Best TRP Converter to Convert TRP to MP4, AVI, etc for Easy Playback on Any Device

Try to open a TRP file but to no avail? Luckily, here the perfect solution is offered to convert TRP to MP4 and other common formats for hassle-free playback and editing.

You're recommended to download this powerful yet smart TRP converter and get ready:


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Updated on Sep 22, 2023

Merits of Converting TRP to MP4, AVI, etc.

The .trp file is a container format internally used in many free-to-air and satellite recorders. However, it is not a popular format that many media players support, let alone those portable devices and HD video editing software. Some people tried to play .trp files by simply renaming the file extension to .mpg, .ts, .mp4. However, this trick always fails and is not 100% guaranteed. So if you want to edit, play, upload TRP videos to YouTube or share TRP videos, the most reliable method is that you'd better convert TRP file to a playable and editable video format first, e.g. converting TRP files to MP4, TRP to AVI, etc.

Best TRP Converter to Convert TRP Files

Take all aspects above into account, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is highly recommended to be the best TRP video converter, which can either convert TRP files to MP4, AVI, MKV, MKV, etc., or convert any video file to TRP format.

Free download and install it on your Windows-based computer, run it and open "Converter" module.

Wanna convert TRP to MP4, AVI or other popular formats for editing, sharing, playback freely? WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the best TRP file converter for you! Learn more >

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Step 1 - Add TRP Files

Simply click the "Add Files" button or drag TRP videos into this TRP converter. You're allowed to convert TRP files in batches.

Import TRP Files into TRP Converter

Import TRP Files into TRP Converter

Tips: It also enables you to import and convert WTV to MP4, MTS to MP4, MXF to MP4, MOD to MP4 , PVR to MP4, and more. Meanwhile, this TRP video converter enables you to split videos, join video files, embed .srt subtitles.

Step 2 - Select MP4 as Export Format

Open Output Format list of 500+ configured presets on the right side, to convert TRP to MP4, go to "Video" category and choose "MP4" profile directly.

You can also choose to convert TRP files to AVI, convert TRP to TS, or any other video format as you wish, even any device-friendly format without other redundant operations.

Select MP4 as Output Format

Select MP4 as Output Format

Optional - For advanced user, you can click "Parameter settings" to adjust the preferences like resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, framerate, encoder, etc.

Adjust Video Parameters and Start Conversion

Adjust Video Parameters and Start Conversion

Step 3 - Start TRP Files to MP4 Conversion

After done, specify an output folder path and hit "Run" button to batch convert TRP files to MP4 with GPU acceleration.

How to Convert Any Video to TRP Format?

Sometimes, you may want to convert video to TRP format for special need, such as convert MP4 to TRP. This TRP video converter is fully qualified for this job. If you are attentive, you must find the TRP profile in the output format list. Just import your video files into this program > select TRP profile under the 4K/HD Tab > start to convert. Besides, this TRP video converter also empowers you to convert 4K video, SD video to HD standard, compress video file, even download YouTube videos including 1080P, 4K, 360-degree, VR videos.

Convert MP4 to TRP

Convert MP4 to TRP

Brief Introduction to TRP File

The TRP file extension is used for High Definition MPEG-2 Transportation Stream. TRP is a standard for transporting HD video in DVB (digital video broadcasting) broadcast. Digital recorders and set-top-boxes commonly save recorded videos in TRP format which are often encoded by H.264 video and AC3 audio codecs.

How to Choose a Good TRP Video Converter?

Are you dazzled by various different kinds of so-called TRP to MP4 converters after searching in Google? Here are some advisable tips to help you choose the right target.

1. A Good TRP converter should be easy-to-use for all user levels. Everyone can easily navigate and handle it without any difficulty.

2. A Good TRP converter should support a wide range of input and output formats so that you can freely convert random formats and devices as you wish.

3. A Good TRP converter should have a fast and stable conversion speed without quality loss. You definitely don't want to see that it will crash during the process, especially it's close to finish.

HD Video Converter
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Best TRP Converter

Best TRP Converter

Easily convert TRP to MP4, AVI, MKV, etc., and vice versa. 500+ presets are avaiable for 1-click fast conversion.

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    Its fast conversion time, high-quality output and extra features make it the perfect choice for video converter software.
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    Convert all kinds of videos to play on all kinds of devices (like your phone and tablet) since easy to navigate, not to mention quicker.
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  • MajorGeeks Editor
    With a straightforward interface and impressive functionality, this app provides a comprehensive solution for all of your video conversion needs.
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  • User comment
    Super fast and simple to use. Built in profiles are comprehensive and save a lot of time.Compression is very good!
    by Christne
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Best TRP Converter to Convert TRP to MP4, AVI, etc for Easy Playback on Any Device