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Quick Solution to Fix Xbox One 0x91d70000 for Playing DVD Movies

Author by Vita

Updated on Jul 10, 2020

Sometimes when playing a DVD movie on Xbox One, people will encounter the 0x91d70000 error message and fail to play the movie. This article presents a quick way to fix the Xbox One 0x91d70000 error. Just keep reading. You can also install the DVD ripper to digitize your DVD movies for easy viewing:

Why Does Xbox One Show the 0x91d70000 Error

Many people have reflected that when they try to play some DVD movies on Xbox One, it gives the 0x91d70000 code and says the DVD disc can't be read. Searching on the internet, you are able to find various similar tricks to this problem. For example, you can try to restart the system, eject and insert the DVD disc, clean the DVD disc, etc. Some of the methods may be useful for your problem, yet others have been proven to be otherwise. In fact, according to the official site, the Xbox One 0x91d70000 problem will arise when the formatting of the disc is not recognized. Why does Xbox One not support your DVDs? There are common causes:

• Your device model doesn't support some specific discs;

• The DVD disc is damaged;

• You have not installed the Blu-ray player app successfully;

• The DVD movie is copy-protected, especially region code protection.

Obviously, it can be a tough task to find the factor causing the Xbox One error 0x91d70000 problem you're suffering from. Given this, here we will recommend a quick and easy solution to play DVD movies on your device.

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WonderFox doesn't advocate any illegal duplication and distribution of commercial DVDs. Please refer to the DVD copyright laws in your country before ripping a copy-protected DVD. Meanwhile, this method only works for DVD video discs.

The Most Straightforward Way to Resolve Xbox One Error 0x91d70000

Instead of trying all the possible methods one by one, you might as well convert DVDs to digital movie files. Then you will not encounter the Xbox One code 0x91d70000 and can play movies on Xbox One without the restrictions mentioned above. Besides, it's a perfect way to compress DVDs to save room. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is an excellent DVD conversion tool favored by users around the world. With this tool, you can remove DVD region code and other DVD copy protections, and convert DVDs to video files that are perfectly compatible with Xbox One and other devices. It features with ultra-fast conversion speed, self-explanatory user interface, and powerful editing features. The following instruction explains how to convert DVDs for Xbox in detail.

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How to Convert DVD Movies to Videos Supported by Xbox One

Choose the DVD Source

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on PC.

Step 1. Add the DVD Source

Insert the DVD disc you can't play on Xbox One into your computer's DVD drive. Launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro and click on DVD Disc, select the needed drive letter, and click on OK. The program can instantly decrypt the DVD and lists all the titles. Meanwhile, it will select the main title intelligently.

Choose H.264 under the Video tab

Step 2. Choose an Output Format

Click on the Output Format section on the right, go to the Video tab and choose an output format for Xbox One for solving Xbox One error 0x91d70000. Typically, Xbox One supports 3GP video, AVI DivX, AVI Xvid, H.264 AVCHD, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, etc. Here we convert DVD to H.264.

Initialize the Process

Step 3. Start the Conversion Process

Click on the three-dots icon at the bottom of the software to define an output path. Finally, hit Run to start the conversion.

With WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, you can also add subtitles to DVD, cut clips from DVD, extract audio only from DVD, and so forth.

At Last

Now you can transfer the converted movie files to your Xbox One and play them smoothly. By and large, this method is efficient and easy for all. If you don't want to take much effort to fix the Xbox One 0x91d70000 issue, you gotta try WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro:

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Convert Videos for Playing on Xbox One

Video to Xbox One Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The professional video converter can help you convert any video and audio to Xbox One supported files and also enables you to easily solve the incompatibility problems between video and other devices. Besides converting file formats, you can also use it to download online videos, record screen, make GIFs, etc.

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