Create button to start rotating till completed, then hit Download button to save your video file into PC.


I think you have learned the steps of the rotation. Can you rotate a video in Windows Media Player alternative by yourself? Now, you can choose one method and try to rotate your videos!

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