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At the same time to pursue High-Definition visual effect, don't forget to be friendly to your ears. Here’s a software which can freely convert audio formats, especially the DTS, AC3, WAC, FLAC, etc.

Updated on May 6, 2020

The HD Video Converter Factory Pro can flexibly convert DTS files without quality loss.It also supports video conversion especially convert High- definition (HD) movies. Learn more >

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Question 1: “My iPhone6 can’t play the splendid DTS music, any DTS converter to recommend?”—Jessie
Question 2: “My old DVD player only supports AC3, but the audio format is DTS, I really need a DTS to AC3 converter .” –Jacob
Question 3: “Because of my limited mobile phone memory, I want to convert DTS to MP3 format, how can I convert DTS format?” – Tracy

If you have the same questions as the above guys or any other questions about DTS, congratulations, you come to the right place which is helpful for you to solve the problems about DTS

What Is DTS

DTS (Digital Theater Systems) is a series of multichannel audio technologies which is used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications. The basic and most common version of the format is a 5.1-channel system which is similar to a Dolby Digital. DTS's main competitors in multichannel theatrical audio is Dolby Digital. Both are used on DVDs and implemented in home theater hardware. Although both music and movie DVDs allow delivery of DTS audio signal, DTS was not part of the original DVD specification, so early DVD players do not recognize DTS audio tracks at all. Therefore, in order to be compatible with our devices, we need an excellent DTS converter.



Tips for Finding Out an Excellent Useful DTS Converter

Google – it must immediately leap into our mind before searching. But, to be honest, when searching “DTS converter”, there are a lot of results which confuse us. Fortunately, my friend recommended a fabulous software – HD Video Converter Factory Pro which is safe and without virus, so we can download it without any worry. The most important one is its incredible conversion ability. Firstly, it absolutely can flexibly convert DTS files, such as convert DTS to AC3, DTS to AAC, DTS to WAV, DTS to FLAC, which can keep the original quality. Besides, it supports many hot devices and presets the optimal parameters, which is convenient for us. Finally, besides converting audio and video, it is also with the ability to download from YouTube, to edit the video and audio in our style, to merge videos or audios into one file and so on. In a word, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is really a powerful and use-friendly software worth downloading.

Detailed guide to convert DTS into other formats

Download and install the DTS Converter firstly, then launch the software.

Step 1 Add the DTS File into DTS Converter

Enter Converter window and add the DTS files. It is so convenient and time-saving for us to batch drag files and batch convert videos and audios.

Add DTS Profile

Add DTS Profile

Step 2 Select the Output Format

Click the right "Output Format" and select the device and format. There are some hot formats and devices commonly selected. The popular audio formats include WAV, FLAC.ALAC, AAC, AC3 which are with higher quality than MP3.

Select the Output Format

Select the Output Format

Step 3 Click the button “Run”

The final step is to click the button "Run".

 Batch Conversion

Batch Conversion

Note: We can customize the bite rate, control the volume, change the channel by clicking the button “Setting”.

Clip and make your ringtone

After the audio conversion finished, we can clip a part that we like most. This part can be used as our ringtone. No matter our phone is IOS or Android, we can make an unique ringtone through this software. The specific but simple steps are as follows. Firstly, click the “Ringtone Studio” at the top right. Then select the “IOS” or “Android”. Next add file and select the part. Finally, click “Save”. Congratulations! The unique ringtone finished.

 Ringtone Studio

Ringtone Studio

HD Video Converter
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HD converter

HD Video Converter

Make illustrious balance with output quality and compression ratio as well as crop video clips and merge chapters.

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    Its fast conversion time, high-quality output and extra features make it the perfect choice for video converter software.
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    Convert all kinds of videos to play on all kinds of devices (like your phone and tablet) since easy to navigate, not to mention quicker.
    by Boboc | SoftPedia
  • MajorGeeks Editor
    With a straightforward interface and impressive functionality, this app provides a comprehensive solution for all of your video conversion needs.
    by Aaron | MajorGeeks
  • User comment
    Super fast and simple to use. Built in profiles are comprehensive and save a lot of time.Compression is very good!
    by Christne
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Flexible DTS Converter Get Spectacular Sound Effect

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