Hack DVD Copy Protection to Convert DVD to Video and Device

Ever wanted to bring your big DVD collections with you on the road? You shall hack DVD copy protection first. Cause it’s the best way to enjoy DVD contents on the go now and better protect them from being scratched.


Best DVD Ripper software to let you backup your DVD collections and convert them to any video format or play on your portable gadegets. Vituaaly all DVDs can be analyze. Learn more >

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When having a new DVD, I think most of you would like to backup the DVD videos, that is, to convert DVD to video for easier and portable playback. So, one DVD to video software/DVD ripper is necessary. Such software is easy to get, there are thousands choices for us on the internet.

But as the copyright protection is improved, most DVDs especially recent DVDs you purchased, are encrypted well. And the common DVD ripper software cannot break some limits to really rip copy protected DVD without errors. Then, we need some top-rated software to help hack DVD copy protection or unlock DVD copy protection. You may have ever heard of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, which is that good choice to hack the DVD copy protection and convert DVD to video.

The Right One to Easily Unlock DVD Protection Goes to

Many people like to search answers through Google. Yeah, mostly it’s a quicker way. But if you tried to search target words such as “Best DVD Ripper” and found out tens of thousands of different results, you’ll be glad that you are now at the right place here. Here are some useful tips on how to judge a real marvelous DVD protection ripper.

1, Hack DVD copy protection ability. What we need is DVD ripper software with excellent DVD copy protection hacking feature. It must back up any encrypted DVDs including older and recent ones and remove copy protection from DVD with Disney X-project DRM, Cinavia Protection, CSS, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs and unlock region code.

2, Easy to use. If one software is with quality features, it may be complicated to control. But what we need is simple steps. There are just three main steps to charge the whole ripping process: Load DVD > Set Profile > Get Started.

3, Totally safe. No one would like to take any risks to run an unsafe software. The recommended DVD ripper ought to be totally clean. No virus, no adware, no spyware, and no malware.

4, Speed and quality. Once a DVD ripper program makes a balance among faster ripping conversion speed, amazing output video audio quality and smaller file size, it catches my heart in its hands.

You have other ideas of what merits a good DVD ripper program should occupy to copy DVD to PC, DVD to hard drive, as well as copy DVD to tablet? You can also comment at the bottom.

These are just the main reasons for us to choose WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. If you don't like the one, just follow the tips above, you can also find a good DVD ripper software with DVD copy protection hacking as you want.

How to Rip Copy Protected DVD in 3 Steps with Ease?

Now you can follow the 3 simple steps to rip a DVD you own. Free download the DVD ripper program here and insert the DVD disc to your computer.

Rip DVD disc

Rip DVD disc

Step 1: Open the program and select a DVD source (can rip DVD disc, ISO image and DVD folder), and then just wait for some minutes to load the whole contents of the disc.

Note: If you have multiple DVD drives, including these virtual drives, it can analyze different letters and let you choose what you want to first rip and convert. The main title is automatically detected, even what you put is a TV show, individual chapters can be easily selected.

Main title is detected

Main title is detected

Step 2: Choose target output format from preset profiles. Open the output format profiles’ panel on the right corner. For example: I select “HD Video” > “HD MP4”. Or you are also able to select device, as optimized parameters compatible with any hot device are already set in advance.

Select output format

Select output format

Tip: WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro supports you to rip any protected DVDs and convert them to any video format(DVD to MKV, DVD to MP4, DVD to AVI, etc ), even if you don’t know much about certain parameters setting skills. While if you want more custom settings, click on the “Settings” button to change aspect ratio, set encoder and ideal resolution, increase or decrease original volume, etc.

Step 3: After output settings are finished, choose an output folder and then click “Run”. Complete the above 3 steps to hack DVD copy protection and enjoy the joy of watching any DVD on the road.


By pressing “T” button to add subtitles to DVD movie or just remove subtitles.Click “Edit” to clip parts from a DVD movie, crop video, add special effects and rotate video for better performance.

Time-limited offer, save $10 to grab WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro full lifetime edition  from $49.95 to $39.95.

More Details about the Recommended Software

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is the professional and powerful DVD ripper software to rip copyright protected DVD to video, audio, HD video, flash and over 100 hot mobile devices such as, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, kinds of standard as well as smart TVs, etc. It is easy to use but it contains excellent features (fast conversion speed, nice video quality with the least loss, video edit - trim, crop and effect...). The ripper software allows users to convert DVD videos to the popular video format. Besides, it also supports all popular portable devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android based devices, BlackBerry and Nokia... All in all, it is really one of the best solutions for us to hack DVD copy protection and convert DVD to the popular video formats.

The WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is regarded as one of the best Windows 10 DVD Ripper. You can easily convert DVD to AVI, convert DVD MKV, convert DVD to WMV, convert DVD movies to MP4, rip DVD files to audio; and besides, convert DVD to iPad, rip DVD to file to iPhone, convert DVD to BlackBerry video formats and convert DVD to Android TVs and phones are also available.

DVD Ripper
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DVD ripper

DVD Ripper Pro

Smarter solution to solve your DVD unwatchable issues with solid decryption ability. Convert DVDs to portable devices trouble-free.

  • CNet
    WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can surprisingly handle both new and older movies with its marvelous ripping capbilities.
    by Rick | CNet
  • SoftPedia
    The program ripped DVDs with ease, which also gives you an abundance of conversion options. You can rip a DVD for watching on your portable devices.
    by Boboc | SoftPedia
  • MajorGeeks Editor
    It will let you easily transcode the DVD files to a format that’s playable on your iPad, Apple TV, Samsung tablet, or whatever other device you might be using.
    by Aaron | MajorGeeks
  • User comment
    It helps to rip almost any DVD for me and get the output with high quality. Just few minutes ago, I convert a DVD to MOV.
    by Peter
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