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How to Watch DVD Movies on Xbox One

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Xbox One how to play DVD? After a fierce match on Xbox One you may need a rest to enjoy a wonderful a relaxing movie? Without risk inserting your disk to the hard drive you can use this DVD ripper which I will mention in this article - to directly copy your DVD movies to a USB and then directly play it on your Xbox console.

Can You Watch DVDs on Xbox One - This fantastic and powerful DVD ripping program literally facilitate to copy any kinds of DVDs even those encrypted ones at a really amazing speed. Then you can enjoy your DVD movies on your Xbox One console - Free download the best Xbox One DVD ripper to enjoy smooth movies!
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About Xbox One DVD Playback

We all know that Xbox One is a home video game console developed by Microsoft, the successor to Xbox 360. Microsoft and various publications have classified the device as an "all-in-one entertainment system", making it a competitor to other video game console such as the PS4 and WiiU.

Xbox One falls into two categories: the hard drive version and optical device version. A "Blu-ray Player" app allows playback of video from Blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD media in the DVD-ROM version. But the hard drive version cannot do it, of course. If you want to play DVD movies on Xbox One DVD-ROM version, you have to prepare yourself for how fragile the optical drive and how expensive its repairs would be. You may hesitate to play DVD directly on your Xbox One, even though it would allow it. In the circumstances, the best method to enjoy DVD movies on Xbox One is to copy DVD to Xbox One. It’s not a hard job once you have a USB and a practical DVD ripper

Can Xbox One Play DVDs

If you want to play DVD movies on Xbox One DVD-ROM version, you have to prepare yourself for how fragile the optical drive and how expensive its repairs would be. You may hesitate to play DVD directly on your Xbox One, even though it would allow it. In the circumstances, the best way to watch DVD movies on Xbox One is to rip DVD to Xbox One. It’s very easy to do, and when done, the Xbox console is able to play DVD movies - even those encrypted one, without a disk inserted in.

You have a few options when it comes to ripping DVDs. Many people may think HandBrake is the best choice. However, encrypted DVDs cannot be directly decoded by HandBrake and also, it has many playback issues such as "HandBrake no valid source found" and " HandBrake Crash". As for other DVD rippers, many of them suffer from great quality loss in the course of conversion and users keep complaining about the low speed that costs too much time. The good news is that there is a better alternative which is free from all those defects that I have mentioned above. Its name is WonderFox DVD Video Converter , which is able to rip any kinds of DVDs even those made by Disney, Warner and paramount that are seriously encrypted. It has preset the optimal parameters for a variety of devices like Xbox one, PS4, iPhone and so on. It's good at not only DVD ripping, but also DVD copyingvideo downloading, video editing, and more... At a blazing fast speed, you can enjoy DVD on Xbox One after a short conversion process.

Free download the fastest and simplest Xbox One DVD ripper as the best solution to "how to watch a DVD on Xbox One".

Here is a step by step guide on how to watch DVDs on Xbox One within 3 steps.

The Way to Watch DVD Xbox One

Step 1 Insert your DVD disc into the computer DVD-ROM drive. Click the “Load DVD” button and select DVD drive letter.

Start to analyze a DVD

Step 2 Open the output format dropdown list on the right and select “Xbox One” under Microsoft tag as an output device. Don’t need to know the specific video formats and codec, simply select the device.


1. After analysis all the titles within your DVD disk will be listed (There will be 99 titles if it's probably made by Disney or Paramount). The main movie to rip will be targeted with the color of blue.

2. Some of you may have installed multiple drives like virtual drive. You can choose them by their names in the dropdown list after clicking on the inverted arrow in "Load DVD".

Preset an output format

Step 3 Click “Run” button to start the ripping process. Within a few seconds, a large-size DVD movie can be copied and then you can transfer it to your USB device.

Start conversion

How to Play DVD on Xbox One with Higher Output Quality

After solving the question of "how to watch dvds on xbox one" we are going to talk about the output settings. In the example, we leave the default settings as they are. But you can make changes to them to your preferences if you have special demands for the output image. Like adjusting the parameters in “Settings” where you can change the frame rate and increase resolution and bit rate to improve video quality or adjust aspect ratio to make the image perfectly fit your screen size.

Other Useful Features of WonderFox DVD Video Converter

1. Downloading hot films or videos from main-stream from website,

2. Editing your videos by trimming or adding post effects.

3. Making enchanting lossless ringtones for your mobile phone.

4. Adding or removing subtitles from your DVD movies.

5. Dramatically reducing the size of your multiple media files.

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