[Solved] Two Handy Ways to Convert ASF to MP4

ASF is a common video format created by Microsoft. If you want to know how to solve the incompatibility problem of playing ASF on portable devices, converting ASF to MP4 is a good way to go. Please keep reading for the detailed steps.

Updated on June 4, 2020



What Is ASF

The ASF is known as Advanced Systems File created by Microsoft, formerly known as Active Streaming Format. An .ASF file is a container, including video, audio and metadata. It’s a specifically designed steaming media format which allows users to view and play files once a minimum number of bytes are received with the rest of download process continuing as well.

How to Play ASF File

Due to the fact that designed for streaming, one disadvantage of ASF file is that the maximum resolution is relatively small, only 352×288. Because ASF is mainly used in Windows systems, you can’t play ASF file on Apple devices and players like iTunes, iPhone product series, iPad product series, QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut, etc. Another inconvenience is that few media player supports playing ASF, except Windows Media Player and VLC.

In order to solve this video compatibility issue and enjoy ASF files anywhere, people’s first choice is to use some tools to convert ASF file into more popular video formats like ASF to MP4, ASF to AVI, ASF to WMV or ASF to MOV, etc.

It’s quite common and easy to find your digital solutions online today, like splitting video or cutting audio, downloading videos form YouTube, converting your video file from one format to another. There are many ways to handle this case; here are two simple tutorials of converting ASF fast and lossless.

Method 1 Online ASF Converter

As one of the famous and mostly used online sites for video/audio conversion, the http://www.zamzar.com/ is suitable for users of all level.

Clear interface with four steps shown

Clear interface with four steps shown


1. Free and easy to use.

2. No software installed needed.

3. Supporting URL to video conversion, like URL to mp4.


1. Maximum file size is 50MB.

2. Less output devices compared to most free video converting tool today.

3. Influenced by network and browser stability.

Method 2 Free ASF Video Converter Program

The first one is mostly used when you have many small ASF videos, but the online operation couldn’t meet other requirements, liking merging videos or increasing video volume; moreover, situations like no network or big video size could cause lots of trouble. So I recommend the Free HD Video Converter Factory, the best ASF file converter to help you manage your video files.

Just free download this ASF video converter on your computer and follow steps below.

The easiest way to change your ASF files fast and losslessly. Free HD Video Converter Factory is your best assistant tool to manage your digital videos. Learn more >

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Here we choose to change ASF to mp4 as example, after the whole conversion, you can change ASF file to other video formats as you want, like changing ASF to AVI or changing ASF to WMV.

1. Go to "Converter". Add files to this ASF converter.

2. Select output video format as MP4. You can also choose other commonly used video formats, too.

3. Click “Run” to start ASF to mp4 conversion.

Three steps handle all

Three steps handle all

Other Features of ASF Converter

Besides offering a wide variety of output options for users, this ASF file converter also can help you to download YouTube video subtitles,change video aspect ratio and resolution for future uses.

1. Adding subtitles to videos.

2.Editing video before conversion process.

3.Supporting upload video to YouTube losslessly.

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free HD converter

Free HD Video Converter

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