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Easy Solution for DVD to AVI

Movie is always a hot topic among people in our current life, and DVD is also closely bound up with it. Frozen”, Walt Disney Animation’s Oscar-winning film, already had become the fastest-selling digital release of all time when it bowed on Digital HD and Digital 3D on Feb. 25. The animated hit sold 3.2 million Blu-ray and DVD discs in its first day of release, the studio said Wednesday. That figure includes pre-sales, and puts it on track to become one of the biggest sellers on home video in a decade.

DVD Frozen

Frozen is so unstopped, and people love this animated movie exactly. It leads to an amazing fervor and strong sales on home video. In the case of Frozen, we can learn that DVD plays an important role in home video.

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DVD for Life

DVD, as the traditional video storage, is very popular among movie lovers. It provides us the high-quality video and fabulous entertainment for family time. Furthermore, DVD can compress a large video file into only a small disk by advanced encoder technology, that’s so fantastic.

Even though DVD is good enough, it doesn’t conform to the trend of the times. Nowadays, portable devices are prevalent, and they are more convenient, such as iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 7. People love to enjoy video on their portable devices, instead of TV or desktop for DVD.

To insert the disc into the DVD-ROM, we can view the movie. That’s the simplest way for watching DVD on PC. As a result, it will bring the damage to both DVD and PC. In addition, DVD disk is fragile. For repeated playbacks or the naughty kid perhaps, the doom may unfortunately come to your favorite DVD disk. We need to take some measures to protect it from the accident. To backup DVD to your hard disk is a wise choice.

Home video DVD Collections

However, because of the encryption and CSS protection , we can hardly directly. Especially copy DVD to portable devices.

As we know, DVD is equipped with incredible capacity, which enables it to put a large file into the disk easily. But the file is still too huge for us, and it’s inconvenient for backup. Actually, there’s a way to rip DVD and shrink it, but you should know how it works first. The original encoder for DVD is the MPEG2, the old encoder format, which gains huge file size, limited and less compatible. Absolutely, MPEG2 is not the best choice for backup. Comparing with MPEG2, AVI is definitely more advanced. In another word, AVI is born for PC usage and hard drive reserve. For these reasons, we ought to rip DVD to AVI: AVI is widely used now, and it performs well on the compatibility; It also offers better compressibility and outstanding graphics.

Easy Solution for DVD to AVI

Indeed, some DVD rippers and DVD converters can help you to do it with ease. If you really need to rip DVD movie to AVI, you will feel helpful about the following details.


Handbrake is the most famous FREE DVD ripper tool. As an open source tool, FREE highlights itself, even though it’s not the best at DVD ripping honestly. You may fail to rip DVD or get the disordered video files probably.

DVD Converter

Personally, WonderFox DVD Video Converter is the best Handbrake alternative. This program has a simple and straightforward interface which makes it easy to handle, even computer novices can use it without any problems. Only few clicks to rip any latest DVD with ease. By following the steps below you can also be a hacker torip DVD movie to AVI.

How to Rip DVD to AVI


Step 1:
Install WonderFox DVD Video Converter to your computer, and then launch it. Insert the DVD disk, and then load the DVD.

Step 2:
Choose AVI as the output format. If you have further demands, you can adjust resolution, Bit Rate, Aspect Ratio and so on by pressing “Settings” button.

Step 3:
Click “Run” and conversion starts. You will get the output file you want after enjoying a cup of coffee.


As you see, to rip DVD to AVI isn’t as difficult as imagination. WonderFox DVD Video Converter will be the best solution for it. Unique encode technology makes the conversion 50x faster than ever with 0 quality loss. Except ripping any latest DVDs, it also support video conversion, online video download and video edit. Why don’t you have a try by yourself? You won’t disappoint about it.

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DVD is a digital optical disc storage format, invented and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic in 1995. DVDs can be played in many types of players, including DVD players.

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