Best OGV Converter-A Simple Friendly Tool for Your Web Design

What is OGV, how to open OGV files? Did your computer fail to open an OGV file? This article explains what OGV files are and recommends a helpful tool to convert your OGV files.

by Timothy

Updated on Jul 7, 2020

Introducing OGV

To put it simple, OGV is a free lossy video compression format containing video streams that are associated with one or more video codecs. The OGV is used to play videos using the HTML “video” tag on WebPages, so maybe you’re seeing it every day! It’s completely free, open, and unpatented.

Connection of OGV and HTML5

With the development of HTML5, videos can be played without a plug-in. Right now, there are 3 supported video formats for the “video” tag: MP4, WebM and OGV. While the HTML5 offers web designers more conveniences, like multimedia support etc; the OGV gives html5 designers a wider range of compatibility in WebM files. As a HTML5 streaming video format, the OGV is a promised competitor to WebM.

Why Need to Convert OGV File

No matter you’re web designers or a normal user, no matter what video/audio format you’re using, there are always compatibility issues from time to time due to operation platform and software parameters. Below are most common issues.

1. Using gtk-recordMyDesktop to create OGV video but couldn’t play it at all.

2. I send an OGV video to my friend, but she couldn’t import it to iMovie. I guess I need an OGV converter to change format first.

3. Have many OGV files and don’t want to waste time for conversion process one by one.

4. Need an OGV video converter which offers extra features, including but not limited to, cut video clips, merge multiple video together, just simple enough to pre-editing OGV files.

5. Better support other WebM project files, for example, HTML5 video.

Best OGV Video Converter for Users

If you’re tired of searching one right tool among thousands results in Google, if you just need a simple and safe OGV file converter to handle compatibility issues and if you have higher requirement in HD video experiences. Then the answer is HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

It has a user-friendly interface and easy-handy operation, making it much easier for you to convert OGV to MP4, OGV to AVI, OGV to MOV, and OGV to WMV. It offers various options for users, like output devices, video volume, video aspect ratio and resolution, etc.

Three Steps to Change OGV to MP4

You can transfer OGV file to other video format by following the steps below. Download this OGV converter now and try!

The HD Video Converter Factory is the best HD solution for your web video conversion management. It can convert OGV files to other format with fastest speed and remain original quality in the same time. Learn more >

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  • SoftPedia Review: 5 star
  • MajorGeeks Review: 5 star
  • User Review: 4.5 star
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Three steps need only

Three steps need only

Step 1 Load File to OGV Converter

Open Converter option. Press "Add File" button or just drag video to the main interface.

Note: this OGV file converter supports batch conversion mode, so you can add many more files.

Step 2 Set Output Format

Click the “inverted triangle” item on the right to open an output option interface. Here you can set your output devices and format based on your needs.

Various choices

Various choices

Note: The HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers users 6 options on video quality (Auto Fit/480P/720P/1080P/2K/4K).

Step 3 Finish the conversion

Click “Run” button of the program to finish the conversion soon.

Other Features of this OGV Converter

Except for conversion function, this tool can help you more to manage video collection. Functions like reducing file size with quality remained and supporting you to add subtitles offer more facilitation for users.

HD Video Converter
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HD video converter

HD Video Converter

Make illustrious balance with output quality and compression ratio as well as crop video clips and merge chapters.

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    Its fast conversion time, high-quality output and extra features make it the perfect choice for video converter software.
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  • MajorGeeks Editor
    With a straightforward interface and impressive functionality, this app provides a comprehensive solution for all of your video conversion needs.
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  • User comment
    Super fast and simple to use. Built in profiles are comprehensive and save a lot of time.Compression is very good!
    by Christne
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Best OGV converter-a simple friendly tool for your web design

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