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Windows Media Player Compress Videos – How to Reduce Video File Size Effortlessly

Author by Vita

November 20, 2019

“I try to compress some large videos in Windows Media Player for freeing up storage space on my computer yet I can’t find any button to carry the task out. Can Windows Media Player compress videos?” I have received serval similar questions these days. Therefore, today we will discuss how to compress a video on Windows computers effectively. Meanwhile, this video compressor is easy to use and works like a charm:

Compress Video Windows Media player – Is It Possible?  

Window Media Player is the first-line choice as one of the best media players for Windows system. It enables users to play videos, music, images and build a media library. Many media players are along with extra features, and there is no exception to Windows Media Player. For example, it has the ability to rip CDs, burn files to audio CDs and data DVDs, sync data with portable devices, shop for music online, and so forth. Some people may ask whether we can make Windows Media Player compress videos. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player doesn’t have the feature. If you want to compress videos on Windows computers, you can refer to the following method.

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Compress Videos with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Since Windows Media Player compress video feature is not available, you need to turn to other tools. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a Windows multipurpose video converter. It can reduce video file size to free up device storage space, upload videos to YouTube, send videos to others via email, etc. There is a wide selection of options to compress a video and you can choose your preferred way based on your own demands. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports kinds of video formats and promises the best output quality. Even if you shrink a video greatly, it will intelligently adjust the parameters and make a perfect balance between the file size and video quality. Each feature of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is easy to use. Compress Video Windows Media Player doesn’t work? Try this software!

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Steps of Compressing Video Files Windows Using HD Video Converter Factory Pro  

Open Converter and Import Videos

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Import Videos into the Video Compressor  

Open HD Video Converter Factory Pro. There are five function modules, just select Converter. Then click on Add Files on the new window to import your videos or directly drag them there.

Choose H265 for MP4

Step 2. Compress Videos

Here we mainly focus on three ways to compress videos in HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

1. Use an advanced video compression standard: HEVC (H.265) is an advanced video encoding method to compress and store videos. It can achieve up to 50% better data compression with the same video quality when compared with AVC (H.264), the most widely used codec in the world. Therefore, you can recode your videos with H.265.

Just click on the output format profile on the right side of the Video Converter interface, head to the Video tab and choose H265 for MP4.

Change Video Bit Rate

2. Modify video parameters: Video bit rate directly affects a video file size. Besides, factors including resolution and frame rate also have effects on a video file size. So you can also modify video bit rate, resolution and even frame rate to lower values for shrinking a video.

In the Video Converter window, select Parameter Settings below the output format profile, and select the corresponding button to lower the values. Here I take video bit rate as an example. Just open the Bit rate drop-down list, based on the current bit rate of your video, choose a lower one. If you don’t know the source information of the video, you can click on the File information button below the imported video to check out all information including video audio parameters of the video. Click OK to save the settings.

The Easiest Way to Compress Videos

3. Use the Advanced Video Compression Setting: HD Video Converter Factory Pro has a straightforward video compression setting. Just click on the Batch compression button on the bottom of the window, drag the slider to the right to decrease the file size and the output file size will be displayed synchronously on the imported video.

Furthermore, you can cut the video length or frames to reduce its file size. HD Video Converter Factory Pro also offers video cropping and cutting tools.

Start the Compression

Step 3. Start the Compression Process 

Now click the inverted triangle icon on the bottom to specify the output path. Finally, select Run to start the process.

It’s all about how to compress a video file with Windows Media Player alternative. Now you don’t have to struggle with the problem of how to make Windows Media Player compress video. With HD Video Converter Factory Pro, video compression is just a piece of cake.


Besides being a video compressor, HD Video Converter Factory Pro also has other functions. You can use it to download videos from websites, change video formats, capture your PC screen, make GIFs, and so on. WonderFox offers the easiest way for you to deal with these tasks. Give it a spin.

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