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HandBrake Audio Sync Issue – How to Fix HandBrake Audio Delay?

Author by Helen

Updated on Feb 18, 2024

HandBrake audio not sync or HandBrake sound is off after video conversion / DVD ripping with HandBrake? Here you can find out the whys and learn how to fix ‘HandBrake audio distortion’ with effective solutions provided below.

Tips. If the HandBrake audio sync problem persists, try this HandBrake alternative for video conversions with no issues:

Common HandBrake Audio Sync Problems

Disgusting HandBrake Audio Sync off IssueDisgusting HandBrake Audio Sync off Issue

Q: Using HandBrake, I tried converting an hour-long (45 min.) TV show for my Tablet. But when I completed it, the video and audio are out of sync! (The audio lags behind the video by 2-3 seconds). Is this a one-time glitch or something wrong with my settings? Help needed!

Q: I have an .avi movie, the video and audio are in perfect sync. I use HandBrake often to convert plenty of movies from .avi to HD .mp4. But once the encoding was done, the extremely painful thing is that there’s a HandBrake audio sync problem. How can I prevent this HandBrake audio delay happening again?

A: HandBrake is a cross-platform, open-source video transcoder widely praised by the public. But some people are having issues with HandBrake like the above users. They are experiencing the ‘handbrake sound out of sync’ problem, or more specifically, the ‘HandBrake audio delay’ error. Actually, the HandBrake audio sync problem is caused by various reasons when dealing with video transcoding on HandBrake. Here we list some common reasons and corresponding solutions to help you fix audio and video out of sync problem on HandBrake. Read on for details.

Part 1: Possible Reasons for Handbrake Video/Audio out of Sync Issue

1. Media Player Issue

Media players such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and even VLC sometimes have a hiccup when playing a certain format of video. You could then try other media players to see if the problem still exists.

2. Outdated Computer Hardware

Some old computers with outdated hardware are prone to various failures. High CPU usage may cause problems with encoding, editing, and downloading videos. This is the possible reason why Handbrake audio/video desync occurs.

3. Xvid Codec Issue

Older ASP codecs like Xvid and DivX and the old .avi container they employ are usually coming into the A/V sync issue when encoding MPEG-2 content.

4. Original Video Issue

If the original video files are already out of sync, then the converted result with Handbrake may be A/V out of sync. So check if your original video is A/V out-of-sync first.

5. Framerate Problem

HandBrake designates "Variable Framerate" as the default setting when you encode video or rip DVDs. However, it may probably cause HandBrake video and audio out-of-sync issues. So you need to select a certain "Constant Framerate" and adjust the video framerate to fix the HandBrake video and audio out of sync issue.

Free Download Free Download

Part 2: Solve HandBrake Audio Out of Sync Problem with Its Best Alternative

The simplest method to solve Handbrake audio lag problem is to try a simpler alternative since the problem might come from your unfamiliarity with HandBrake.

Here we’d recommend WonderFox DVD Video Converter, the best HandBrake alternative that can do whatever HandBrake can do but without issues like HandBrake sound out of sync. Significantly, this DVD Video Converter is able to convert discs to digitals and also, download YouTube videos and convert video files to almost all formats or devices without audio video out of sync issue. It features a clean & clever interface and processes conversions with simple clicks. Now, get this software and follow the guide below to learn a trouble-free way to convert videos without audio sync problem.

Free Download Free Download

Resolve HandBrake Audio Sync Problems within Three Steps

Start to Fix HandBrake Audio Video out of Sync

First of all, free downloadfree download and install the HandBrake alternative on your Windows PC.

Step 1. Add Source File into the Converter

Open this program then add the HandBrake delay audio file to the interface by clicking the corresponding button on the menu bar (ready to fix handbrake sound out of sync problem).
Tips: Here you can import video/audio files, download YouTube videos or rip DVDs. Moreover, this software is capable of fixing the unmodified file which is desynchronized in the process of conversion.

Select Desired Profile among Various Formats & Devices

Step 2. Choose One Needed Format to Output the File

Open the Output Format list on the right side, and there are 500+ optimized video/audio formats or devices for your choice. Compared with HandBrake which can only output MKV/MP4/WebM files, this program can meet your different DVD/video conversion needs. Just click on the profile you need without other redundant operation.

Press the “Run” Button to Start the Conversion

Step 3. Start Conversion

Optional – Before you hit the run button to start the conversion, you can freely adjust video parameters by clicking Settings button, such as change frame rate, aspect ratio, resolution, bitrate, etc.

Finally, customize one output folder and hit Run button to convert you added file. There should be no problem like ‘HandBrake audio out of sync’ once the conversion is completed.

That’s the whole process of HandBrake fix audio sync issue. Can't believe it’s so simple? Besides HandBrake audio problems, we can also help you to resolve issues like HandBrake not working, HandBrake DVD Rip Scrambled, HandBrake no valid source found and more.

Part 2: Solve HandBrake Sound Out of Sync in Other Different Circumstances

1. Try Another Media Player

If your media player gets stuck a bit when playing HandBrake output files. That's not the fault of HandBrake, you can try other well-acclaimed media players like KMPlayer, etc.

2. Adjust Audio to Keep Pace with Video in the Media Player

Some media players like VLC supports adjusting audio playback timescale. So you can play the video with these media players and backward or forward the audio to keep audio and video synchronized when playback.

Modify Constant Framerate in HandBrakeModify Constant Framerate in HandBrake

3. Adjust Framerate in HandBrake

Open HandBrake and go to Output Settings > Video > Framerate (FPS) to specify a proper framerate from the drop-down list. then preview the video and see if the HandBrake audio out of sync problem is fixed, if not, try another framerate.

With the above methods, you can fix the HandBrake audio sync problem easily now. If you are suffering other sorts of HandBrake problems, you can read this detailed HandBrake tutorial. You can also let us know if you succeed or have a better solution on HandBrake sync audio issue.

Want to Find the Best Handbrake Alternatives to Deal with DVD & Video Transcoding? Find Them Here!

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As a powerful and professional DVD ripper, it can remove any DVD copy protection and back up DVDs as ISO Images, DVD Folders and 500+ digital files with flawless 1:1 Quality. Of course, there’s no audio out of sync issue on the output videos. New media formats and devices like iPhone 13/12/11 are added and supported timely. It can also compress large DVDs to save the storage space. Besides, it is able to fix scratched or damaged old DVDs. Try it now to backup/fix your DVDs without hassle.

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